An Open Letter to Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno

Attn: Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno
Re: Ballot Challenge- Purpora v Obama
Date: April 12, 2012
From: Dwight Kehoe

Dear Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno,
First let me introduce myself to you. Although we have met several times at campaign stops, those introductions were but a handshake and a hello.
I am and have been active in several Tea Party groups here in NJ and when with the Bayshore Tea Party we worked feverishly to help win the election for you and Governor Christie.  I also run and edit the Tea Party coordination and information website, www.tpath.org

The reason I am writing is because it will be you who decides if the administrative court hearing this past week in Judge Jeff Masin’s court room, was valid and should be upheld.  I write this not knowing if it is too late and your decision has already been handed down.

First I would like to ask why, so many times in court rooms across this country, judges and justices, can’t make a ruling based on the intent of the law as opposed to verbal gymnastics and merciless twisting of the objective and purpose of the statutes?

My point is that the people have become so disenchanted with the legal process and no longer feel they can depend on the laws to protect them against high priced word jockeys.

The ballot case which challenged Mr. Obama’s credentials and eligibility to be on a New Jersey ballot and hence, serve as President of the United States was brought for two main reasons.  Both the State of NJ and the Federal Government wrote laws with the intent of maintaining the integrity of the election process. Why can’t one honest judge or Secretary of State make a ruling based on the intent and reason for those laws?  Why write them, why vote on them if there is no effort to enforce them?

Here are the points:

1. Mr. Obama has shown no credible evidence of where he was born.  When his petition was challenged, its very clear the intent of NJ Title 19 requires that a candidate prove his identity and qualifications. 

2. John Jay, the first leader of the US Supreme court contacted George Washington and asked that the special provision of Natural born citizen be include in Article II.  He did that for the purpose and intent of the term used in that time and which persists today except in court rooms where manipulation of the law is allowed.

So far there has not been one individual of authority, in any party or any position, who has shown the backbone and courage to make a ruling based on the intent of the law and the reason it was written.

For the sake of the future I pray that you will take the meaning of the laws and ignore the manipulations and rule appropriately.

Warm regards,
Dwight Kehoe
Little Silver, NJ

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2012 Predictions

Serena DiMaso will be elected Monmouth County Freeholder at the Title 19 convention of the Monmouth GOP Committee on January 14.   Bob Walsh will withdraw during his speech before the convention.

Bill Spadea defeats Donna Simon and John Saccenti at a Title 19 convention of the 16th legislative district to fill the assembly seat vacated by the death of Peter Biondi.  After recounts and law suits, the November special election for the seat is declared a tie between Spadea and Democratic Princeton Committeewoman Sue Nemeth.  Another special election is scheduled for January of 2013.

Joe Oxley will be named Township Administrator and In House Attorney for Wall Township.  The appointment will forward a statewide trend of municipalities hiring either attorneys or engineers as their administrators as a cost saving measure.   Oxley is reelected GOP County Chairman by acclamation.  Senator Jennifer Beck will give the nominating speech.  Christine Hanlon will be Vice Chair.

Middletown will get a new Parks and Recreation Director.  It won’t be Linda Baum or Pam Brightbill.

Jim McGreevey is ordained an Episcopal priest.

Jon Corzine remembers where he put the $1.2 billion.

Senator Joe Kyrillos will be the GOP nominee for U.S. Senator, defeating Anna Little and Joseph Rudy Rullo in the primary. 

Congressman Steve Rothman defeats Congressman Bill Pascrell in the Democratic primary for the 9th Congressional District nomination.  In the only surprise of the primary, former Bergen County GOP Freeholder Anthony Cassano, who had agreed to take one for the team in the 9th, was defeated when the Bergen County Tea Party Group organized a write-in campaign for Anna Little.  Little was on the ballot as a U.S. Senate candidate.  Having lost the Senate nomination to Joe Kyrillos, Little accepts the nomination, asks Kyrillos to host a fundraiser for her, and promises to move into the district if she wins.   She doesn’t.

