Go Topless Activists Say They Will Picket Monmouth County Jail This Morning

Susan-B-Anthony-194905-1-402Somehow this event didn’t make it to Greg’s List.

GoTopless.org, the group that says laws that prohibit women from exposing their chests are discriminatory violations of the 14th Amendment, announced that they will be protesting Phoenix Feeley’s incarceration for going topless in Spring Lake in 2008 by picketing in front of the Monmouth County Correctional Institution this morning from 9am till noon.

GoTopless is making Feeley out to be a modern day Susan B. Anthony.  Nadine Gary, a spokeswoman for the organization, said in statement on their website, “Suffragette activists, like Phoenix Feeley and other topless activists today, willingly went to jail for claiming their rights.”

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The United States Constitution Was Ratified 225 Years Ago Today

1223L_OPED_LEGALIn honor of the occasion, MMM recommends that every Tea Party member and ‘Certified Constitutionalist’ familiarize themselves with the necessary and proper clause.

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Lurking Tyranny


Thanks to NetRightDaily

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Marist/NBC Poll Is Bad News For New Jersey Tea Parties

we the peopleWe The People of New Jersey do not support the Tea Party or Second Amendment movements, according to an Marist/NBC poll released this morning.

72% of the 1080 self identified New Jersey registered voters who responded to the poll said “No” when asked if they considered themselves supporters of the Tea Party movement.  19% said “Yes” and 9% were unsure.

The poll has a margin of error of +/- 3 % and only questioned 22% of the amount of people that Leigh-Ann Bellew’s campaign surveyed, just in the 13th legislative district, two weeks ago.

Bellew’s campaign said that 83% or their respondents favor Tea Party candidates in the 13th.  Campaign manager Dwayne Harris would not get into the specifics of the poll, like the margin of error or how many phone calls they had to make to reach 5000 people.

67% of registered voters think New Jersey needs stricter gun laws, per the Marist/NBC poll.  25% think New Jersey’s current gun laws should not be changed.  6% said New Jersey’s gun laws should be less strict.   Harris wouldn’t say if the Bellew campaign polled the gun question.

27% of New Jersey voters consider themselves liberal. 32% consider themselves conservative and 40% consider themselves moderate, according to the Marist/NBC poll.

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Tea Party Flag

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Correction from Tea Party Groups of New Jersey


Due to a miscommunication, we would like to make a correction to the original Press Release.

The Tea Party of Middlesex County has not  voted to endorse Ron Paul.


We apologize for the error.   

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A Statement From Tea Party Groups of New Jersey

Monmouth County Tea Party Coalition

Ocean County Citizens For Freedom

Bayshore Tea Party Group

Tea Party of Middlesex County

No longer will we be forced by both political parties and the media to choose between the lesser of two evils. We say, not on our watch will we ever give in to this sort of tyranny again. This game ends right here, right now! Endorsing Mitt Romney and his record of left-leaning policies would be a complete hypocrisy that collides with everything the Tea Party Movement stands for.

So, it is with great pleasure and honor that We of the above mentioned Tea Party Groups of New Jersey, announce our full endorsement of Dr. Ron Paul for President of The United States of America 2012. Dr. Paul’s 20+ year voting record as an ardent constitutional conservative speaks profoundly of his integrity both as a representative of the people and as a human being. Dr. Paul’s message of Limited Constitutional Government and Individual Liberty is what motivated the Tea Parties into action to begin with and this message will continue to resonate within our movement until America is restored to her former glory and is once again a beacon of freedom.

We choose to stand by our principles rather than to sell our souls to the game of politics because this is what Ron Paul has done consistently his entire political life and we expect nothing less of ourselves.


