Costigan exits on a high note

Howell GOP Municipal Chairman Juan Malave and Monmouth GOP State Committeeman John Costigan celebrate Malave's election.

Howell GOP Municipal Chairman Juan Malave and Monmouth GOP State Committeeman John Costigan celebrate Malave’s election.

Monmouth County Republican State Committeeman John Costigan, the GOP Municipal Chairman of Howell Township for six years, and Vice Chair under the late Noreen Kelly for six years before that, convened the reorganizational meeting of the Howell Republican Committee this evening and promptly placed the name of former Councilman Juan Malave into nomination as the new Municipal Chairman.

Costigan lost his County Committee seat in last Tuesday’s primary.  The incumbent slate of Council Members, supported by Malave, beat back a primary challenge from a slate believed to be backed by Costigan.  Costigan denied backing the challengers but said he was glad they were running.

Many Republicans throughout Monmouth County were expecting Costigan to attempt to retain his Chairmanship, despite losing his seat. But the State Committeeman chose to bow out in a gracious gesture of unity by nominating Malave.

“Juan is a good man,” said Costigan, “he works hard for Republicans throughout Howell and has served honorably on the Township Council.  He will build on the success we have had here over the last six years, and before that under Mrs. Kelly.”

“Mr. Costigan was very gracious to nominate me,” Mulave said, “we need him to stay involved here in Howell and help us out.  I don’t have all the answers.”

“I’m done.  Don’t call me again, ” Costigan joked, “I have lots of other things to do.”

Mulvave said that he expects that 54 Committee Members for Howell will show up to vote at the Monmouth GOP Convention tomorrow night at iPlay American in Freehold. Committee Members will be choosing between incumbent County Chairman John Bennett and Sheriff Shaun Golden to serve and County Chair for the next two years. Golden is believed to be heavily favored by Howell’s Committee Members.

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5 Comments on “Costigan exits on a high note”

  1. Charles M said at 11:20 pm on June 9th, 2014:

    John is a great man, I’m sorry to see him go.

  2. Nick F said at 12:02 am on June 10th, 2014:

    John, Thank you for your many years of service to our party not only here in Monmouth County, but across our wonderful state and nation!

  3. Jim Granelli said at 8:25 am on June 10th, 2014:

    Very cool way to go out John, nominating your successor. I have met Juan several times, he’s a great guy with big shoes to fill. I am sure he is up to the task.

    May God grant you good luck and long life as you continue as a State Committeman.

  4. trouble in marlboro said at 8:45 am on June 10th, 2014:

    john is a class act and even at his young age, one of the hardest workers i know for the party. like i said before he is welcome to move to marlboro and help us get rid of the law firm that has a choke hold on the town. i know the kind of man he is and will continue to be active and a strong republican. if bennett would have learned half of what john knows, about supporting local races (its not about yourself, its about the party) he wouldnt be losing his chairmanship tonight to shawn.

  5. Dan Biringer said at 11:09 am on June 10th, 2014:

    John Costigan is one class act, let’s hope he sticks around and stays involved.