Obama and Bayshore Tea Party Agree: Don’t read blogs

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Bayshore Tea Party Backed Sheriff Candidate Worked For A Red Light Camera Company

O’Scanlon calls on Bayshore Tea Party and their slate to withdraw support for Peters

Dan Peters

Dan Peters

Three time Monmouth County Sheriff Candidate Dan Peters worked as an Account Executive for RedFlex, the ‘traffic safety’ company that has been implicated in an ongoing federal criminal investigation into a $2 million bribery scheme in Chicago.

Peters’ LinkedIn profile included the job on his resume from 2010-2011 yesterday afternoon.  Today, the job has was removed from his LinkedIn profile.  MoreMonmouthMusings called Peters twice yesterday and once this morning to ask him about his resume and education.  He did not return the calls.

Peters admitted to working for the company on Saturday May 4 while speaking before a group of activists from Campaign for Liberty, according to Assemblyman Declan O’Scanlon.  O’Scanlon, the New Jersey champion of the fight against red light cameras, was an invited speaker for the group’s meeting.  Peters and the LD 13 Tea Party backed candidates also spoke at the event which was held in Hightstown.

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Fitzsimmons responds to Pekarsky’s “real republican” manifesto

Ed Pekarsky

Ed Pekarsky

Matawan Councilman Tom Fitzsimmons responded yesterday to Bayshore Tea Party backed freeholder candidate Ed Pekarsky’s  email to the Monmouth Young Republicans email list.

Both Fitzsimmons and Pekarsky have expressed a desire for MMM to publish Fitz’s response.  We’re happy to oblige.  Pekarsky and BTPG leaders expressed a desire that we use another of Pekarsky’s photos.  We’re happy to oblige that request as well.

To my knowledge, we’ve never met. But since you decided to respond to an innocuous YR invite email with a self-serving and deluded email of your own, I feel compelled to respond.
Specifically, I am compelled to respond to this statement:
”…the party I have always identified myself with as 20’s-something republican are now labeling me and those I associate with as tea-party nut jobs, big mouth amateurs and those who have no place in the political process system etc.”
As I said, I don’t know you so I don’t know whether you are, in fact, a tea party nutjob or not, or whether you consort with known tea party nutjobs. However, I can understand how you could be confused with other tea party nutjobs, as you have clearly adopted their language.
By this I refer to your smug and condescending description of yourself and your new friends as “real” Republicans; your self-congratulatory mention of your constitutional principles when they have nothing to do with the office you’re currently seeking;  your mention of the evil and ubiquitous “Republican establishment”,  and the tone of your letter, which is part whiny little bitch and part martyr. Since you speak the language of tea party nutjobs, you can understand how people would assume you are one. And while not all tea party members are big mouth amateurs ( or nutjobs), many of the ones around here are. If you’re upset about being lumped in with them, don’t blame the lumpers.
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Democrats To Announce New Slate In 13th Legislative District

Hornik, D’Amico and Mallet will team up to target the “safe” Republican district

Jon HornikHazlet-April 1  Monmouth County Democrats spent the holiday weekend scrambling to collect petition signatures for a new slate of candidates for State Senate and General Assembly in the 13th Legislative District, according to a Democrat who does not want to be known for speaking to a Republican blogger.   Marlboro Mayor Jon Hornik will be the Senate candidate. Former freeholders John D’Amico and Amy Mallet will be the Assembly candidates.

Petitions are due in Trenton today.

Barbara Buono, the presumed Democratic nominee for governor, Senate President Steve Sweeney and Assembly Speaker Shelia Oliver each called the new candidates to promise amble funds to wage the general election race, even if the incumbents prevail in the GOP primary.
Chairman Vin Gopal  believes the 13th district will be in play should the expected Bayshore Tea Party Group backed slate led by former congressional candidate Leigh-Ann Bellew for Senate win the Republican primary against incumbent Senator Joe Kyrillos and Assembly members Amy Handlin and Declan O’Scanlon.   The BTPG will announce the rest of their slate, as well as the freeholder and sheriff candidate, this afternoon after their petitions are filed.cheap jumpers for sale

John D'Amico

“The Tea Party has beat the Monmouth Republican line every time they’ve tried,” said the source, “Anna Little beat the GOP organization twice and David Corsi did it in 2010.  We’re betting they will do it again.  In a race where the Republican candidates are running an anti-abortion, pro-gun campaign, we believe the district will vote for proven vote getters like Mayor Hornik, Judge D’Amico and Freeholder Mallet.”

