Golden Announces His Leadership Team

Shaun Golden

Shaun Golden

Monmouth County’s new Republican County Chairman Shaun Golden announced his leadership team this afternoon in an email to GOP  County Committee Members.

Golden’s Regional Vice Chairs are Mary DeSarno of Wall Township, Christine Hanlon of Ocean Township, Tony Fiore of Middletown and Rob Nicastro of Howell.

The Diversity Council, which is still in formation, is Chaired by Juan Malave of Howell.  John Costigan of Howell is the liaison to the NJGOP.

Ron Gravino is the Treasurer. Wayne Pomanowski is the Sgt-At-Arms and John Lane is the Parliamentarian. Tom Szymanski is the Executive Director.

Golden invited all County Committee Members and volunteers to attend a 2014 Campaign Kickoff on Saturday, June 28, 10am and Party Headquarters, 2 Monmouth Ave, Unit B3 in Freehold.  A light breakfast will be served.

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17 Comments on “Golden Announces His Leadership Team”

  1. Tom Stokes said at 7:36 pm on June 13th, 2014:

    Sounds like Shaun is off to a good start.

    This year everyone needs to get involved if we are to start to bring America back to its foundation and good paying jobs back to every American citizen.

    Economic Recovery starts when we work together and recognize that free enterprise is strangled by over reaching government (at every level).

  2. Sheriff Lanzaro said at 8:08 pm on June 13th, 2014:

    Sounds like a bunch of retreads and old boys. Awesome.

  3. Proud Republican said at 8:21 pm on June 13th, 2014:

    @Sheriff Lanzaro – I don’t know what post you are reading, but Shaun’s team is a tremendous combination of youth, experience and capability. A veritable A team for the republican party. Way to go Shaun.

  4. @ Proud Republican said at 11:14 pm on June 13th, 2014:

    I second your comments. Unfortunately, there are people that will always be bitter over a loss.

    Jim Granelli

  5. Excellent idea said at 11:26 pm on June 13th, 2014:

    having regional vice chairs!
    Way to go with your choices for your Leadership Team

  6. Regional chairs said at 11:28 pm on June 13th, 2014:

    I love that they have a diversity council that has 1 person and they are searching for a second person

  7. I move, said at 7:40 am on June 14th, 2014:

    to amend our existing by-laws, to reflect these additions. One might surmise these are basically some”pay-back” titles for support, nevertheless,they should now be added to the organizational structure. Many people complained for years, about chairs being too powerful, and demanded by- laws. We now have them, we voted on them, so we need to update and approve them. Perhaps the Parlaimentarian, an attorney, could be tasked with handling the changes, and circulating them for county committee approval.

  8. @ Regional Chairs said at 8:42 am on June 14th, 2014:

    Oh STOP.

    Be thankful that we are building a diversity council. It’s been just 3 days since Shaun was elected.

    Enough of the snarkiness from the dividers. Let’s start uniting already.

  9. @regional chairs said at 10:34 am on June 14th, 2014:

    As I understand it, a Diversity COMMITTEE is being formed,
    And at this point only the chair of that committee has been chosen. Members of this committee will be added.
    I always thought that the GOP was missing the boat by not reaching out to ethnic groups, now under Chairman Golden leadership, we have a chance to stop the DEMS for claiming these votes. GREAT IDEA SHAUN.

  10. And, said at 9:03 am on June 15th, 2014:

    he will move mountains and part seas, so it was written.. for the new/ naive, the GOP on every level has always reached out to all “groups,” by virtue of our message of personal freedom and responsibility to ALL- there is something to be said for ALL people being treated as equal Americans: not so much pigeon- holing of our people, as is being done every day, to divide us, in Washington,DC. Here in Monmouth, several years ago, there was a very active Asian group- which eventually faded out. Either they accepted our philosophy, and blended in and elected Reps, or they didn’t. Anything tried is fine, but please, can we get real, and not elevate some to the “walking on water” level- yet: performance and electoral success over time, will tell!

  11. Barry said at 9:32 am on June 15th, 2014:

    To the victor belong the spoils. It may have been a landslide true but this new leadership does not represent a lets move forward. Instead it shows you lost get over it.

  12. May the euphoria said at 10:13 am on June 15th, 2014:

    and adoration of the day translate into actual volunteer time given and checks written, votes mined and victories won. Proof in the pudding, not in the pandering..

  13. I don't remember said at 11:30 am on June 15th, 2014:

    Such sore losers after the last Chairman election two years ago.
    Certainly there will always be dissapointed supporters with a loss, but being such sore losers?
    Seems to me that the Bennett Campaign and supporters were the Negative ones during the campaign and are still continuing to be the Negative ones afterwards.
    Just let it go, the election is over.
    Pleas stop entertaining the DEMS.

  14. show real leadership said at 2:36 pm on June 16th, 2014:

    let’s see how he will reach the Lesbian and Gay voters or Hispanics (legal) voters? This party has to be more inclusive and be open. Actions mean more then words.

  15. He's Incapable of Showing Real Leadership said at 4:59 pm on June 16th, 2014:

    Remember, this is the man that bilked the taxpayers by placing his friend in a non-existent position in the sheriff’s department. This in turn permitted the friend of Shaun Golden to receive a pension AND a salary. He never offered an explanation why he did this!

  16. OMG, said at 9:54 pm on June 16th, 2014:

    there seems to be some “group amnesia” floating around- the last 4 chair elections, at least, saw plenty of varying degrees of crying, complaining, fighting, and hard feelings to go around: anybody who thinks there weren’t any last time, must’ve been on the winning side, this time! For some, they never “got over it” til June 10,last week! Nearly everybody had their own personal gripes, grudges, scores to settle, visions of grandeur,power, or great hopes. To believe otherwise is disingenuous, naive, and/or plain dishonest. Meanwhile, the Dems are united, with quite a bit more money than usual,at this point in the campaign, are nosing around meetings, taping them, and planning how to divide us further, attack our people, and grab two county seats.. So, let us all be forewarned, now the real fight begins, or ought to.

  17. Middletowner said at 10:27 pm on June 16th, 2014:

    Meanwhile, the Dems are united

    Losers, disadvantaged, and survivors of train wrecks always tend to be united…