Maggie Moran defeats Vin Gopal and Frank “LaHornica” LaRocca in a close election for the Monmouth County Democratic Chairmanship.

James Hogan of Long Branch is the GOP nominee for Congress in New Jersey’s 6th Congressional District.  Frank Pallone is reelected by 8%.

Jordan Rickards of North Brunswick  is the GOP nominee for Congress in New Jersey’s 12th Congressional District.  Rush Holt is reelected by 15%.

On August 28, the second day of the Republican National Convention, the National Weather Service warns that Hurricane Chris is heading towards the Jersey Shore.  Acting Governor Kim Guadagno gets on TV and says, “Get the heck off of the beach please.”

Mitt Romney will be the GOP nominee for President of the United States.  New Jersey Governor Chris Christie will be the Vice Presidential nominee.

President Obama nominates Vice President Joe Biden to be Secretary of State.  Biden submits his resignation as VP effective upon both houses of congress confirming his successor.  President Obama nominates Hillary Clinton as Vice President.   Speaker of the House John Boehner refuses to schedule confirmation hearings for the VP nomination on the constitutional grounds that their is no vacancy in the office.   Obama makes them both recess appointments.  Clinton is nominated for VP at the Democratic National Convention and Secretary of State Biden spends October in China.

Despite losing their home states of Massachusetts and New Jersey, the Romney-Christie ticket wins the electoral college by one vote, 270-269.   The winning vote comes from Maine, one of two states that awards electoral votes by congressional district.  Romney-Christie lose Maine 3-1 but win the election.  Obama-Clinton file suit to challenge Maine’s method of awarding electoral votes.  Romney-Christie counter with a suit in Nebraska, which they won 4 electoral votes to 1, using the same arguments that Obama-Clinton use in Maine.  The U.S. Supreme Court decides both cases for the plaintiffs, 5-4, and determined that in all future presidential elections that electoral votes are awarded on a winner take all basis nationally.  Tea Party leader Dwight Kehoe calls for the impeachment of the Justices who voted affirmatively, claiming that they don’t understand the 10th Amendment.

Robert Menendez defeats Joe Kyrillos for U.S. Senate by 1%.

U. S. Senator Frank Lautenberg resigns.   In one of his last acts as Governor before ascending to the Vice Presidency, Chris Christie appoints Kyrillos to Lautenberg’s Senate seat.

What do you think will happen?

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Bayshore Tea Party Updates

By Art Gallagher

The Bayshore Tea Party Group has launched it new and improved website.

Russ Cote did a really nice job designing the site which includes a welcome from founder Barbara Gonzalez, a mission statement, a description of their committees and feeds from twitter, facebook and foxnews.   Check it out.

Dwight Kehoe has left his leadership role with the BTPG, leaving Gonzalez and Bob Gordon as the group’s co-chairs.  In an email to group members, Kehoe sang the praises of what the group has accomplished since July of 2009 and said that he will “always support that wonderful organization.”

Unrelated to Kehoe’s departure, there have been persistent rumors within the GOP establishment that the Bayshore Tea Party is planning on supporting primary challengers against incumbent GOP state legislators in June.  

Both Gonzalez and Gordon have told MMM on multiple occassions that they have no such plans.  They say their focus this year is on redistricting on the state and federal levels, and to increase the number of GOP legistors elected statewide. They are looking at working in swing districts outside of Monmouth that they hope to bring into the GOP side of the aisle.  Gordon mentioned that they would also consider supporting  Democratic primary challengers.

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Open Letter to Anthony- A mainstream Republican

By Dwight Kehoe, Co-Chair Bayshore Tea Party. Cross-posted at Bayshore Tea Party’s Blog

As most of you know we have been working hard to get Pallone and Holt fired. Last week I sent a Tea Party related email to Anthony in error. I believe it was concerning today’s Long Branch parade. Somehow his email ended up in my outgoing address book after he was notified about a Scott Sipprelle event.

