Monmouth Republicans Rally Support For John Costigan

Monmouth County Republicans have started a social media campaign to raise money GOP State Committeeman John Costigan’s medical care that is not being covered by his insurance and to make some renovations to his home to accommodate his partial paralysis.

Costigan, of Howell and formerly of Hazlet, is a proud and self reliant Marine veteran who remains quiet about his medical condition.

Steve McEnery, former GOP Chairman of Manalapan, started a GoFundMe page to raise money for Costigan’s unpaid medical bills and the renovations to his home.   “John is still a proud Marine and would not be looking for a handout, and would be upset with what we are doing; but he  needs this support. We can ask for his forgiveness afterwards,” McEnery wrote on the page.

Monmouth GOP Chairman Shaun Golden said in an email blast to Republicans this morning,”John Costigan has always been a close friend to all of us. As some of you might know and others need to be aware, John went in for a medical procedure and experienced complications. Since then, John has been in and out of hospital and rehabilitation facilities and has exhausted insurance options. After all he has done for each of us, he needs our help, and our GOP family is willing to support him.

“All of us know how active and engaged John is in our community. He is and always has been a huge part of our Republican Party here in Monmouth County and throughout the state. He also never fails to put a smile on all of our faces.

“To help him reduce his stress, and get ready for a new challenging life, some of his friends have decided to hold a fund raiser for John. There is a “Go Fund Me” account created to receive donations. It’s an easy way for everyone to contribute to this cause. While we cannot heal John or fix the problems, we can help reduce his stress.”

Freeholder Serena DiMaso urged her facebook network to contribute to Costigan,

“There is probably not one Monmouth County Republican that has not been helped by John in one way or another.
I personally owe my political career to this awesome gentleman.

“Ten years ago, John campaigned with me on a race that most (actually all but 5 others) were, quite honestly, afraid to get involved in. Many a day I wanted to take off, take a rest, but he pushed me, he walked those hills and knocked doors with me to ensure I won that Election big, sending a very clear message to my opponent.

He told my residents, with that big smile of his, that he came “all the way from Howell” because he believed in me!

I’ll never forget the look on their faces. And when “we” won by more than 2 to 1, that humble attitude of his was priceless.

Loyalty, kindness, love and respect … just a few words that describe our dear friend, join me in showing John his dedication to “us” was not in vain.

We love you Johnny “doc” Costigan!”

As of this posting, 34 people have contributed $4,375.00 of a goal of $25K. $25K is probably too modest a goal.  MMM encourages all who have been touched by John’s many contributions to dig in and contribute. (Hint: if you enjoy the quality of life in Monmouth County, you’ve been touched by John’s contributions)

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2 Comments on “Monmouth Republicans Rally Support For John Costigan”

  1. Kathy Baratta said at 2:43 pm on March 12th, 2017:

    There isn’t a Republican office-holder in this county if not in this state who doesn’t owe a large portion of their win to the indefatigable John Costigan. John has always been the Party’s hardest working foot soldier, doing the behind-the-scenes grunt work no one else wants to do. I’ve been in his barn and have seen for myself the piles of campaign signs from campaigns past, present and future. Signs that he himself would install from one end of the county to the other and then, just as diligently, retrieve them all when the election was over. For as long as memory serves, he has been a fixture at town council meetings where the respect in which he is held by both Parties is patently obvious. The questions he asks and the issues he champions have always been for the furtherance of the public good and never for personal gain. In a town like Howell where politics is a blood sport, John Costigan never leveled a low blow at anyone or looked to do damage. He was never a part of the problem but someone working hard at achieving solutions.

    “Johnny-boy” is a marvel and even though we don’t share the same politics, what we’ve always shared is a mutual respect.

    It’s an old canard but as true a one as any: They don’t make ’em like Johnny Boy Costigan anymore. A genuinely humble and unassuming man, he never seeks the spotlight for himself and therefore only those in the know know how indispensable he has been to keeping the Republican party strong in a blue state.

    I hope all those who know what they owe this amazing man rise to the challenge in order to see to it that he wants for nothing as he works through his recovery.

  2. Jimmy Jones said at 9:20 am on March 13th, 2017:

    I have known John for around 30 years. Always a gentleman and the “go to” man for Monmouth County Repulicans.

    My prayers are with him