Christie blames N.J. shore defense delays on ‘extraordinarily selfish’ residents

assetContent (19)MANVILLE — Gov. Chris Christie on Wednesday blamed delays in finishing a comprehensive shoreline storm defense program on “extraordinarily selfish” residents who prize their picturesque views over the lives of their fellow citizens. Christie was addressing dozens of homeowners in the process of selling their homes to the state’s Blue Acres program, which uses bond funds…

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One Comment on “Christie blames N.J. shore defense delays on ‘extraordinarily selfish’ residents”

  1. Lori N. Lewkowitz said at 1:35 am on May 28th, 2015:

    As a beachfront owner it has nothing at all to do with losing the views. The Harvey Cedars case that everyone refers to does not apply to everyone living on the water and the verdict was eventually overturned by the court anyhow. I signed the easement two years ago, demo’d the home and am still required to pay taxes on land I signed over. What they don’t realize is that after a couple of big nor’easters it’ll all be for naught. Back in 2000 Ocean City, NJ’s beaches were replenished. The ACE never came back every five years to maintain as they agreed to and the ocean eventually reclaimed the beach in a matter of three years.