Christie Nominates Three Monmouth County Attorneys To The Superior Court

Marc LeMieux, left, outside of Monmouth County Courthouse following Phillip Seidle’s guilty plea

Governor Chris Christie today nominated three Monmouth County attorneys to become Superior Court Judges, according to an announcement from his office.

First Assistant Prosecutor Marc LeMieux, of Belmar, Lourdes Lucas of Fair Haven and Daniel L. Weiss of Asbury Park will take the bench if confirmed by the State Senate.

LeMieux has been second in command of the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office since January of 2014. He has prosecuted high profile cases, including former Neptune Township Police Sergeant Phillip Seidle’s murder of his ex-wife, Tamara Wilson-Seidle, on the streets of Asbury Park in 2015.

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Christie Shouts Down Protesters In Shrewsbury

Governor Chris Christie commemorated the opening of the Seabrook House outpatient drug treatment facility in Shrewsbury this morning by shouting down “NIMBY” protesters from the neighborhood who are not happy that the facility is located 200 yards from an elementary school.

The Governor shouted to the protesters that some students attending the school will one day drug and alcohol treatment and that they will be the people complaining that there is not enough treatment available.

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Christie expands public worker fertility insurance coverage to include lesbians

TRENTON — Lesbians and other people who want to use non-conventional means to conceive a child are entitled to insurance coverage for fertility treatments if they work for state government or the public schools, under a measure Gov. Chris Christie signed into law Monday. The law mandating coverage for infertility was defined narrowly, sponsors say, taking… Read the rest of this entry »

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Angry Christie wants more control of Horizon’s board, profits

Governor Chris Christie  (Governor’s Office/ Mykwain Gainey)

JERSEY CITY — Gov. Chris Christie is done asking Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey to pay big bucks to expand drug treatment in New Jersey. Now, he’s telling. Christie on Thursday announced he was proposing legislation giving future governors the ability to appoint four new directors to Horizon’s 15 member board, require greater… Read the rest of this entry »

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Ciattarelli aging rapidly?

Running against Lt. Gov Kim Guadagno must be a daunting task.

Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli, one of Guadagno’s four opponents in the GOP primary for Governor, looks as though he’s aged more in a week than Barack Obama aged over 8 years in the White House, if his campaign mail is to be believed.

If you’re a Republican primary voter, you likely received two pieces of campaign mail from Ciattarelli in the last week.   The photo on the left is from the first piece.  The photo on the right is the second piece.  If Jack loses to Kim on June 6, he could have a future as Just for Men model.

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Christie Signs Opioid Treatment Mandate, Prescription Limit

Bill highlights differences between O’Scanlon and Handlin in LD-13 Senate Race

Handlin says new law punishes patients for the sins and transgressions of addicts

Governor Chris Christie signed legislation today that compels New Jersey health insurance companies to cover inpatient care to opioid addicts, implements a 5 day limit on the first prescription for opioid painkillers, and requires doctors to discuss the dangers of opioid addiction with patients.

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A Message From Governor Chris Christie On Posting Legal Notices Online

Photo by Paul Scharff

Photo by Paul Scharff

By Governor Chris Christie

“On Thursday, the Legislature advanced a commonsense piece of legislation that was first proposed in 2004 and will reform the archaic practice of requiring taxpayers and private businesses to pay for costly legal notices in print newspapers. The legislation provides the option of posting notices online and citizens will be allowed to take advantage of modern technologies that are already in use by the vast majority of the people in our State.

“It also saves money.

“The current unfunded mandate that is being addressed by this legislation costs New Jersey taxpayers and private citizens more than $80 million per year. That is $80 million annually from property taxpayers, including those facing the nightmare of foreclosure.

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Did Christie veto big Guadagno speech at the last minute?

assetcontent-66ATLANTIC CITY — Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno was ready to give the keynote speech at the annual New Jersey State League of Municipalities just like she has for the past three years, but she said Thursday “the schedule was changed” after the text was reviewed by Gov. Chris Christie’s office. Instead, Christie, who was not originally… Read the rest of this entry »

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Christie blames N.J. shore defense delays on ‘extraordinarily selfish’ residents

assetContent (19)MANVILLE — Gov. Chris Christie on Wednesday blamed delays in finishing a comprehensive shoreline storm defense program on “extraordinarily selfish” residents who prize their picturesque views over the lives of their fellow citizens. Christie was addressing dozens of homeowners in the process of selling their homes to the state’s Blue Acres program, which uses bond funds… Read the rest of this entry »

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Opinion: GOP Legislators May Finally Be Ready to Buck Christie, Override Veto

repost-us-image-13906378By Carl Golden

Rarely has a possible legislative override of a gubernatorial veto been as fraught with political implications as that involving Gov. Christie’s rejection of legislation to revise and reform the operations of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. Entering his sixth year in office, Christie has run the table in having his…

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