Property Tax Appeal Attorney Responds to Gopal’s Ignorance

By Kevin I. Asadi

Kevin I. Asadi

Monmouth County residents: I received this letter in the mail today from Vin Gopal. I’m sure he’s a nice guy, but a letter like this shows such a gross and shocking misunderstanding of how property taxes work, that I fear what damage he might do to all of us, should he win.

I handle property tax appeals as part of my law practice. Here is how it works, basically: the property you own is given an assessed value by the local tax assessor or by a revaluation company. In most counties, that assessment will remain the same year after year, until the town decides to perform a revaluation or a reassessment.

Whether your assessed value is $100,000 or $1,000,000, either way, your town needs a certain number of dollars in the kitty each year in order to operate. Take the amount of money the town needs divided by their total assessments, and the quotient is called the “general tax rate.” The property tax dollars you pay is the product of your assessed value times the general tax rate. Read the rest of this entry »

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Sen Jennifer Beck calls for Tax Administrator’s Suspension


Senator Jennifer Beck

Senator Jennifer Beck today called for Monmouth County Tax Board Administrator Matthew Clark to step down or being suspended, pending the outcome of a reported Monmouth County Prosecutor’s investigation to his relationships with vendors of the the controversial Assessment Demonstration Program that creates new assessments of Monmouth County properties for property tax purposes annually.

“In light of the fact the Prosecutor has an active and ongoing investigation into the Tax Administrator, steps must be taken to suspend him from his day-to-day duties until the Prosecutor’s investigation is complete,” Beck said in a statement issued to the media.  “At present, our taxpayers have lost confidence in the Administrator and until he is either vindicated or indicted, Matthew Clark should step aside.”

The Asbury Park Press reported last week that grand jury subpoenas were served on at least three county towns as well as the Monmouth County government in connection with a criminal investigation to the program.

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Middletown Terminates Contract with Realty Data Services

money-500x250Middletown, NJ- The Middletown Township Committee voted unanimously Monday night to terminate its contract with Realty Data Services, LLC,  the Shrewsbury based company which performs inspections and data collection for most Monmouth County towns under the pilot Assessment Demonstration Program (ADP).

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Bipartisan legislation sponsored by Assembly Republicans Caroline Casagrande and Declan O’Scanlon to save property taxpayers money by sharing property assessment resources countywide has been signed into law today by Governor Christie.


            The legislation establishes a pilot program for counties to implement a standard software program for local tax assessors to use, which would streamline the process and give officials a more accurate tax rate while reducing costly appeals for property taxpayers. Casagrande and O’Scanlon represent Monmouth County, which is expected to be among the first counties to participate in the demonstration project.


            “When every town in the county has to assess property, there is no need to reinvent the wheel several times, especially when the current process is often confusing and inaccurate for taxpayers,” Casagrande, R-Monmouth, said. “Having everyone on the same page and adjusting a few deadlines are cost-free common sense solutions that will save property taxpayers money in the long run through efficiencies and a more accurate property tax system. Municipal budgets will be based on real dollars, not guesstimates that don’t always hold up.


            “Monmouth County is eager to demonstrate to New Jersey that working together will save property taxpayers money and thanks to Governor Christie, our county will get that opportunity,” Casagrande added.


            The law, S-1213/A-1591, will allow a standardized process for assessments that would be used by every town in the county for all future revaluations and reassessments. The four-year pilot will be limited to four counties.


            “This will be a revolutionary way to essentially fix our current, expensive, flawed assessment system,” O’Scanlon, R-Monmouth, said. “It will rework the entire process so that towns are no longer burdened with uncertainty as to the value of their tax base, facilitate remedying unfair and outdated assessments, and will obviate the need for expensive town-wide reassessments and the dramatic valuation shifts that go along with them.


“This pilot program will very likely pave the way to the future for our assessment systems throughout the state,” O’Scanlon added.

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Deadline to appeal property tax assessment due to hurricane damage is tomorrow, January 9

Monmouth County property owners have until tomorrow, January 9, 2013 to notify the Monmouth County Board of Taxation of “material damage” caused by Superstorm Sandy and to receive a reduction in their property tax assessment for 2013.

The Tax Board has been surveying properties in heavily damaged areas and already reduced assessments without owners’ notification.  I checked on a properties in Highlands and Keansburg this morning.   The assessment on the Highlands property had been reduced by 30% and the Keansburg property by 15%.

If your property was materially damaged by Sandy, call the Tax Board at 732-431-7401 or submit your property information here online.

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