Monmouth Republicans Rally Support For John Costigan

Monmouth County Republicans have started a social media campaign to raise money GOP State Committeeman John Costigan’s medical care that is not being covered by his insurance and to make some renovations to his home to accommodate his partial paralysis.

Costigan, of Howell and formerly of Hazlet, is a proud and self reliant Marine veteran who remains quiet about his medical condition.

Steve McEnery, former GOP Chairman of Manalapan, started a GoFundMe page to raise money for Costigan’s unpaid medical bills and the renovations to his home.   “John is still a proud Marine and would not be looking for a handout, and would be upset with what we are doing; but he  needs this support. We can ask for his forgiveness afterwards,” McEnery wrote on the page.

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Golden Announces His Leadership Team

Shaun Golden

Shaun Golden

Monmouth County’s new Republican County Chairman Shaun Golden announced his leadership team this afternoon in an email to GOP  County Committee Members.

Golden’s Regional Vice Chairs are Mary DeSarno of Wall Township, Christine Hanlon of Ocean Township, Tony Fiore of Middletown and Rob Nicastro of Howell.

The Diversity Council, which is still in formation, is Chaired by Juan Malave of Howell.  John Costigan of Howell is the liaison to the NJGOP.

Ron Gravino is the Treasurer. Wayne Pomanowski is the Sgt-At-Arms and John Lane is the Parliamentarian. Tom Szymanski is the Executive Director.

Golden invited all County Committee Members and volunteers to attend a 2014 Campaign Kickoff on Saturday, June 28, 10am and Party Headquarters, 2 Monmouth Ave, Unit B3 in Freehold.  A light breakfast will be served.

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Costigan exits on a high note

Howell GOP Municipal Chairman Juan Malave and Monmouth GOP State Committeeman John Costigan celebrate Malave's election.

Howell GOP Municipal Chairman Juan Malave and Monmouth GOP State Committeeman John Costigan celebrate Malave’s election.

Monmouth County Republican State Committeeman John Costigan, the GOP Municipal Chairman of Howell Township for six years, and Vice Chair under the late Noreen Kelly for six years before that, convened the reorganizational meeting of the Howell Republican Committee this evening and promptly placed the name of former Councilman Juan Malave into nomination as the new Municipal Chairman.

Costigan lost his County Committee seat in last Tuesday’s primary.  The incumbent slate of Council Members, supported by Malave, beat back a primary challenge from a slate believed to be backed by Costigan.  Costigan denied backing the challengers but said he was glad they were running.

Many Republicans throughout Monmouth County were expecting Costigan to attempt to retain his Chairmanship, despite losing his seat. But the State Committeeman chose to bow out in a gracious gesture of unity by nominating Malave.

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Howell Incumbents Prevail


John Costigan. Photo by Rhoda Chodosh

John Costigan. Photo by Rhoda Chodosh

Howell Township’s incumbent Council Members Rich Nicastro, Pauline Smith and Bob Walsh beat back a Republican primary challenge from Michelle Flahtery, Allen Kaplan and Matthew Rausmussen on Tuesday.

Monmouth Republican State Committeeman, John Costigan, the GOP municipal chairman, lost his bid to retain his County Committee seat.

Costigan was believed to be behind the challengers.  He told MMM that he was not backing the challengers but he was glad they were running.

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Carton Withdraws From State Committee Race

Middletown GOP Chairman Peter Carton sent an email to his fellow municipal chairs and members of the Middletown Republican Committee this afternoon announcing that he is withdrawing as a candidate for State Committee.


Dear Republican Chairpersons of Monmouth County,


I hereby withdraw my name as a candidate to be the Republican State Committeeman for Monmouth County. I believe this is best for our party and County and for the successful election of Governor Christie, Kim, Serena, Tom, Shaun and all legislative candidates. Please let the members of your County Committee know of my decision.


I thank all who called or e mailed to offer support and to volunteer to call all county committee members in my election effort. I greatly appreciated them, had fun talking and corresponding with you and the other chairs and office holders with whom I have already spoken and look forward, as always, to working with all of you in this year’s election effort and after.


Sincerely yours,


pete carton

Carton’s withdrawal leaves Howell Republican Chairman John Costigan running unopposed for the party endorsement.


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Eileen Kean pulls out of State Committeewoman race. Endorses Costigan for Committeeman

Eileen Kean has withdrawn as a candidate for the New Jersey Republican State Committee from Monmouth County, leaving incumbent Committeewoman Christine Hanlon unopposed for the party’s nomination on March 23 in Colts Neck.

In a statement emailed to members of the Monmouth County Republican Committee, Kean called for party unity and then endorsed Howell GOP Chairman John Costigan for the male slot on the committee.  Costigan and Middletown GOP Chairman Peter Carton are competing to replace Monmouth GOP Chairman John Bennett on the Republican State Committee.

After much deliberation, I have made the decision to withdraw my name as a candidate for State Committee and support our incumbent State Committeewoman Christine Hanlon for re-election.  I believe this is in the best interest of the Monmouth County Republican Party and will continue the unification efforts of  Chairman Bennett.  I welcome the opportunity to serve and know that there will be future opportunities for me to contribute to the Monmouth County GOP.

