Investigation clears Asbury Park cops who arrested APP reporter during BLM protest

As police officers wrestled Gustavo Martinez Contreras to the ground while clearing out protesters in Asbury Park last month, newly released video shows he repeatedly tried to tell them “I’m a reporter” through his face mask.

Martinez Contreras, a reporter for the Asbury Park Press, was charged with failure to disperse — accusations that were later dropped.

But a report released Wednesday by the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office found the officers who arrested him “had no knowledge they were apprehending a reporter,” clearing them of wrongdoing.Videos released Wednesday provide new details of … Read the rest of this entry »

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DeSeno Launches Campaign to Buy Safety Vests for APP reporters

Thomas DeSeno, an attorney from Asbury Park and frequent MMM contributor, has launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds to buy safety vest for Asbury Park Press reporters.

DeSeno seeded the $200 campaign with a $20 contribution.

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Gannett Considering Acquisition Offer


New Jersey’s news media market could experience a major shakeup if the owner of the Asbury Park Press, The (Bergen) Record, six other daily publications and several NJ weeklies is sold.

The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday that Gannett is a takover target by MNG Enterprises Inc., a hedge fund back company better known as Digital First Media, that owns the Boston Herald, the Denver Post about 200 newspapers throughout the country.  MNG offered Gannett $12 per share ($1.3 billion), a 23% premium over the publishers Friday closing price of $9.75.  MNG already owns 7.5% of Gannett.   At 11:08 this morning, Gannett traded at $11.51. Read the rest of this entry »

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Surprise, Surprise! Welle Lies!

Josh Welle Lies to the Asbury Park Press

Josh Welle continued his campaign of deceit and distortion with the Asbury Park Editorial Board today.

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NJ Democrat Devine Doubles Down On Call To Violence Against Republicans

Self-declared “master Democratic Party campaign strategist” James Devine of Rahway doubled down on his assertion that Democrats are “at war” with Republicans.

Devine told The Asbury Park Press that James Hodgkinson, the looney tune who gunned down Congressman Steve Scalise and three others yesterday before being shot dead by U.S. Capitol Police, was exercising his Second Amendment Rights to defend himself against duly elected tyrannical Republicans practicing baseball. Read the rest of this entry »

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NJ Democrat Operative Advocates Hunting Republicans

James Devine, a well known New Jersey Democrat operative and local newspaper publisher from Union County, responded to the shooting of Congressman Steve Scalise and three others yesterday by creating the hashtag #HuntRepublicans and #HuntRepublicanCongressmen on his social media accounts.  Devine declared that Democrats are “in a war” with Republicans.

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Repairing the Asbury Park Press’ Conservative Insufficiency

By Tom DeSeno

The Asbury Park Press is the only daily paper targeting two New Jersey counties.  If that sounds small, consider those two counties have a larger population than eight U.S. states. They double the population of Washington DC. That makes the AP Press important not only as a courier of news, but considering its monopoly, as a sculptor of opinion in our great national debate.

Owned by media giant Gannett, the largest newspaper publisher in America and parent of USA Today, there exists available resources to publish a product that mirrors the Press’ considerable responsibility (if Gannett is willing to open the spigot on resources, that is).

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Shameful fake news: The Asbury Park Press targets local officials with personal problems

By Art Gallagher

On a website promoting his novels, the Senior Regional Content Strategist for The Asbury Park Press says “he gives thanks everyday to New Jersey’s long-line of corrupt officials.”  On another website, the content strategist (Gannett’s 21st century term for “editor”) claims “he has exposed political corruption, insider deals, deadly medical mistakes, bureaucratic bumbling, and wasteful government spending.”

That’s important work.

But lately there must be a shortage of corruption. The Asbury Park Press has taken to publicizing the personal financial problems of municipal officials instead. There has been no evidence reported that those local officials did anything criminal or corrupt while experiencing those financial problems or as a result of them.  In the two recent stories of elected officials’ personal finances, the problems have been going on for years and agreements have been made with the creditors for the successful resolution of the personal issues.

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Doherty thumbs his nose at the Court, lies to the press

Pringle: “What is Doherty hiding?”

Belmar Main Street WalkBelmar Mayor Matt Doherty told The Asbury Park Press that he would disclose all donations to his campaign for Monmouth County Freeholder under the amount of $300, but only those donations received after July 13.  July 13 was the date that the Doherty administration filed the 12 year old pay to play ethics ordinance with the state.

“I’m going to follow the ordinance and the state statutes to the letter.” Doherty told app.  It’s disappointing that the reporter let him get away with that Clinton speak.

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What’s the concern about Eatontown mayor’s job?

By Art Gallagher

Eatontown Mayor Dennis Connelly

Eatontown Mayor Dennis Connelly

The Asbury Park Press is peddling a story about Eatontown Mayor Dennis Connelly’s recent employment as the manager of the Motor Vehicle Commission office in Freehold.  But other than a gadfly’s complaint about the position being a patronage job, The Asbury Park Press did not back up their sensational headline, Concern raised over Eatontown mayor’s new job, with any concerns.

What is the concern?  It is a patronage job.  If a Democrat is elected governor next year, Connelly, a Republican, will be out of the job.  A Democrat will be appointed to that job.  Will The Asbury Park Press be concerned then?

Connelly did not try to hide that he had taken a job with MVC.  He announced it on facebook.

Last year, Freehold Borough Councilman Kevin Kane was a Democratic candidate for County Clerk.  He got trounced by Clerk Christine Hanlon, the incumbent Republican.  Four months later Kane landed a $65,000 per year job for Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop.  Kane is boosting his pension credits from being a part time councilman with his new job.  The Asbury Press did not express any concern about Kane’s new job.  The Jersey Jounal/NJ.com was concerned.

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