So the following day I got a very smug message requesting I remove his email because, first of all, he is not in Pallone’s district and second of all, he is a “Mainstream Republican” and has nothing to do with tea parties.Austin

Of course, I gladly deleted his useless email, but as many of you know I am not likely to allow anyone to take an un-responsed swipe at our Tea Party movement.

After apologizing for sending him the first email, I included this non-apology.
The following paragraphs are political in nature and if you do not wish to be further informed, please stop reading now and send this email to trash or junk. If you read further, it’s your choice. And remember, this is a one time letter to you which has been induced by the subtle message embedded in your brief but curt comment.

First I would like to tell you what I have told many Senators and Congressmen all over this country. That is, the days of allowing Federal elected officials to hide from the American people and not be required to answer for their actions, because they are “not in my district or state” are over. It matters not what state or district they serve. Any and every bill or law they enact or vote for impacts everyone in this country. And, everyone in the country, that pays taxes, pays their salaries and expenses. Each and every one of them need to answer to each and every one of us.

It is the duty of all Americans, to work against anyone that is involved in destroying this country, regardless of where they live. The sooner everyone understands that and begins to act on that, the sooner we will be able to get and keep the scoundrels out of Washington and our Statehouses.

Like you I am a Republican. Life long. So why am I now in the leadership of the largest and most successful Tea Party in NJ? Is it because I want to see the Republican Party weakened or destroyed? Is it that I want to see a 3rd party or some other nonsense? The answer to those questions is a resounding no.

I am Tea Party because I fear where my Republican Party has gone. I fear that the GOP has become Dem-lite and it has, over many years, become too settled into a 2nd class position behind the masters of the liberal machine here in NJ and the country. I too am to blame, I spent 60 years of my life sitting back and not paying attention, believing in the false hope that our elected politicians would do the right thing. I was wrong, and my children and theirs will ultimately pay for that apathetic-misconception.

The following is a message we have composed to the youth of our country. This and everything else we stand for can be found on our website, to which I will not post a link here.

We are sorry! We have let you down. During the past 40 years, some of us even longer, we have failed to protect for you, the beautiful country our parents forged for us.

We took it all for granted. As we enjoyed the glorious gifts of prosperity and freedoms that our forefathers suffered and died to provide for us, and we foolishly failed to guard them for you . For this we are profoundly sorry.

Along with this apology comes an equally profound promise, to you, our beloved children.

We the people of the Tea Party movement have awakened and will fail you no more. We will fight to protect what’s left of our glorious America and not stop the struggle to regain what we have let slip away.

Anthony, this is why I am Tea Party. This is why the Republican Party has nothing to fear from our movement. Our movement will save the Grand Old Party as we save our country. We will, from this election cycle and for as many years as it takes, use every tool at our command to work with the GOP to select the best, constitutional, conservative people available during the primary season and will never, ever allow a liberal Republican to walk into a general election without a battle. Those days are gone.

We will never again allow the leaders of our Republican Party to hand a victory to the left in this country before taking the first snap from center.

So in closing, you and many other “mainstream” Republicans may feel like you are not part of the “Tea Party” movement. But we are a part of you and we are gong to bring our party back to it’s roots and values. We have taken, I’m sure you have noticed, several very large steps to date. You can join us in this effort or be left behind. We will not relent. We have promised our children and pledged allegiance to our Flag.

I don’t know if you have read this far. I took some very import time to write this to you, so I hope you have. Either way, this message will be learned and understood by all in the coming years.

We will save this country for you and posterity, with or without the help of “Mainstream” Republicans..

God Bless you and your family Anthony.
With warm regards,
Dwight Kehoe
Little Silver, NJ
(District 12, but working to defeat Pallone and Holt)

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