I believe our Party is heading in the right direction under the leadership of John Bennett. Personal agendas need to be put aside and unifying the party is paramount.  Thank you for your consideration and please join with me in supporting Christine        Hanlon for re-election as Monmouth County’s State Committeewoman and John Costigan as Monmouth County’s State Committeeman.


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State Committee Seats To Be Contested At Monmouth GOP Convention

Incumbent Christine Hanlon is being challenged by Eileen Kean of Neptune Township for a two year term on the New Jersey Republican State Committee.

The Committee is comprised on one male and one female from each New Jersey county.  The members are elected by Republican voters in the June primary.  Primary challenges are rare with the members typically being chosen by the County Committee.

Hanlon and her fellow State Committee Member John Bennett squared off in the race to replace Joe Oxley as Monmouth Republican Chairman last June.  Bennett prevailed by 3 votes out of 615 cast.  Since then, Hanlon has been the consummate team player.  She is an attorney with Archer & Greiner’s Shrewsbury office, serves as the Deputy Municipal Attorney of Tinton Falls, the Atlantic Highlands Prosecutor and a Commissioner of the Monmouth County Board of Elections.

Kean, the sister of Assemblyman Sean Kean, is a lobbyist with Komjathy and Stewart. She is president of the Neptune Township Republican Club.

Bennett, who is treasurer of the State Committee, is not seeking a new term.

Middletown Municipal GOP Chairman Peter Carton and Howell Municipal Republican Chairman John Costigan are facing off to fill Bennett’s seat.

The nominations will be decided by ballot during the Monmouth Republican Convention, Saturday morning March 23 at Colts Neck High School.

Bayshore Tea Party Group co-founder Bob Gordon told MoreMonmouthMusings he is considering a run for the committeeman seat in the June 4 primary.

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John Kaye is President of the Monmouth Republican Affiliated Club

By Art Gallagher

john kayeFormer Monmouth County Prosecutor John Kaye is the new president of the Monmouth County Affiliated Republican Club.

Kaye takes over from Wayne Pomanowski who served as president for the maximum two years allowed by the club’s bylaws.  1st Vice President Gerri Popkin and 2nd Vice President Bob Burlew were unable to step up to the presidency due to other obligations.  Howell Chairman John Costigan, the club Sergeant-At-Arms, declined the post because he is running to replace Monmouth GOP Chairman John Bennett on the GOP State Committee. Pomanowski said he suggested Kaye to Bennett.

Bennett said that Kaye was the unanimous choice of the club’s trustees at their January meeting.  All other officers, except Pomanowski, retained their previous club offices. Pomanowski remains on the board.

The choice struck me as odd given 1) the wealth of up and coming talent in the Monmouth GOP and 2) Kaye’s rocky historical relationship with Govenor Chris Christie including the controversy surrounding Kaye towards the end of his distinguished 23 year career as Monmouth County Prosecutor.

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Strange Bedfellows

Unverified rumors fresh off the grapevine point to previously unthinkable alliances forming in the Monmouth GOP chair’s race.

The Howell GOP appears to be united behind John Bennett for Chairman.  John Costigan, Bob Walsh, Joe DiBella and Sue Veitengruber are all lining up behind the former Acting Governor, according to a Bennett supporter who added that Western Monmouth is “locked up” for Bennett.


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Judge Oxley?

The worst kept secret in Monmouth County politics became news today when Politickernj reported that “Monmouth County GOP Chairman Joe Oxley is poised to leave his chairmanship for a superior court judgeship.”

Politickernj’s story is premature.

“If it happens, it won’t be during this legislative session,” said State Senator Joe Kyrillos, “Joe is an excellent chairman.  Monmouth County is important to the party statewide going into 2012 and 2013.”

State Senator Jennifer Beck said she’d heard rumblings about an Oxley judicial nomination but assumed it was a rumor.  “Joe has never mentioned an interest in being a judge,” said Beck, “there are three Republican and one Democratic vacancy on the Monmouth Court now.  The workload is significant. About 60 lawyers have expressed interest in those positions, but the Chairman is not one of them.”

Rumors of Oxley moving to the Monmouth Vicinage were rampant in the legal community and among GOP politicos the week before Thanksgiving as several people who received calls from the State Police performing a background check on the former sheriff spread the word.

Oxley passed the background check, according to sources.  The bar association and the Monmouth Senate delegation still need to give their blessings before Governor Chris Christie will announce the nomination, which must be confirmed by the Senate.

“Nothing is official until the Governor makes his nomination,” Oxley told MMM in November, “as of now, I am completing my term and running for reelection as Chairman.”

Speculation for Oxley’s successor as chairman has centered around State GOP Committeewoman Christine Hanlon, State GOP Treasurer and former Senate President John Bennett, and former Assemblyman Steve Corodemus.

A source close to the former Assemblyman told MMM that Corodemus does not want the position.

Bennett and Hanlon could not be reached for comment.

Jim Giannell, the Kingmaker without a portfolio, told MMM that he won’t be a candidate for chairman should Oxley get benched.  Giannell ran for chairman against Adam Puharic in 2006.

Howell Chairman John Costigan, who challenged Oxley in 2010, also said that he would not be seeking the office.

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