The candidates nominated at the Monmouth Democratic Convention in February, Rutgers Professor Sean Dunne for Senate, and Assembly candidates Matthew Morehead, a dog groomer and Allison Friedman, a public defender, have agreed to resign their candidacies and not file their petitions.

AmyMallet_Web“Having a strong legislative team will help Barbara Buono.  There is no way Governor Christie carries Monmouth County by the margins he did in 2009 if he has Tea Party running mates in the 13th.  We’ll be forcing Christie to spend time and money in Monmouth he would not have had to with Kyrillos, Handlin and O’Scanlon on his ticket.”


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Bayshore Teaparty Goes Rogue!

By Susan Christopher, A Concerned American

On May 21st 2012, the Bayshore Teaparty issued a press release endorsing Ron Paul for President of the United States of America, and with great pleasure no less! They state in their endorsement that they are tired of the GOP ramming candidates down their throats. The Bayshore Teaparty, headed by its founder, Barbara Gonzalez, has made this decision based on principal missing the true importance of this 2012 election, which is to defeat Obama at all cost!  What’s more, she talks about Mitt Romney’s left-leaning policies, never mentioning any of Ron Paul’s dangerous agenda!

According to Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh, Paul is not a teaparty candidate. Limbaugh stated on his radio broadcast, “Paul blames America for 9/11. This is NOT what the teaparty thinks.”  Paul is an Isolationist! How will he protect us from enemies foreign and domestic if he admits that America should stay out of foreign policy? Remember America is the Infidel, and we are on every terrorist group “hit list”. What will Paul do if Iran is allowed to complete its mission to develop a nuclear arsenal and threatens the destruction of the United States and Israel with it? How can America trust such a kook?

In an article written by journalist Ben Adler dated December 22, 2011, Adler states, “Paul is not a true libertarian: he takes socially conservative stances like opposing immigration and reproductive freedom. He is a non-interventionist.” How then can the BSTP with all good conscience endorse such a man? The answer is clear…it’s the principal of the thing! This is not about teaching lessons: this is the most important election of our time! BSTP talks the talk about restoring America to her former glory. Does this mean taking a step backwards and ignoring what happened on the day when we got hit by terrorists on American soil? Is this no longer an issue? How will this resonate with families who lost loved-ones on that dark day? Perhaps the Bayshore Teaparty is being influenced by the Obama administration that suggests terrorism is no longer a threat to us.

My husband and I were once proud members of the Bayshore Teaparty. We shared common principles and beliefs, but no longer.  I wrote to Barbara Gonzalez expressing my concerns over the Ron Paul endorsement, Gonzalez accused me of being influence by the media. Well to sum it all up, the Bayshore Teaparty has gone rogue with this perilous endorsement! Perhaps the teaparty should stand by its original policy and stay away from endorsing candidates; in all probability…they would be better off for it.

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Bayshore Tea Party Responds To Neptune Nudniks

By Barbara Gonzalez,  published in The Press (formerly The Asbury Park Press) on August 12, 2012

As the founder of The Bayshore Tea Party, I must take exception to the Press’ Aug. 7 editorial, “The deadly sins of the Tea Party.” It showed a lack of understanding about the Tea Party, our motives and objectives. But it did reveal a lot about the mindset of the editors.

The editorial states that refusal to raise the debt ceiling would constitute the “first default in American history.” In 1933, President Roosevelt confiscated privately held gold. In 1971, President Nixon took the U.S. off the gold standard.

We are upset, not “angry” as the editorial stated, that the actions of the federal government have put each and every American over $46,000 in debt to creditors.

