Ciattarelli aging rapidly?

Running against Lt. Gov Kim Guadagno must be a daunting task.

Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli, one of Guadagno’s four opponents in the GOP primary for Governor, looks as though he’s aged more in a week than Barack Obama aged over 8 years in the White House, if his campaign mail is to be believed.

If you’re a Republican primary voter, you likely received two pieces of campaign mail from Ciattarelli in the last week.   The photo on the left is from the first piece.  The photo on the right is the second piece.  If Jack loses to Kim on June 6, he could have a future as Just for Men model.

Unfortunately, Ciattarelli’s message in his mailers is less credible than the photos.

The first mailer is a feel good piece that introduces Ciattarelli and his family to GOP primary voters combined with his  5 point plan to take New Jersey in a “New Direction.” There’s nothing wrong with the plan. It’s just not new.  It’s the same plan Governor Chris Christie gave up on when he decided to run for President.

In his second mailer, Ciattarelli repeats is 5 point plan and blames Guadagno for Christie’s so-called failures.  That’s complete BS for two reasons.  1) Anyone who has been watching Christie knows that Guadagno has not been calling the shots for the last seven years and 2) Christie’s “failures” really belong to the Democrats who control the legislature and the public employees unions who control the Democrats.


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9 Comments on “Ciattarelli aging rapidly?”

  1. Astraea said at 4:06 pm on April 26th, 2017:

    Considering that Assemblyman Ciattarelli had a medical problem & treatment, the hair color change could be from that .. and shouldn’t be commented on lightly here.

  2. Erin said at 5:49 pm on April 26th, 2017:

    Exactly Astraea. Mr. Ciattarelli just finished treatment for cancer. I think his “aging” is due to the very intense medical treatment and not due to the race for governor, especially since the contest is in the very early stages. Commenting on his political views is one thing, but criticism of his appearance is something else entirely, especially since the changes are due to battling a horrific disease.

  3. Gary said at 6:57 pm on April 26th, 2017:

    Come on man, this is absurd and you know it.

  4. Marlboro Male said at 9:13 pm on April 26th, 2017:

    if that’s the best you can come up with kim is in worse shape than we thought. Ciatarelli can run circles around her and the Corzine clone on policy. Everyone who listens to this guy is impressed.

    I hate to say it but Kim Guadagno’s campaign has been a disaster so far

  5. Sad but true, said at 9:59 pm on April 26th, 2017:

    my concern has been that Kim seems to have hired the usual” vanilla” consultant-type that’s putting out boring emails on positions, that don’t even mention her next fundraiser. If you try and email them back, nothing happens. Not good. Am told she is willing to run twice: like her, but, am afraid we are losing seats big time, this year..

  6. One who knows said at 2:46 am on April 27th, 2017:

    Cancer treatments don’t turn your hair grey. They may, however, cause it to simply fall out.

    That said, I wish this man well.

  7. Astraea said at 2:55 pm on April 27th, 2017:

    @One Who Knows – Cancer treatment might not “turn hair gray”, but when people lose their hair due to the treatment, it often grows back grayer .. and even with a different texture!

  8. Ms Skwerl said at 2:13 pm on April 28th, 2017:

    I caught quite a few extra greys in my recent cancer fight.
    My question to the writer of this screed….do you also kick puppies, pinch babies and slap kittens as part of your service or do you merely specialize in blogged douchenozzlery?

  9. If I wasn't said at 7:07 pm on April 28th, 2017:

    loyal to Kim, I would have considered Jack, given his business expertise and conservative views- I hope he stays active, and we need him to keep running for office- heaven knows our state government is going to be overrun with too many Democrats, for the foreseeable future…