Bellew’s Credentials, Conservatism Questioned

Kelly Ann HartBy Kelly Ann Hart

In 2010 I was a manager in Anna Little’s campaign for Congress.  I worked with Leigh Ann Bellew, who was the campaign’s initial manager and then became the campaign’s Chairman.  I am a conservative Republican who has been active with the Tea Party.

During that campaign Leigh Ann Bellew led me, as well as and all the rest of us who were working on Anna Little’s campaign, to believe that she was “a lawyer who didn’t practice”.  We also got the impression from what she told us that she had studied law and had a degree of some kind in Constitutional studies.  None of this has turned out to be true.

Leigh Ann Bellew also misled us about her involvement with national conservatives like Dick Morris, telling us that she had been his “communications director”. This isn’t true either.

I wasn’t aware of her answers to a Project Vote Smart (http://votesmart.org/candidate/political-courage-test/59968/leigh-ann-bellew/#.UYeWJXzD-M8) questionnaire in 2006, none of us were, but have had the opportunity to read it since.  I am concerned by a number of her answers and most concerned by her answers to the questions on the 2nd Amendment and Abortion.

On the 2nd Amendment, if Leigh Ann is a “constitutionalist” as she claims, how is her support for the federal licensing of all firearms in line with the 2ndamendment?

On Abortion she claims to be Pro-Life, but told Vote Smart that an abortion should be legal when the mother’s life is involved.  How this fits with her “Pro-Life, Christian” values?  You are either for the death of a baby or you are not.

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Bait and Switch: “Meet and Greet” turns into “Debate”

Asbury Park, NJ – When Jersey Shore Tea Party president, Mark Falzon, invited conservative Republican congressional candidate Ernesto Cullari to speak to his organization on Wednesday, May 23, Falzon said the event would be a “meeting with his members”.   

Now Anna Little, Cullari’s opponent in the June 5th primary, and the Bayshore Tea Party Group, which is supporting Little, have created a Facebook invite that hypes the event a little differently:  “Debate!  Anna Little vs. Ernesto Cullari!”  

“I’m happy to go anywhere to meet people, but this is the wrong venue for a debate,” said Cullari, who is seeking the nomination in New Jersey’s 6th congressional district, now held by liberal Democrat Frank Pallone.  “Mark Falzon is one of Bayshore founder Barbara Gonzalez’ closest allies.  I look forward to a debate, but on neutral territory.”

“We have a lot of questions we want to put to Anna Little,” said Cullari manager Kelly Hart, “Like why Little is running on the Bayshore ticket with Bader Qarmout.”  Little, an immigration attorney, is on the Bayshore Tea Party Group “ticket” with U.S. Senate candidate Bader Qarmout.  Qarmout is the author of a controversial amnesty plan for illegal immigrants.  For a nominal fee of $19.25 a week, Qarmout’s plan would allow an illegal immigrant to remain in the United States, work here, open a bank account, and obtain a driver’s license.

“The Qarmout-Little team would let illegals stay in the United States for $2.75 a day – less than the price of a Big Mac,” said Hart.  “It is the most liberal amnesty plan being pushed by a Republican candidate anywhere in America.”

Hart noted that conservative columnist and Ron Paul enthusiast Paul Mulshine published a column today that links to a story on this:  http://conservativenewjersey.com/tpath-joins-effeort-to-give-drivers-licenses-to-illegals

Hart said:  “Let’s have a debate, but let’s have one on the level, with a neutral moderator and a neutral venue.”

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Now, the truth

[Monmouth Tea Party Coalition Endorses Anna Little in CD-6
By Frank Cotton
Last election Anna Little proved to be someone that would represent the people and
not party politics. She has endured hostile treatment by former supporters that appear
to be “party centered” and not concerned with the decay and downward direction of
our country.]

By Kelly Ann Hart, Chief Executive Officer, Cullari for Congress

It’s unfortunate that Anna Little and her current supporters do not see what’s actually going on.  More importantly, it’s unfortunate I need to respond to these accusations but the urgency of facts is necessary.   

Anna Little declared her candidacy for Congress in November 2010 during her concession speech. Along with her speech she informed the public of her foundation and PAC’s for her re-election campaign.  Then in early 2012 Anna declared her run for U.S. Senate, to run against Robert Menendez… her failure to acquire the 1000 signatures (throughout the state) on her petitions led her to announce her run, once again, for Congress in District 6.  Her announcement came days after Ernesto Cullari declared his candidacy.

This inconsistent behavior from Anna Little is what drove her professional team away from her.  There is no personal vendetta against her; although, Anna will claim different as she has done numerous times in the past.  I take strong offense to anyone making false claims against me or our team that we would for one second not be concerned with the direction of our country.  Frank Cotton, who ran himself on a few occasions as an independent and also claims to be conservative, should at the very least call those people he is making ridiculous claims against and convey the facts.

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