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By Mark A. Falzon, President, Jersey Shore Tea Party

So long, Nikita.  Bye bye, Brezhnev.  Sayonara, Stalin.  Change the drapes at the Kremlin for now Washington DC, USA is the hub of global Marxist activity in the world.  Yes, the Kremlin has succumbed to the weight of time and passed the torch to North America.
This migration of the Marxist HQ has taken decades to complete.  For a while there, global Marxism has had no official home. Castro and Peking have been fermenting internal revolutions or been occupied with other things. Moscow was drained of her captive nations. But then, a consortium of undesirable elements here in this country including our vaunted press, 1960ish radicals and greedy, selfish politicians have all participated in the slaying of the grandiose experiment known as the American Republic.  Notice I use past tense because it is almost complete.  The EPA, the NLRB, un-appointed czars (now I know why they use that name!), POTUS and a DC over-regulated, centralized nanny state are in place.  To hell with individual liberty! To hell with the American Constitution.  It was written by greedy, wealthy white slave owners anyway. God knows what else the devils have put in place because surely we cannot count on our vaunted press to expose it.
After the pseudo stimulus bill was passed I noticed something not widely published.  That being, Andy Stern made a trip to Europe, stopping at many of the Euro capitals and larger cities.  The same Andy Stern that was at one time the most frequent visitor to the WH. The same Andy Stern who was the brains and brawn behind SEIU and ACORN. I asked myself, “why?” and then it hit me.  Our government, loaded with new Marxist-Leftist Radicals brought in by BHO and that Valerie Jarret were now flush with American taxpayer cash.  We all know money talks.  I ask, could Andy, as proper a Marxist representative as there is, have been parading through Europe handing out our taxpayer money to the cash starved Marxist groups all over Europe?  I asked Joe (verbal gaffe of the day) Biden who was responsible for over seeing the disbursement of the stimulus funds, but he didn’t respond.  Think about it.  Marxist now rule the roost here.  What better way to cement your global control of the Global Marxist Movement than to rain US taxpayer cash on them.  At that point, you have control and allegiance.  So long, Moscow hello DC!
Was this part of a master plan to fund the Euro demonstrations we saw last summer?  Is that same cash secretly helping OWS who is threatening to bring Euro style violent demonstrations to our shores?  Are known and unknown persons in DC calling the global Marxist Movement shots subsidized by US tax collections?  Could be! Who knows because there certainly has not been a ledger produced detailing stimulus outlays…..and even if there were what clear thinking person would believe anything to come out of this administration.  Credibility is not their strong suit.
Why mention this now?  One word, ROMNEY.  Romney is not the favorite of the Tea Party Movement.  Of the 4 candidates I would safely say he is the least liked.  The GOP Establishment with decades of experience and tons of money, appear to be having their way.  The Tea Party Movement, newbies to the political scene have lost in this GOP presidential primary process.  The GOP is poised to put their boy at the top. But there is the congress.
If a military field commander was charged with defending a city, bridge or any target, Officer training 101 would include several lines of defense.  Line A, then Line B and possibly a Line C to maintain possession and thwart the enemy.  We, the Tea Party Movement cannot influence whom we want as the GOP presidential candidate this cycle.  But there is the congress. Congress can be our second line of defense. What better way to outflank the GOP Establishment and our Marxist interlopers in one move than the Tea Party Movement influencing the senate majority leader selection and the Speaker of the House?  What a citizens’ coup!  So my Tea Party brothers and sisters, do not lament for long Romney’s apparent success.  Identify those senate and congressional candidates running that are true American patriots.  Help those we put in office 2010 stay in office.  Let’s make our new goal the following:  both congressional leadership positions must go to a member of the congressional Tea Party Caucus!  By controlling both houses of congress we can neuter a RINO president.  With a RINO president and Tea Party congress we can squash once and for all this American Marxist initiative.
Let’s get out there and continue the revolution we started September 12, 2009.  Let’s get out there and use as our goal the record setting congressional turnover in 2010 and try to build on it.  Let the GOP Establishment focus on POTUS and we should not hinder them.  We must, must have BHO removed.  We must, must have the final say in our beloved nation and an iron grip over the congress will do just that.

