New Corruption Allegations Made Against Curley

Realty Data Systems, LLC, the property inspection company that in April accused disgraced Freeholder John P.Curley of corruption and official misconduct, said they became aware of new evidence of Curley’s malfeasance this month.

Michael Panter, one of RDS’s founders and owners acting as the company’s in-house lawyer, made the new allegations against Curley in a Notice of Claims filed with Monmouth County Counsel Michael Fitzgerald and County Administrator Teri O’Connor on Thursday October 25.  The notice includes a draft lawsuit against the County of Monmouth as Curley’s employer.

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Sen Jennifer Beck calls for Tax Administrator’s Suspension


Senator Jennifer Beck

Senator Jennifer Beck today called for Monmouth County Tax Board Administrator Matthew Clark to step down or being suspended, pending the outcome of a reported Monmouth County Prosecutor’s investigation to his relationships with vendors of the the controversial Assessment Demonstration Program that creates new assessments of Monmouth County properties for property tax purposes annually.

“In light of the fact the Prosecutor has an active and ongoing investigation into the Tax Administrator, steps must be taken to suspend him from his day-to-day duties until the Prosecutor’s investigation is complete,” Beck said in a statement issued to the media.  “At present, our taxpayers have lost confidence in the Administrator and until he is either vindicated or indicted, Matthew Clark should step aside.”

The Asbury Park Press reported last week that grand jury subpoenas were served on at least three county towns as well as the Monmouth County government in connection with a criminal investigation to the program.

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Golden Announces His Leadership Team

Shaun Golden

Shaun Golden

Monmouth County’s new Republican County Chairman Shaun Golden announced his leadership team this afternoon in an email to GOP  County Committee Members.

Golden’s Regional Vice Chairs are Mary DeSarno of Wall Township, Christine Hanlon of Ocean Township, Tony Fiore of Middletown and Rob Nicastro of Howell.

The Diversity Council, which is still in formation, is Chaired by Juan Malave of Howell.  John Costigan of Howell is the liaison to the NJGOP.

Ron Gravino is the Treasurer. Wayne Pomanowski is the Sgt-At-Arms and John Lane is the Parliamentarian. Tom Szymanski is the Executive Director.

Golden invited all County Committee Members and volunteers to attend a 2014 Campaign Kickoff on Saturday, June 28, 10am and Party Headquarters, 2 Monmouth Ave, Unit B3 in Freehold.  A light breakfast will be served.

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Pomanowski Endorses Golden For Chairman

photo via facebook

photo via facebook

By Wayne Pomanowski

While there is no shortage of charges rumbling through Monmouth County political circles one can easily get bogged down in what the issue of this chairman’s election is all about. While I was President of The Affiliated Republican Club, I learned many things about heading up a political organization. There are four questions any county committee person is faced with.

Who has the talent to raise money?
Who has peacemaking ability to unify the party?
Who has the enthusiasm to grow the grassroots in each and every town in Monmouth County?
Who has the tactical skill to out think our Democratic counterparts?

If we look at the number of county committee seats – 204 are now empty.  The Affiliated Club is down in membership from close to 600 to over 200. The County Republican treasury alleged to having raised $700,000, ended the year with just over $4,000 on hand. And, here are the sad statistics – Registered Republicans in Monmouth County 96,820; Registered Democrats 99,820.

John Bennett is a fine man who has served his party; he is part of our rich past. As many of you know I have always poured my heart and soul into this party to keep this county Republican. I take nothing from John Bennett.
I am supporting Shaun Golden. Shaun will make a fine chairman and is part of our bright future.

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John Kaye is President of the Monmouth Republican Affiliated Club

By Art Gallagher

john kayeFormer Monmouth County Prosecutor John Kaye is the new president of the Monmouth County Affiliated Republican Club.

