By Mark A. Falzon, President, Jersey Shore Tea Party

So long, Nikita.  Bye bye, Brezhnev.  Sayonara, Stalin.  Change the drapes at the Kremlin for now Washington DC, USA is the hub of global Marxist activity in the world.  Yes, the Kremlin has succumbed to the weight of time and passed the torch to North America.
This migration of the Marxist HQ has taken decades to complete.  For a while there, global Marxism has had no official home. Castro and Peking have been fermenting internal revolutions or been occupied with other things. Moscow was drained of her captive nations. But then, a consortium of undesirable elements here in this country including our vaunted press, 1960ish radicals and greedy, selfish politicians have all participated in the slaying of the grandiose experiment known as the American Republic.  Notice I use past tense because it is almost complete.  The EPA, the NLRB, un-appointed czars (now I know why they use that name!), POTUS and a DC over-regulated, centralized nanny state are in place.  To hell with individual liberty! To hell with the American Constitution.  It was written by greedy, wealthy white slave owners anyway. God knows what else the devils have put in place because surely we cannot count on our vaunted press to expose it.
After the pseudo stimulus bill was passed I noticed something not widely published.  That being, Andy Stern made a trip to Europe, stopping at many of the Euro capitals and larger cities.  The same Andy Stern that was at one time the most frequent visitor to the WH. The same Andy Stern who was the brains and brawn behind SEIU and ACORN. I asked myself, “why?” and then it hit me.  Our government, loaded with new Marxist-Leftist Radicals brought in by BHO and that Valerie Jarret were now flush with American taxpayer cash.  We all know money talks.  I ask, could Andy, as proper a Marxist representative as there is, have been parading through Europe handing out our taxpayer money to the cash starved Marxist groups all over Europe?  I asked Joe (verbal gaffe of the day) Biden who was responsible for over seeing the disbursement of the stimulus funds, but he didn’t respond.  Think about it.  Marxist now rule the roost here.  What better way to cement your global control of the Global Marxist Movement than to rain US taxpayer cash on them.  At that point, you have control and allegiance.  So long, Moscow hello DC!
Was this part of a master plan to fund the Euro demonstrations we saw last summer?  Is that same cash secretly helping OWS who is threatening to bring Euro style violent demonstrations to our shores?  Are known and unknown persons in DC calling the global Marxist Movement shots subsidized by US tax collections?  Could be! Who knows because there certainly has not been a ledger produced detailing stimulus outlays…..and even if there were what clear thinking person would believe anything to come out of this administration.  Credibility is not their strong suit.
Why mention this now?  One word, ROMNEY.  Romney is not the favorite of the Tea Party Movement.  Of the 4 candidates I would safely say he is the least liked.  The GOP Establishment with decades of experience and tons of money, appear to be having their way.  The Tea Party Movement, newbies to the political scene have lost in this GOP presidential primary process.  The GOP is poised to put their boy at the top. But there is the congress.
If a military field commander was charged with defending a city, bridge or any target, Officer training 101 would include several lines of defense.  Line A, then Line B and possibly a Line C to maintain possession and thwart the enemy.  We, the Tea Party Movement cannot influence whom we want as the GOP presidential candidate this cycle.  But there is the congress. Congress can be our second line of defense. What better way to outflank the GOP Establishment and our Marxist interlopers in one move than the Tea Party Movement influencing the senate majority leader selection and the Speaker of the House?  What a citizens’ coup!  So my Tea Party brothers and sisters, do not lament for long Romney’s apparent success.  Identify those senate and congressional candidates running that are true American patriots.  Help those we put in office 2010 stay in office.  Let’s make our new goal the following:  both congressional leadership positions must go to a member of the congressional Tea Party Caucus!  By controlling both houses of congress we can neuter a RINO president.  With a RINO president and Tea Party congress we can squash once and for all this American Marxist initiative.
Let’s get out there and continue the revolution we started September 12, 2009.  Let’s get out there and use as our goal the record setting congressional turnover in 2010 and try to build on it.  Let the GOP Establishment focus on POTUS and we should not hinder them.  We must, must have BHO removed.  We must, must have the final say in our beloved nation and an iron grip over the congress will do just that.