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Can The Tea Party Survive Victory?

By Art Gallagher

Now that the left is unhappy with President Obama it is safe to criticize him without being called a racists.

Obama came into office with a promise of unifying the country. He’s done it. The extreme left, the extreme right and the mushy middle agree that Obama is not a leader and not up to the job of President of the United States.

From today’s APP.com editorial:

The president gave in and gave in, and he has lost whatever good will the great middle had for his attempt to be the rational one in the argument. Americans cannot respect a president who runs up the white flag of surrender.

And this obscene sausage-making is only the latest in a long line of appeasements: on health care, on Guantanamo Bay, on civilian trials for terror suspects.

We teach our children the fine art of compromise, but if you compromise away your values, you’ve lost something you cannot get back by barter.

We don’t want to elect some “philosopher-king” out of Plato. We want a leader with fire in his belly, who at least puts up an honest struggle based on core principles, who, in the words of Theodore Roosevelt, “spends himself in a worthy cause … and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”

So many thought that Barack Obama might be just that man. It looks as if we were wrong.

Not surprisingly, the leftist media is assailing the Tea Party for exhibiting the very characteristics they say Obama is lacking.

APP.com says Obama “has revealed himself to be a man unwilling to fight for the principles in which he has said he believed.”   Yet the principled Tea Party members of congress are “80 unreasoning Tea Party members of the House of Representatives and their right-wing echo chamber on talk radio and cable TV?

NY Times Columnist Maureen Dowd said:

Consider what the towel-snapping Tea Party crazies have already accomplished. They’ve changed the entire discussion. They’ve neutralized the White House. They’ve whipped their leadership into submission. They’ve taken taxes and revenues off the table. They’ve withered the stock and bond markets. They’ve made journalists speak to them as though they’re John Calhoun and Alexander Hamilton.

Indeed, the accomplishments of the Tea Party members of congress are impressive.  They have changed the discourse.  A year ago the Obama, Reid, Pelosi triumvirate were expanding the federal government with impunity. Today there is a new direction.  The job or reining government is hardly done.  The deficit/debt deal is far from perfect, but it is a huge accomplishment.

For the most part the Tea Party members of congress and other Republicans who voted no on the debt ceiling deal have been gracious in victory. While asserting their principles and not backing down on the need for spending cuts and a balanced budget amendment, the have praised the leadership of Speaker John Boehner.

Grass roots Tea Party activists need to develop such grace without abandoning their principles. 

The Tea Party has withstood vicious media attacks since its emergence. They were able to withstand the attacks of racism and lunacy with grace and cogent arguments.

Whether the Tea Party can withstand the coming attacks remains to be seen.  The behavior and rhetoric of many grassroots activists and leaders is feeding into the left’s new attacks of crazy and unreasonable.  Many Tea Party activists are coming off as sore winners. They are coming off as crazy and unreasonable.

Their anger at Republicans is misdirected.  Their expressed disappointment with recent heroes, like Allen West who voted with the majority yesterday, is misguided.

The leftist media cannot thwart the Tea Party movement on its own.  However, the movement can be killed off if the Tea Party unwittingly cooperates, which it is in danger of doing.

Can the Tea Party survive victory?  Time will tell if the two year old unstructured grassroots movement can develop political maturity. Time will tell if it has what it takes for the long haul of incremental victories

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Tea Party Crashes Washington Orgy

By Kevin Jackson

The Tea Party fits in Washington like nuns at a swingers’ convention. The fiscal orgy at Club Fed just can’t continue unless the Tea Party gets the hell out. Unfortunately for Obama, we just won’t leave. How could we? We can’t afford to refuel our corporate jets.

So in order to give the Tea Party the “change we need,” Obama is pulling out all the stops. He continues his War on Productivity against the “rich.” Like the preacher said to the congregation,

I have good news and bad news. The good news is we have the money for the new building. The bad news is it’s out there in your pockets.”

