Christie Shouts Down Protesters In Shrewsbury

Governor Chris Christie commemorated the opening of the Seabrook House outpatient drug treatment facility in Shrewsbury this morning by shouting down “NIMBY” protesters from the neighborhood who are not happy that the facility is located 200 yards from an elementary school.

The Governor shouted to the protesters that some students attending the school will one day drug and alcohol treatment and that they will be the people complaining that there is not enough treatment available.

Christie said that much better than the group assembled this morning had shouted at him over the last 7 1/2 years.

Shrewsbury Mayor Donald Burden told RedBankGreen that he agreed that the location of the facility was “a concern,” but said Seabrook had made appropriate filings last year with the borough zoning, which found it in compliance with zoning ordinances. No variances, and thus no hearings, were needed, he said.

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2 Comments on “Christie Shouts Down Protesters In Shrewsbury”

  1. Ellen said at 5:09 pm on May 11th, 2017:

    Shrewsbury’s mayor & the Zoning board allowed this WITHIN 200 feet of a SCHOOL ????????? OUTRAGEOUS !!!!!

  2. Meanwhile, as that next debacle happens, said at 11:16 pm on May 11th, 2017:

    Murphy,the likely next governor, read underwhelming remarks to several hundred county officials, then left, at the annual NJAC conference in AC, and Citarelli gave a lot of well- reasoned remarks without notes, and took questions, and then,they were told Kim has a scheduling conflict, and Wisniewski speaks tomorrow.. as this plot thickens, crawling towards June, the word “leaderless” comes to mind..