The United States Army Attacks MoreMonmouthMusings

By Art Gallagher

The United States Army has attacked MoreMonmouthMusings

Joining the Army in the attempted  annihilation of MMM is another agent of the federal government, GM franchisee, Freehold Buick Pontiac GMC on Route 9. 

The threats are real, only if you believe the convoluted logic of former Greater Media editor Greg Bean who awakened out of his semi-retirement to write a scathing column about me, this blog,  our anonymous contributor Abram N. Spangel, and GOP 12th district congressional candidate Scott Sipprelle. 

I don’t know what it is with those Greater Media has beens, but Greg Bean and Kathy Baratta sure are obsessed with this blog. 

Even though Greater Media didn’t link MMM in Bean’s column, I’m happy to link Bean’s the column for my readers to save you the trouble of looking for it.  Click here.

Bean says he was offended by Spangel’s piece, Rush Holt Champions Infanticide .  He told me, “I am truly disgusted by it, and by you. Until today, I had some respect for your views, but that’s completely out the window. This is lower than daTruth Squad’s nutty bullshit, and that’s saying something.” 

Bean also said he’s convinced that I am actually Spangel because he used to write anonymously as “Booze Macaldoon” when he was embarrassed by what he was writing, and because his all time favorite columnist, Mike Royko ,wrote as “Slats Grobnik” and other fictitious voices. 

I’m not Spangel. I haven’t written anonymously since I retired William H Seward and the Seward Authority in 2007.  I tried to go back to writing anonymously the last time I was attacked by a weekly shopper, but it didn’t work.

What does this have to do with MMM being attacked by the U.S. Army and Government Motors’s agent, Freehold Buick, Ponitac, GMC?  

Bean says that because he saw a Scott Sipprelle ad above the the Rush Holt Champions Infantcide  post, that Sipprelle has endorsed that view.  He believes this blog is conspiring with Sipprelle to employ “dirty tricks” against Rush Holt.

Given Bean’s logic, the Army and Government Motors franchisee Freehold Buick, Pontiac , GMC, must be attacking MoreMonmouthMusings because their ads appear above and within Bean’s rant.

Reading Bean’s column I’m not sure what offends him more; Spangel’s assertion that Rush Holt champions infanticide or the logic and examples that Abram uses to support his argument.  Bean says:

The logic behind the recent posting strains credulity and requires a greater suspension of disbelief than those popular “Twilight” movies about teenage vampires. But here it is in a nutshell, according to Spangel:

According to this nonsense, Holt — who taught at Princeton for years before entering politics— accepted a $2,400 donation from Laurance Spencer Rockefeller of New York. Rockefeller, another Princeton benefactor, supports the professorship of Peter Singer, the Ira W. DeCamp Professor of Bioethics at Princeton. Singer has some admittedly controversial views — including his support of physician-assisted suicide for terminal patients and the morality of euthanizing some of what he calls “defective” infants. Therefore, because Holt accepted the donation from Rockefeller, who supports a controversial professor at one of the most prestigious learning institutions in the nation, Holt “champions infanticide,” according to the post.

That logic is so tenuous and twisted it makes my brainpan ache, and it would be laughable if these guys weren’t serious.

Notice Bean didn’t condemn Singer.  He said his views are controversial. Notice Bean didn’t say that Rush Holt doesn’t champion infanticide.  He said the logic that Spangel used makes his brainpan ache. (Brainpan is a fancy word for skull)

In an gesture to numb Bean’s brainpan, I’ll concede that Spangel could have made a stronger and more logical argument.  Like the one I will make now.

Rush Holt does champion infanticide.  Not because the Rockefellers donated to Holt’s campaign and not because the Rockefellers endowed Peter Singer’s faculty position at Princeton.   I say Rush Holt champions infanticide because of his voting record as a representative of the people of the 12th congressional district of the State of New Jersey.

Rush Holt voted NO on banning partial birth abortion except to save mother’s life.  Reference: Bill sponsored by Santorum, R-PA; Bill S.3 ; vote number 2003-530on Oct 2, 2003 , Reference: Bill sponsored by Canady, R-FL; Bill HR 3660 ; vote number 2000-104 on Apr 5, 2000

If you think partial birth abortion in not infanticide, click here . Before you do, be warned the link will take you to a graphic and upsetting photo.

