Divisive Doug Steinhart is wrong choice for NJ GOP

Doug Steinhardt

By Joshua Sotomayor Einstein

Former NJ GOP State Chair Doug Steinhardt is the wrong choice to represent the Republican Party in New Jersey’s 2021 gubernatorial elections for many reasons. The below list of why he should be unacceptable to the grassroots, Trump supporters, veterans of the Tea Party movement, those who want transparency, and those dedicated to party building amongst others, is not exhaustive – but brace yourself – it is alarming:

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OpEd: NJ Leaders Must Unveil Economic Recovery Plan Before It’s Too Late

Joshua A. Sotomayor-Einstein

By Joshua A Sotomayor-Einstein

The Chinese government must be held accountable for the Covid-19 disinformation campaign it has waged against the world. This propaganda operation has ground the global economy to an almost full stop and contributed to the death of tens of thousands. Few places have not felt the impact of the misinformation and purposely incomplete data the Chinese Communist dictatorship released after the pandemic began in its borders. Whether the chatter in global intelligence circles that Covid-19 was engineered pans out or not, we must always bear in mind that this a regime which holds a million Uighar Muslims in concentration camps, arrests Christians and followers of Falun Gong regularly for freely exercising faith, and which not so many months ago, was facing massive protests by Hong Kongers objecting to the erosion of their freedoms enjoyed nowhere else in the Chinese dictatorship. Bottom line, the Chinese Communist dictatorship lied and people around the world died.

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Einstein Invites Jewish Community to Grassroots Activist Training

Hoboken – NJ GOP State Committeeman Joshua Sotomayor Einstein invites the Jewish community to join fellow conservatives, libertarians, and Republicans to learn the fundamental tools needed to hold your elected leaders accountable at NJ’s premier Grassroots Activist Workshop. On Sunday, Mach 31, from 11am–5pm, at the beautiful Barsky Gallery (49 Harrison St) in Hoboken, smaller government and tax reform inclined citizens will learn how to get involved and make a difference in local elections and governance. The training will bring together Jews, Christians, Atheists, and people of many backgrounds from across New Jersey who want to build better communication, messaging, advocacy, and leadership skills. Parking is available free of charge; kosher lunch will be provided. Read the rest of this entry »

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