Middletown Has An Outbreak Of Cooperation

Monmouth County Sheriff Shaun Golden issues the Oath of Office to Middletown Mayor Tony Perry while Allannah Perry holds the Bible. Jan 6, 2019

A simmering political and legal battle between the Middletown Board of Education and the Middletown Township Committee was extinguished on Sunday morning when both boards tabled conflicting resolutions regarding the date of the annual Board of Education elections.

The Township Committee had a resolution on its agenda to move school elections to April.  The BoE scheduled a Special Meeting to pass a resolution to keep their elections on the annual general election ballot in November.

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Democrats seek to take over Middletown Board of Education

BoE Member Danielle Walsh said to be hedging in her Township Committee race

NJEA funding Dem related BoE slate through Giaimo’s Assembly account

When Democrat attorney Tom Giaimo lost to Amy Handlin and Serena DiMaso last year for State Assembly, he did not close his campaign account.  Rather, he kept raising money, most of it from the NJEA’s political action committee and politically connected lawyers like himself.   He used the cash to repay a loan to himself and to fund his Middletown Board of Education slate of Giaimo Fox and Wright.  Giaimo’s Assembly account and the joint Middletown Board of Education account have the same Democrat treasurer.


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Democrats in the running for Handlin’s Assembly seat

Josh Welle and Amber Gesslein could run for the Dem nominations for Assembly in LD 13 next year.

Assemblywoman Amy Handlin’s announcement that she will not seek reelection next year inevitably creates speculation on who will run to replace her. While party leaders on both sides of the aisle would rather their troops stay focused on the election coming up next month, the jockeying has started given how infrequently a vacancy occurs in the 13th district.

Democrats, who normally lose badly in the district will likely have a contest for the two Assembly nominations next year, given Handlin’s vacancy and Serena DiMaso serving her freshman term.  DiMaso put something of a target on her back with the Dems when she made a robocall criticizing LD 11 Assemblymembers Eric Hougtaling and Joann Downey for voting for Governor Murphy’s tax increases.  Houghtaling and Downey responded to DiMaso’s robocall with an ethics complaint.

With the Assembly on top of the ballot next year, Dems will likely be motivated and funded, even in LD 13.

Potential Democrat Candidates for LD 13 Assembly in 2019 who are running for other offices this year:

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