We are upset Congress has “borrowed” $2.6 trillion of the assets in the Social Security Trust Fund, which they have no way to pay back. Borrowing of this nature in private enterprise is called embezzlement, but in the world of politics it is called an “investment.”

We believe the president and Congress engaged in “intellectual sloth” by passing the health care bill without reading it.

The editorial asserted that federal, state and local income taxes are at historical lows. It only mentioned federal, state and local income taxes. It failed to take into account payroll, sales and embedded taxes. When all taxes are factored in, the real total of taxes paid is more than 45 percent.

Many Press editorials and special investigative reports have highlighted government waste. Now, we are being taken to task for calling on the government to fix the very things the Press exposed.

The Press implies that the Tea Party shows too much “courage.” Did the Founding Fathers show too much courage by refusing to prostrate themselves to King George?

Courage is precisely what is needed today. The courage to speak out and tell self-serving politicians that they work for the people and not the other way around.

As for raising taxes on the “wealthiest Americans,” how about defining “wealthiest Americans?” The federal government could tax every person who earns $250,000 or more per year the entire amount and it wouldn’t raise nearly the amount needed to cover the increase in spending. The “wealthy” would simply park their money in the tax shelters their friends in Washington have created.

The editorial called the raising of the debt ceiling by $2.1 trillion “routine,” leading one to conclude the Press has lost touch with reality. What is “prudent” about borrowing $2.1 trillion that you have no way to pay back, a fact that was evident to Standard & Poor’s and our nation’s creditors? Prudence is only borrowing what you can afford to pay back. Stupidity and greed is borrowing more than that amount.

In the week since Congress and the president raised the debt ceiling, the “prudent” course according to the Press, the Dow Jones Industrials have dropped more than 1,000 points. Do you still believe it was prudent to increase our debt?

In short, the markets do not believe the United States will be able to pay back the debt without government gimmicks such as inflating the money supply. In the minds of investors and foreign nations, we have defaulted, whether the government admits it or not.

Finally, the Press seems to be lacking the virtue of truth. The truth is the president and Congress keep increasing our debt to the point that future Americans will be living in financial servitude if something is not done to break this cycle. This is being borne out by China’s comments over the weekend that the United States has to get its financial house in order.

China became our biggest creditor thanks to the economic illiteracy that emanates in the White House and the halls of Congress, regardless of whether it is the Republicans or Democrats in charge.

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Bayshore Tea Party Updates

By Art Gallagher

The Bayshore Tea Party Group has launched it new and improved website.

Russ Cote did a really nice job designing the site which includes a welcome from founder Barbara Gonzalez, a mission statement, a description of their committees and feeds from twitter, facebook and foxnews.   Check it out.

Dwight Kehoe has left his leadership role with the BTPG, leaving Gonzalez and Bob Gordon as the group’s co-chairs.  In an email to group members, Kehoe sang the praises of what the group has accomplished since July of 2009 and said that he will “always support that wonderful organization.”

Unrelated to Kehoe’s departure, there have been persistent rumors within the GOP establishment that the Bayshore Tea Party is planning on supporting primary challengers against incumbent GOP state legislators in June.  

Both Gonzalez and Gordon have told MMM on multiple occassions that they have no such plans.  They say their focus this year is on redistricting on the state and federal levels, and to increase the number of GOP legistors elected statewide. They are looking at working in swing districts outside of Monmouth that they hope to bring into the GOP side of the aisle.  Gordon mentioned that they would also consider supporting  Democratic primary challengers.

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Open Letter to Anthony- A mainstream Republican

By Dwight Kehoe, Co-Chair Bayshore Tea Party. Cross-posted at Bayshore Tea Party’s Blog

As most of you know we have been working hard to get Pallone and Holt fired. Last week I sent a Tea Party related email to Anthony in error. I believe it was concerning today’s Long Branch parade. Somehow his email ended up in my outgoing address book after he was notified about a Scott Sipprelle event.