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  1. Tom Stokes said at 9:22 pm on February 1st, 2012:

    Mark is right as to Congress (including the Senate) as the last line of defense taxpayers have. But I would recommend setting our sights on the VP slot – like Marco Rubio – the conservative US Senator from Florida – would go a long way in moving Christian Latinos to our fold and prepare the way for him to become President in the future.

    One step at a time. Remember, nothing can or will happen overnight. It took a few years after Barry Goldwater (AuH2O for those of you who remember that campaign) to nominate and elect the Gipper, Ronald Reagan.

  2. Rick Ambrosia said at 10:43 pm on February 1st, 2012:

    LOL…yeah…lets talk hyperbole and dramatics…LOL…this is just too funny. Someone seriously needs to talk to a shrink…asap. I will ask this again…as I have in the past. Please, let me know exactly what liberty or right has been taken away from you …PERSONALLY!. No histrionics, no hyperbole, no abstract bullshit. What has this government done to you personally. No one has been able to answer that. Not one. All I get are the right wing extremist talking points. I want to know specifics. Are you still able to vote? Are you still able to cross state lines without showing papers? Are you still able to work, save money, spend money, buy land or anything else you need? Please, let me know what has been taken from you….specifically. What a bunch of crap.

  3. speedkillsu said at 9:09 am on February 2nd, 2012:

    Rick ,try going without medical insurance ,which I always believed was my civil right to accept or decline ……..

  4. Justified Right said at 9:29 am on February 2nd, 2012:


    The Obama administration’s policies are philosophically much closer to early 2oth Fascism than Marxism.

    If your Tea Party group ever needs a speaker on the issue I’d be happy to oblige!

  5. Bob English said at 11:05 am on February 2nd, 2012:

    I’m with Rick…how about some specifics on new Obama Administration policies when the words Marxism and Fascism are used???

    Regarding medical insurance, people that can afford it and intentionally don’t purchase it end up having their bills paid by everyone else when they do become seriosuly ill (unless you are with the “let them die” crowd when the question came up at one of the Republican debates.

    Funny how the individual mandate was a great idea when most of the Republicans were for it but once Obama was for it they all turned against it.

    Taxes down,,,,GM alive,,,Bin Laden dead!!!

  6. Recession said at 9:28 pm on February 2nd, 2012:

    How did Obama affect me PERSONALLY? Well, luckily I’m not among the 15% unemployed, because I’m a small business owner, but business is very slow, because the recession is being prolonged by the anti-business policies of the administration (in the past decades, recessions never lasted more than 12-18 months, while this one is closing in on 4 years).

    Also, as a result of credit card consumer bill and the Dodd-Frank financial regulation bill, my credit card APR’s skyrocketed to the point where I can barely cover the interest payments and the balances are very hard to lower. That heavy interest is a significant tax that Obama imposed on me.

    ObamaCare – didn’t affect too many people directly (except for the rapidly rising costs of insurance), since it doesn’t take effect until 2013-2014, conveniently after the election.

  7. Rick Ambrosia said at 10:29 pm on February 2nd, 2012:

    Sorry “Recession”…that doesn’t count. The point of the post was that some of your liberties were somehow taken away or discarded by this administration. It just seems that you have been hit by the economic downturn that has effected us all, and its not personal. Also, this one had started even before the President was sworn in…so again, what has this administration done to take away your liberty or impose facsist or marxist ideology that has impeded your rights. Its all just bullshit and talking points of the extreme right. Dodd-Frank brought needed reforms to an institution that was rampant with corruption and price gouging. Blame the banks, not this administration for how they’re getting around the regulations put in place to safeguard consumers. And, according to Bloomberg news…”Obama’s White House has approved fewer regulations than his predecessor George W. Bush at this same point in their tenures, and the estimated costs of those rules haven’t reached the annual peak set in fiscal 1992 under Bush’s father, according to government data reviewed by Bloomberg News.”…so your argument against this admin for killing businesses doesn’t fly either. Nice try though. Still, no one has answered my question.

  8. Rick Ambrosia said at 7:28 pm on February 3rd, 2012:

    Just as I thought….crickets…crickets.