Correction from Tea Party Groups of New Jersey


Due to a miscommunication, we would like to make a correction to the original Press Release.

The Tea Party of Middlesex County has not  voted to endorse Ron Paul.


We apologize for the error.   

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Bait and Switch: “Meet and Greet” turns into “Debate”

Asbury Park, NJ – When Jersey Shore Tea Party president, Mark Falzon, invited conservative Republican congressional candidate Ernesto Cullari to speak to his organization on Wednesday, May 23, Falzon said the event would be a “meeting with his members”.   

Now Anna Little, Cullari’s opponent in the June 5th primary, and the Bayshore Tea Party Group, which is supporting Little, have created a Facebook invite that hypes the event a little differently:  “Debate!  Anna Little vs. Ernesto Cullari!”  

“I’m happy to go anywhere to meet people, but this is the wrong venue for a debate,” said Cullari, who is seeking the nomination in New Jersey’s 6th congressional district, now held by liberal Democrat Frank Pallone.  “Mark Falzon is one of Bayshore founder Barbara Gonzalez’ closest allies.  I look forward to a debate, but on neutral territory.”

“We have a lot of questions we want to put to Anna Little,” said Cullari manager Kelly Hart, “Like why Little is running on the Bayshore ticket with Bader Qarmout.”  Little, an immigration attorney, is on the Bayshore Tea Party Group “ticket” with U.S. Senate candidate Bader Qarmout.  Qarmout is the author of a controversial amnesty plan for illegal immigrants.  For a nominal fee of $19.25 a week, Qarmout’s plan would allow an illegal immigrant to remain in the United States, work here, open a bank account, and obtain a driver’s license.

“The Qarmout-Little team would let illegals stay in the United States for $2.75 a day – less than the price of a Big Mac,” said Hart.  “It is the most liberal amnesty plan being pushed by a Republican candidate anywhere in America.”

Hart noted that conservative columnist and Ron Paul enthusiast Paul Mulshine published a column today that links to a story on this:  http://conservativenewjersey.com/tpath-joins-effeort-to-give-drivers-licenses-to-illegals

Hart said:  “Let’s have a debate, but let’s have one on the level, with a neutral moderator and a neutral venue.”

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By Mark A. Falzon, President, Jersey Shore Tea Party

So long, Nikita.  Bye bye, Brezhnev.  Sayonara, Stalin.  Change the drapes at the Kremlin for now Washington DC, USA is the hub of global Marxist activity in the world.  Yes, the Kremlin has succumbed to the weight of time and passed the torch to North America.
This migration of the Marxist HQ has taken decades to complete.  For a while there, global Marxism has had no official home. Castro and Peking have been fermenting internal revolutions or been occupied with other things. Moscow was drained of her captive nations. But then, a consortium of undesirable elements here in this country including our vaunted press, 1960ish radicals and greedy, selfish politicians have all participated in the slaying of the grandiose experiment known as the American Republic.  Notice I use past tense because it is almost complete.  The EPA, the NLRB, un-appointed czars (now I know why they use that name!), POTUS and a DC over-regulated, centralized nanny state are in place.  To hell with individual liberty! To hell with the American Constitution.  It was written by greedy, wealthy white slave owners anyway. God knows what else the devils have put in place because surely we cannot count on our vaunted press to expose it.
After the pseudo stimulus bill was passed I noticed something not widely published.  That being, Andy Stern made a trip to Europe, stopping at many of the Euro capitals and larger cities.  The same Andy Stern that was at one time the most frequent visitor to the WH. The same Andy Stern who was the brains and brawn behind SEIU and ACORN. I asked myself, “why?” and then it hit me.  Our government, loaded with new Marxist-Leftist Radicals brought in by BHO and that Valerie Jarret were now flush with American taxpayer cash.  We all know money talks.  I ask, could Andy, as proper a Marxist representative as there is, have been parading through Europe handing out our taxpayer money to the cash starved Marxist groups all over Europe?  I asked Joe (verbal gaffe of the day) Biden who was responsible for over seeing the disbursement of the stimulus funds, but he didn’t respond.  Think about it.  Marxist now rule the roost here.  What better way to cement your global control of the Global Marxist Movement than to rain US taxpayer cash on them.  At that point, you have control and allegiance.  So long, Moscow hello DC!
Was this part of a master plan to fund the Euro demonstrations we saw last summer?  Is that same cash secretly helping OWS who is threatening to bring Euro style violent demonstrations to our shores?  Are known and unknown persons in DC calling the global Marxist Movement shots subsidized by US tax collections?  Could be! Who knows because there certainly has not been a ledger produced detailing stimulus outlays…..and even if there were what clear thinking person would believe anything to come out of this administration.  Credibility is not their strong suit.
Why mention this now?  One word, ROMNEY.  Romney is not the favorite of the Tea Party Movement.  Of the 4 candidates I would safely say he is the least liked.  The GOP Establishment with decades of experience and tons of money, appear to be having their way.  The Tea Party Movement, newbies to the political scene have lost in this GOP presidential primary process.  The GOP is poised to put their boy at the top. But there is the congress.
If a military field commander was charged with defending a city, bridge or any target, Officer training 101 would include several lines of defense.  Line A, then Line B and possibly a Line C to maintain possession and thwart the enemy.  We, the Tea Party Movement cannot influence whom we want as the GOP presidential candidate this cycle.  But there is the congress. Congress can be our second line of defense. What better way to outflank the GOP Establishment and our Marxist interlopers in one move than the Tea Party Movement influencing the senate majority leader selection and the Speaker of the House?  What a citizens’ coup!  So my Tea Party brothers and sisters, do not lament for long Romney’s apparent success.  Identify those senate and congressional candidates running that are true American patriots.  Help those we put in office 2010 stay in office.  Let’s make our new goal the following:  both congressional leadership positions must go to a member of the congressional Tea Party Caucus!  By controlling both houses of congress we can neuter a RINO president.  With a RINO president and Tea Party congress we can squash once and for all this American Marxist initiative.
Let’s get out there and continue the revolution we started September 12, 2009.  Let’s get out there and use as our goal the record setting congressional turnover in 2010 and try to build on it.  Let the GOP Establishment focus on POTUS and we should not hinder them.  We must, must have BHO removed.  We must, must have the final say in our beloved nation and an iron grip over the congress will do just that.

