Vicari running for Governor of Ocean County

Joe Vicari, George Gilmore’s gubernatorial candidate

Ocean County Commissioner Joe Vicari announced that he is entering the race for the GOP nomination for New Jersey Governor and that he would not compete outside of Ocean County for party support, according to a report at NewJerseyGlobe.

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Divisive Doug Steinhart is wrong choice for NJ GOP

Doug Steinhardt

By Joshua Sotomayor Einstein

Former NJ GOP State Chair Doug Steinhardt is the wrong choice to represent the Republican Party in New Jersey’s 2021 gubernatorial elections for many reasons. The below list of why he should be unacceptable to the grassroots, Trump supporters, veterans of the Tea Party movement, those who want transparency, and those dedicated to party building amongst others, is not exhaustive – but brace yourself – it is alarming:

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Democrats in the running for Handlin’s Assembly seat

Josh Welle and Amber Gesslein could run for the Dem nominations for Assembly in LD 13 next year.

Assemblywoman Amy Handlin’s announcement that she will not seek reelection next year inevitably creates speculation on who will run to replace her. While party leaders on both sides of the aisle would rather their troops stay focused on the election coming up next month, the jockeying has started given how infrequently a vacancy occurs in the 13th district.

Democrats, who normally lose badly in the district will likely have a contest for the two Assembly nominations next year, given Handlin’s vacancy and Serena DiMaso serving her freshman term.  DiMaso put something of a target on her back with the Dems when she made a robocall criticizing LD 11 Assemblymembers Eric Hougtaling and Joann Downey for voting for Governor Murphy’s tax increases.  Houghtaling and Downey responded to DiMaso’s robocall with an ethics complaint.

With the Assembly on top of the ballot next year, Dems will likely be motivated and funded, even in LD 13.

Potential Democrat Candidates for LD 13 Assembly in 2019 who are running for other offices this year:

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Welle to hold town hall in community he considers racist

Josh Welle, the Democrat running against Congressman Chris Smith is holding a town hall meeting in Jackson tonight at the Sons of American Vets Post at 1290 Toms River Road in Jackson.

During a gathering of the Monmouth and Ocean County Democrats last February when Welle was competing for the Democrat nomination to challenge Congressman Smith, Welle said that he wants to end discrimination and racism in the district, but that residents of Howell, Jackson, Allentown, Millstone and people who voted for Smith for 37 years, “are not there yet.”

Welle calls residents of Howell, Jackson, Allentown and Millstone racists

Josh Welle, the Democrat candidate for Congress in the 4th district of New Jersey, is holding a town hall in Jackson tonight, a community he said he considers racist and discriminitory.

Posted by More MonmouthMusings on Thursday, August 2, 2018

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Pezzullo Blasts Pallone For Taking Money From Facebook

Rich Pezzullo

Rich Pezzullo, the Republican candidate for Congress in New Jersey’s 6th Congressional District, blasted Congressman Frank Pallone today for accepting $7000 in campaign contributions from facebook.

According to the Center for Responsive Politics, Pallone has received $7000 from facebook since 2010, including  $2,500 for this year’s election.

“Frank Pallone has taken $7,000 from Facebook since 2010,” Pezzullo marveled. “Seven thousand dollars,” he repeated, to a group of voters in Middlesex County. “And he has the gall to sit up there and claim he’s an unbiased observer, to claim he’s representing his district?” Read the rest of this entry »

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Thomson Sworn In As Assemblyman

Ned Thomson was took the Oath of Office and officially became a member of the New Jersey General Assembly yesterday during a ceremony at the State House in Trenton.

Speaker Vincent Prieto administered the Oath to the former Wall Township mayor as his wife Sandi held the bible.  The Thomson’s son Christian, daughter-in-law Kimbery and grandchildren Bella and Marcelo participated in the ceremony as witnesses along with Assembly Republican Leader Jon Bramnick.

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NJ Democrat Operative Advocates Hunting Republicans

James Devine, a well known New Jersey Democrat operative and local newspaper publisher from Union County, responded to the shooting of Congressman Steve Scalise and three others yesterday by creating the hashtag #HuntRepublicans and #HuntRepublicanCongressmen on his social media accounts.  Devine declared that Democrats are “in a war” with Republicans.

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Ciattarelli aging rapidly?

Running against Lt. Gov Kim Guadagno must be a daunting task.

Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli, one of Guadagno’s four opponents in the GOP primary for Governor, looks as though he’s aged more in a week than Barack Obama aged over 8 years in the White House, if his campaign mail is to be believed.

If you’re a Republican primary voter, you likely received two pieces of campaign mail from Ciattarelli in the last week.   The photo on the left is from the first piece.  The photo on the right is the second piece.  If Jack loses to Kim on June 6, he could have a future as Just for Men model.

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Republican Assembly Members Should Vote Against Gas Tax Hike

By Art Gallagher

img_0858-800x531This column is for my Republican friends in the Assembly, especially those from Monmouth County.

Dave Rible, Rob Clifton, Sean Kean, Monmouth Republican Assembly Members who voted for gas tax in June, and Declan O’Scanlon who didn’t vote, should join Amy Handlin and Ronald Dancer, Republicans who represent parts of Monmouth and voted NO in June, in voting NO on Wednesday or whenever the bill that Governor Christie, Senate President Sweeney and Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto agreed to on Friday comes up for a vote.

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Christie’s off to Wall with education fairness plan

photo via Governor's office

photo via Governor’s office

By Art Gallagher

Governor Chris Christie is back on the Town Hall circuit…now he is calling them forums…as he meets New Jersey voters on Tuesday in Wall Township to promote the school funding formula that he announced last week.

The “Fairness Formula Forum” will take place in the Wall branch of the Monmouth County Library, 2700 Allaire Rd., Tuesday afternoon at 3:30 p.m.  The doors open at 2:15 p.m and seating his first come first served.  RSVPs are encouraged for planning purposes to  [email protected].

Christie is saying that he wants a referendum in 2017 to amend the State Constitution so that State education funding is distributed equally to all school age children throughout the New Jersey.  He says that the State would contribute $6,500 per student.  Currently roughly 75% of State funding goes to 31 school districts, formerly referred to Abbott districts for the landmark Abbott vs Burke NJ Supreme Court decision that mandated that the State subsidize poor and urban districts.

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