When Obama can’t just get taxpayers to hand over their booty at knifepoint, he threatens to “Katrina” America, and unleash Mother Nature on us. His timing was impeccable, as he delivered his Mother Nature threat in the wake of the worse tornado season in decades—let no crisis go to waste!

Somebody must have whispered in Obama ear that Mother Nature is a fickle wench, and can’t be counted on, as tornadoes and hurricanes are seasonal, despite global climate change.  However, people have to eat pretty much every day.

This prompted Obama to threaten our food, as not allowing Obama to create more debt might force him to cut the FDA. How horrible a death would it be to die from e-Coli?

Has this guy ever experienced cuisine in Mexico, where merely handling a mango can get you Montezuma’s revenge? You’d think that being African, Obama realizes the bugs you can get in the Motherland from eating the wrong foods make salmonella feel like slight indigestion.

We weren’t fooled. So when the food scare didn’t work, Obama pulled the entitlement card out.  Obama tried to mug old people, gank them like a purse-snatching, wallet-lifting thief in the street, by suggesting they wouldn’t receive their Social Security checks. We will never know how many old people died at the threat of losing their livelihoods, but you can bet some did.

However, even the old “Old people will lose their benefits” trick didn’t persuade Conservatives to allow Obama to pick their pocket, thus victory was delayed for the battle worn, wannabe hero of the Left.

Time for yet another escalation within the Democrat Rules of Destruction of America manual, and a willing Democrat Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee pulled out her well-worn, but now laminated race card.

According to Lee, there exist racists in Congress who do not want to raise the debt ceiling for this president as they have for all “other” presidents.  Lee points out that there is only one glaring difference between this president and all “others.” I originally guessed that this president is the only idiot we’ve ever elected, but then I was reminded of Jimmy Carter who presided during The Peanut Era.

Congressman Lee’s beehive is obviously wrapped too tight, as she apparently forgot that the debt ceiling has already been raised three times for this president, putting Obama ahead of Bush in the “Race to Continually Raise the Debt Ceiling.”

Obama was left with only one possibility, one move, one gambit as it were: Obama would have to “talk tough.”

Things are serious when Obama talks tough. Reminiscent of the battle between the African king Ramses and the Jewish Prince Moses, Obama warned Republican Eric Cantor:  “Don’t try me…uh…you Yutz!”

Unphased by Obama’s threat, Cantor challenged, “Game on…Boyee!”

Obama unleashed tough talk on Cantor, the Republicans and the Tea Party, and anybody else who would dare try to live the American Dream unfettered at a press conference. The raw meat supporters of Obama’s tough talk were treated to Obama’s poll-tested new tough words “balanced approach.”

In his call for a balanced approach to allow himself the ability to run up even more massive debt, Obama used the historical, heretofore automatic raising of the debt ceiling to defend his actions. Apparently the “change we need” did not involve turning off the money spigot or the treasury printing presses.

Ironically, it was Obama who in the campaign of 2008 sold half of America on the idea that he was going to Washington to stop the status quo. I can only surmise that Obama didn’t think Washington was spending America into oblivion fast enough? He’s not exactly “reigning in Washington” is he?

So we find ourselves fighting the same battle with Liberals yet again, and pretty much in the same old ways. Democrats bluster that if taxpayers don’t keep forking over the big bucks, we will all die, and Republicans allow us to be pecked to death by chickens.

The only way to reign in Washington is to take away our money. Not raising the debt ceiling is the only way to force America to cut government, something Liberals abhor.

Liberals love spending orgies. Unfortunately for them, the Tea Party movement brought a fiscal religion revival to Club Fed Hedonism 2008. And we ain’t going nowhere.

That’s my rant!

Kevin Jackson is author of the Amazon best-seller The BIG Black Lie, and The Black Sphere blog.

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