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Tea Parties To Impact Freeholder Race

The Monmouth County area Tea Parties are coming together to in order to make their presence felt in the upcoming county committee election to replace Assemblyman-elect Rob Clifton on the Monmouth County Board of Freeholders.

The Bayshore Tea Party Group, the Jersey Shore Tea Party Patriots and the East Jersey Tea Party will hold a joint meeting to endorse a Freeholder candidate on January 10th, 2012, 7PM at the West Park Recreation Center in Oakhusrt, Ocean Township.   The Monmouth and Colts Neck Tea Parties have also been invited to participate.

Bob Gordon, co-founder of the Bayshore Tea Party Group, says that between the groups there are 25 county committee members eligible to vote on January 14th when the county committee convenes to elect Clifton’s successor.  They are potentially a significant voting block.

The Tea Parties extended invitations this afternoon to each of the declared candidates to speak at the January 10th meeting.   Following the candidates presentations and a Q and A, a secret ballot will be taken.  The winner of the groups’ endorsement will be announced upon the tabulation of the ballots.

Howell Mayor Bob Walsh and Manalapan Deputy Mayor Ryan Green have accepted.  Holmdel Deputy Mayor Serena DiMaso is juggling a scheduling conflict.  Atlantic Highlands Councilman Peter Doyle has yet to respond, according to Barbara Gonzalez, the another co-founder of BTPG.

Gonzalez said she checked the calendars on the Monmouth County GOP Website and the Monmouth County Affiliated Republican Club’s site before scheduling the event, in order to avoid a conflict.

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Jersey Shore Tea Party Files Suit Against ObamaCare


 The Jersey Shore Tea Party in conjunction with Ocean County Citizens For Freedom (a Tea Party Group), the Colts Neck Tea Party and several individuals have filed a 15 count lawsuit IN NJ Federal Court against ObamaCare. (suit attached)

The suit names Kathleen Sebelius US Dept of Health and Human Services, Timothy Geithner, US Dept. of the Treasury and Hilda Solis, US Dept of Labor as Plaintiffs and was filed by plaintiffs Nicholas E. Purpura and Donald R Laster Jr pro se. They are Jersey Shore Tea Party members.

The lawsuit includes several counts already approved in Federal Court and adds numerous other charges.  This consortium of individuals and groups marks a milestone in the New Jersey Tea Party Movement.  New Jersey is a hot bed of Tea Party activity and this lawsuit is in line with those efforts to secure the Republic from leftist radical elements that have seized the executive and legislative branches of our government.  The overt debasement and circumventing of our Constitution cannot be permitted to proceed unchallenged.

To add your voice and your name to the filing please go to jerseyshoreteaparty.org.

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