So the following day I got a very smug message requesting I remove his email because, first of all, he is not in Pallone’s district and second of all, he is a “Mainstream Republican” and has nothing to do with tea parties.Austin

Of course, I gladly deleted his useless email, but as many of you know I am not likely to allow anyone to take an un-responsed swipe at our Tea Party movement.

After apologizing for sending him the first email, I included this non-apology.
The following paragraphs are political in nature and if you do not wish to be further informed, please stop reading now and send this email to trash or junk. If you read further, it’s your choice. And remember, this is a one time letter to you which has been induced by the subtle message embedded in your brief but curt comment.

First I would like to tell you what I have told many Senators and Congressmen all over this country. That is, the days of allowing Federal elected officials to hide from the American people and not be required to answer for their actions, because they are “not in my district or state” are over. It matters not what state or district they serve. Any and every bill or law they enact or vote for impacts everyone in this country. And, everyone in the country, that pays taxes, pays their salaries and expenses. Each and every one of them need to answer to each and every one of us.

It is the duty of all Americans, to work against anyone that is involved in destroying this country, regardless of where they live. The sooner everyone understands that and begins to act on that, the sooner we will be able to get and keep the scoundrels out of Washington and our Statehouses.

Like you I am a Republican. Life long. So why am I now in the leadership of the largest and most successful Tea Party in NJ? Is it because I want to see the Republican Party weakened or destroyed? Is it that I want to see a 3rd party or some other nonsense? The answer to those questions is a resounding no.

I am Tea Party because I fear where my Republican Party has gone. I fear that the GOP has become Dem-lite and it has, over many years, become too settled into a 2nd class position behind the masters of the liberal machine here in NJ and the country. I too am to blame, I spent 60 years of my life sitting back and not paying attention, believing in the false hope that our elected politicians would do the right thing. I was wrong, and my children and theirs will ultimately pay for that apathetic-misconception.

The following is a message we have composed to the youth of our country. This and everything else we stand for can be found on our website, to which I will not post a link here.

We are sorry! We have let you down. During the past 40 years, some of us even longer, we have failed to protect for you, the beautiful country our parents forged for us.

We took it all for granted. As we enjoyed the glorious gifts of prosperity and freedoms that our forefathers suffered and died to provide for us, and we foolishly failed to guard them for you . For this we are profoundly sorry.

Along with this apology comes an equally profound promise, to you, our beloved children.

We the people of the Tea Party movement have awakened and will fail you no more. We will fight to protect what’s left of our glorious America and not stop the struggle to regain what we have let slip away.

Anthony, this is why I am Tea Party. This is why the Republican Party has nothing to fear from our movement. Our movement will save the Grand Old Party as we save our country. We will, from this election cycle and for as many years as it takes, use every tool at our command to work with the GOP to select the best, constitutional, conservative people available during the primary season and will never, ever allow a liberal Republican to walk into a general election without a battle. Those days are gone.

We will never again allow the leaders of our Republican Party to hand a victory to the left in this country before taking the first snap from center.

So in closing, you and many other “mainstream” Republicans may feel like you are not part of the “Tea Party” movement. But we are a part of you and we are gong to bring our party back to it’s roots and values. We have taken, I’m sure you have noticed, several very large steps to date. You can join us in this effort or be left behind. We will not relent. We have promised our children and pledged allegiance to our Flag.

I don’t know if you have read this far. I took some very import time to write this to you, so I hope you have. Either way, this message will be learned and understood by all in the coming years.

We will save this country for you and posterity, with or without the help of “Mainstream” Republicans..

God Bless you and your family Anthony.
With warm regards,
Dwight Kehoe
Little Silver, NJ
(District 12, but working to defeat Pallone and Holt)

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Wall Street Journal Poll: Tea Party Movement Gaining Strength

71% of Republicans considering themselves tea party supporters.  Movement is motivating participation.

Meet the New Jersey “radicals” that will retire Frank Pallone:

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Who is the Tea Party, 2?

“Just, really a group of American Citizens”

“2 + 2 does not equal 5”

“We’re like missionaries.”

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