Go Topless Activists Say They Will Picket Monmouth County Jail This Morning

Susan-B-Anthony-194905-1-402Somehow this event didn’t make it to Greg’s List.

GoTopless.org, the group that says laws that prohibit women from exposing their chests are discriminatory violations of the 14th Amendment, announced that they will be protesting Phoenix Feeley’s incarceration for going topless in Spring Lake in 2008 by picketing in front of the Monmouth County Correctional Institution this morning from 9am till noon.

GoTopless is making Feeley out to be a modern day Susan B. Anthony.  Nadine Gary, a spokeswoman for the organization, said in statement on their website, “Suffragette activists, like Phoenix Feeley and other topless activists today, willingly went to jail for claiming their rights.”

“The Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment obviously applies to gender equality, just as it did when women sought the freely10n-1-webright to vote in 1920.”

“Since New Jersey men are allowed to go topless in public, then, constitutionally, so must women; or else, as spiritual leader Rael, founder of GoTopless noted, men must be also forced to wear something to hide their chests.”

Gary said that Congressman Frank Pallone’s characterization of Feeley’s toplessness as indecent is also unconstitutional.

Gary probably went to the same Constitution school that many local Tea Party activists went to.

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