Kaye takes over from Wayne Pomanowski who served as president for the maximum two years allowed by the club’s bylaws.  1st Vice President Gerri Popkin and 2nd Vice President Bob Burlew were unable to step up to the presidency due to other obligations.  Howell Chairman John Costigan, the club Sergeant-At-Arms, declined the post because he is running to replace Monmouth GOP Chairman John Bennett on the GOP State Committee. Pomanowski said he suggested Kaye to Bennett.

Bennett said that Kaye was the unanimous choice of the club’s trustees at their January meeting.  All other officers, except Pomanowski, retained their previous club offices. Pomanowski remains on the board.

The choice struck me as odd given 1) the wealth of up and coming talent in the Monmouth GOP and 2) Kaye’s rocky historical relationship with Govenor Chris Christie including the controversy surrounding Kaye towards the end of his distinguished 23 year career as Monmouth County Prosecutor.

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Thanks to Assemblywoman Caroline Casagrande for this very helpful information:

For urgent and immediate health and safety issues:  

Call 911.


For non-immediate health matters or other assistance:

Call 211 or go online at www.nj211.org for help with non-emergency issues, including basic human needs, support for seniors or persons with disabilities, children, or mental health issues.


To file a claim with FEMA:

Call 800-621-FEMA (800-621-3362).  Make sure you register with FEMA. A printable form is here:



To report a downed electrical line:

Contact your local energy provider (info below). Be prepared to give the nearest cross street or the number of a nearby pole that has not been damaged and is away from any downed wires; the pole number can be found on the metal tag attached to the pole.

PSE&G:  800-436-7734

Jersey Central Power & Light (JCP&L):  800-662-3115

Atlantic City Electric:  800-642-3780

Orange Rockland Electric: 1-877-434-4100


To report a gas leak:

Contact your local gas provider.

Elizabethtown Gas: 800-492-4009

New Jersey Natural Gas: 800-427-5325

PSE&G: 800-436-7734

South Jersey Gas: 800-582-7060

To file an insurance claim, if you can’t find the company or agent’s number:

Call the NJ Department of Banking and Insurance at 1-800-446-7467 or go to www.dobi.nj.gov.


To report complaints about insurance companies:

Call the NJ Department of Banking and Insurance at 1-800-446-7467 or go to


A printable complaint form is here:  http://www.state.nj.us/dobi/complain.pdf


To report complaints about electric or gas utilities:

Call the NJ Board of Public Utilities: (800)624-0241 or (609)341-9188.

To report possible consumer fraud or price gouging by contractors or others:

State law makes excessive price increases illegal during a state of emergency, and for 30 days following the end of the emergency.  Call the NJ Division of Consumer Affairs at 862-209-0130 or 973-220-3474.


To provide volunteer assistance in the cleanup and restoration effort:

Call 1-800-JERSEY-7 (1-800-537-7397).  Backup numbers: 609-775-5236 or

908-303-0471. Volunteers may also send an email to [email protected]. This service is managed by the NJ Business Action Center and the Governor’s Office of Volunteerism, both divisions within the NJ Department of State.


To request volunteer assistance:

Call 211 or go online at www.nj211.org.


Extension of motor vehicle document deadlines:

To ease the burden on customers who did not have a chance to visit a motor vehicle office in October, MVC Chairman and Chief Administrator Raymond P. Martinez has issued Administrative Order 2012-03 authorizing a 30-day extension for all driver’s licenses, vehicle registrations and vehicle inspection stickers that expired on October 31.

