Sen Jennifer Beck calls for Tax Administrator’s Suspension


Senator Jennifer Beck

Senator Jennifer Beck today called for Monmouth County Tax Board Administrator Matthew Clark to step down or being suspended, pending the outcome of a reported Monmouth County Prosecutor’s investigation to his relationships with vendors of the the controversial Assessment Demonstration Program that creates new assessments of Monmouth County properties for property tax purposes annually.

“In light of the fact the Prosecutor has an active and ongoing investigation into the Tax Administrator, steps must be taken to suspend him from his day-to-day duties until the Prosecutor’s investigation is complete,” Beck said in a statement issued to the media.  “At present, our taxpayers have lost confidence in the Administrator and until he is either vindicated or indicted, Matthew Clark should step aside.”

The Asbury Park Press reported last week that grand jury subpoenas were served on at least three county towns as well as the Monmouth County government in connection with a criminal investigation to the program.

Yesterday, APP reported that Clark shared inside information with Neil Rubenstein, a principal in Realty Appraisal Co.  Realty Appraisal Co has in recent decades performed most property tax inspections in Monmouth County.  Rubenstein is also a partner in Realty Data Systems, the company founded to do inspections under the Assessment Demonstration Program.

Freeholder John Curley called for a Prosecutor’s investigation into the program in September. APP published an expose into the program in October.

Wayne Pomanowski, a member of the Monmouth County Board of Tax Commissioners told MMM that Clark is tenured and cannot be suspended or terminated by the board without a formal complaint being a filed and a hearing on the complaint. Pomanowski said that he encouraged Clark to step aside last week pending the results of the criminal investigation.

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4 Comments on “Sen Jennifer Beck calls for Tax Administrator’s Suspension”

  1. Let's be careful, said at 10:59 am on November 24th, 2015:

    and wait til the various probes are carried out by the professionals: I do not understand the pervasive, “gotcha” mentality, today: more gossip and accusations, without having all facts, appear to take precedence over reality, in some cases: there also appears to be a pattern with certain elected officials who just have to say or do something, often knee- jerk, to appear “on top” of things- but it comes off as almost an addiction to seeing one’s name in print, no matter whether their information is complete/ accurate. These are really very dangerous times, and some people seem hell- bent on being more the “pot- stirrers” for some personal gain, than actually accomplishing positive results for beleaguered taxpayers who, yes, pay them a salary, too. I,for one, will reserve judgment on this, until more valid information is forthcoming from the authorities, and suggest that some self- aggrandizing officials do the same.

  2. Reid Brothers said at 6:00 pm on November 24th, 2015:

    I hereby doth proclaimith-thus that all peoples should suspend paying their property taxes until the investigation is completeth and the collector can confirm that the system is fair.

    “At present, our taxpayers have lost confidence in the [elected leadership] and until [they are] either vindicated or indicted, [no property taxes shall be collected].” –not Jen Beck but should be if she wants to get reelected

  3. Tim H said at 8:59 am on November 25th, 2015:

    So Jen Beck comes out of hiding, likely feeling she has to start speaking up after the assembly loss of here two pals. No doubt she is panicked now. The generally aloof Beck is never seen or heard from since she is above the little people and now she comes out. Very transparent. Let us all hope a real Republican challenges her in the primary or we are toast.

  4. Agreed Tim! said at 9:38 am on November 25th, 2015:

    Jennifer Beck acting in the best interests of taxpayers? Is there division, or should I say desperation in Club Monmouth–especially after the stunning Republican loss in LD-11, whereby Beck’s two Assembly mates lost to Democrats??

    It appears Beck is looking for yet more media coverage in an attempt to look good to the taxpayers. She is nothing more than a die hard Christie cheerleader, who had the opportunity to stick up for taxpayers–but refused to do so in support of Christie and his friends.

    For example, when there was compelling evidence that her friend, Kim Guadagno engaged in pension fraud as sheriff, Beck said nothing! She didn’t ask Guadagno to step aside, nor did she ask for a criminal probe. This all occurred in Beck’s legislative District no less!

    When Christie appointed his friend, Micheal Drewniak, to a newly created postion at NJ Transit–a position that never existed before, at six figures no less—Beck said nothing! This despite a 9% increase on NJ Transit fares for her constituents. This too occurring in Beck’s legislative District!

    Beck refused to override the governor in the Port Authority Transparency and Accountability Act. This Bill would have promoted greater transparency and accountability at the PA in the wake of the Bridgegate revelations–including the hiring of unqualifed cronies, at ridiculous salaries, at positions not posted for the public to apply–Including her office assistant! That’s correct: in her own legislative district AGAIN!

    No taxpayer abuse, No Beck, No problem!