The order is here: http://www.state.nj.us/mvc/pdf/About/Admin_Order_2012_03.pdf


Additional information sent in by Wayne Pomanowski:

Businesses with life threatening issues should call: 1-609-963-36810


All other business issues, call: 1-866-534-7789

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The Little Event

For more photos, click here

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Christine O’Donnell coming to Hazlet to raise campaign cash for Anna Little

 This is not what I had in mind when I called on John Bennett and Sam Thompson, the GOP chairmen of Monmouth and Middlesex counties, to fix Anna Little’s overdraft.:


Monmouth County Republican Chairman John Bennett & Middlesex County Republican Chairman Samuel Thompson
cordially invite you to join them for
An Evening with Anna Little
Featuring Nationally Recognized Political Commentator, Author, and True Patriot
~ Christine O’Donnell ~
Please Join Us at Lakeside Manor
Tuesday, August 14th From 6:00 PM – 8:00PM
410 Route 36 Hazlet, New Jersey 07730

Patriot Ticket

Co-Host Sponsorship

Other Sponsorships Available – Please Call for Details

~ RSVP TODAY – Space is Limited ~

Call 732-658-5461

Please Mail Event Contribution Checks To:
Friends of Anna Little
P.O. Box 382, Highlands, NJ 07732

Please Include: Employer and Occupation in the memo line
(Information Required by Federal/State Law – if self employed list ‘self’ and industry ie: Attorney)

~Thank You to Our Host Committee ~

Municipal Chair of Old Bridge, Anita Greenburg, Assemblyman Rob Clifton, President of Affiliated Republican Club Wayne Pomanowski & Mayor Fred Rast of Atlantic Highlands

In case you blocked it out, O’Donnell was the 2010 Tea Party candidate for U.S. Senate in Delaware who scored an upset primary victory over former Governor Mike Castle  before going on to lose badly to Christopher Coons, costing the GOP the opportunity to take what had been Joe Biden’s Senate seat.  Castle was considered a sure victor in the general election had he been the nominee.

O’Donnell was a deeply flawed candidate.

The NJ media has compared Little to O’Donnell too often.  Once would have been too often.  Now the comparisons will inevitably start again.  The only thing that could prevent The Star Ledger’s Tom Moran or Politickernj from making such a comparison is if Little fails to get enough traction against Frank Pallone to warrant any ink.

The comparisons could start, mercifully, with failure to file notices from the FEC.

Governor Chris Christie campaigned for Castle in 2010.

He also appeared at least two fund raisers for Little in 2010.  Those weren’t catering hall fund raisers.  They were held at elegant waterfront private homes.  This news makes one wonder about Bennett’s and Thompson’s clout with the Governor.  This one makes one wonder if Christie will be stumping for Little in October.

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Three traits of a great chair: The Danskin Model

By Wayne Pomanowski

Monmouth County has had three chairmen in the past eight years. There is nothing better for the Republican Party than a steady sure strong but compassionate hand to guide this fine organization. My favorite chairman was of course Ben Danskin. This is not to demean from any of the other chairmen in our party but simply to highlight what made Ben such a solid leader. Ben had three strong traits.

1.  Ben could party build. Ben was out probably five nights a week. He attended local GOP meetings in every town. Ben was a smiling face who could pull you into the mix. For me he was someone who was a leader I could believe in. He was there when I needed a pat on the back and also there when I needed a kick in the pants.

2. Ben could raise money. Ben had his famous power hitter’s breakfast every year and was known to raise tens of thousands at those meetings. And you could always count on Ben to be at every county and local fundraiser.

3. Ben was a peacemaker. Maybe you didn’t make a piece until Ben had taken you to the woodshed, but after that discussion you knew you were welcome back into the fold. But Ben would never hold a grudge. He told you straight out how he felt and when the discussion was over he expected you back in line with the team.

As we here in Monmouth County go through the selection process so often county committee people are pulled into this race with suggestions and directions from party leaders as to who they should vote for. The only question is, from the criteria I have outlined from the above, which candidate will best provide you with the three criteria for a great chair. For those of us who have chosen the political life your decision on June 12 will be critical for the strength and growth of this fine party for the next two years.

Editors note:  Ben Danskin was the Monmouth County Republican Chairman from 1969 until 1982.   Congressman Chris Smith read a tribute/biography of Danskin into the Congressional Record on July, 14, 2005. 

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Wayne’s World Is Back

There’s a lot going on this weekend and in the coming weeks.  Wayne is here to tell you all about it.

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