Rush Holt voted NO on making it a crime to harm a fetus during another crime. Reference: Unborn Victims of Violence Act; Bill HR 1997 ; vote number 2004-31 on Feb 26, 2004 , Reference: Bill sponsored by Graham, R-SC; Bill HR 503 ; vote number 2001-89 on Apr 26, 2001

Holt might have compassion for the Bean family, but he could care less about the Blair family who lost two unborn children when a driver under the influence of drugs crashed into their car at high speed in August of last year.

I could site more examples of Rush Holt championing infanticide, but I’ve made my point, with logic that won’t make Greg Bean’s head hurt.

But Greg Bean’s head should hurt.  His heart should hurt too.  He’s a champion of Rush Holt.  Rush Holt champions infanticide.  Using Spangel’s logic, therefore Greg Bean champions infanticide.

I don’t know if Bean really champions infanticide.  I suspect he would rather not think about it or confront pictures like this. I suspect, like Peter Singer and Rush Holt, he puts more value on the quality of life of a mother who doesn’t want to have a baby than he does on the baby’s life, but I don’t know.

This I am convinced of, though.  More convinced than Bean is that I am Spangel.  I’m convinced that Greg Bean has been chomping at the bit to attack Scott Sipprelle and to help Rush Holt get reelected any way that he can.  I’m convinced that Bean wants to see patterns of dirty tricks from the Sipprelle campaign.  Greg Bean started out supporting Rush Holt and went looking for reasons to attack Scott Sipprelle. 

That’s why Greg Bean is not fair and biased.  He’s just biased, but tries to create the illusion that he’s not.  He’s unfair and biased, like so many others in the media.

Notice I didn’t say this blog is not colluding with Scott Sipprelle to play dirty tricks on Rush Holt. Until now.  This blog is not colluding with Scott Sipprelle to play dirty tricks on Rush Holt. 

No one has to ask me to do anything to show Rush Holt in a bad light and dirty tricks are not required because there is so much material on the record with which to expose Holt as the radical progressive socialist baby killing family wrecker that he is.

I may be a bacon head, but Greg Bean is a numb brainpan.

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Rush Holt and Nazi Collaboration

By Abram N. Spangel

For someone who demonizes those of his constituents who work in the financial services industry, Rush Holt sure doesn’t have any qualms about accepting campaign contributions from financial kingpins. Holt effectively hooked up his fire hose on Wall Street and has been enjoying the gushing torrents of investment banking, venture capital and hedge fund money flowing into his campaign coffers. Holt received over $30,000 from Goldman Sachs. Holt recently secured funding from other Wall Street titans such as Prudential Financial, Oppenheimer Funds, the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association and MetLife.

When it comes to accepting money from hedge fund managers, Holt entered into an unshakeable union with his intellectual soul mate, billionaire George Soros. In his current bid for re-election, among the campaign contributions Holt received from Soros organizations are $10,000 from the New Democratic Coalition PAC and $1,000 from J-Street.

According to the latest numbers from Per Trac Financial Solutions, there were 12,200 hedge funds in 2009. Making a very conservative assumption that there are an average of five principals or senior directors per hedge fund would indicate that there are at least 60,000 hedge fund players in a position to contribute funds to political campaigns.

Holt clearly hooked up with the world’s most detestable hedge fund manager. To wit:

·         Soros provided $15 million for the Death in America Project, which supports euthanasia and contributed $250,000 to retain Oregon’s assisted suicide law. Soros’ position on euthanasia parallels Holt’s position on infanticide.


·         About the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Soros wrote, “Hijacking fully fueled airliners and using them as suicide bombs was an audacious idea, and its execution could not have been more spectacular.” 


·         Soros is a self-confessed Nazi collaborator. In an interview with Steve Kroft from 60 Minutes (see below), Soros admitted that he collaborated with Nazis to confiscate property from his Jewish brethren in his native Hungary. He said, “my character was made in 1944. That year (1944) was the best year of my life.” (In fairness to Soros, perhaps one had to do what one had to do to survive under Nazi domination. However, what is detestable about Soros’ crooning comments about his Nazi collaboration is that he shows no remorse. Despite Soros being one of the world’s wealthiest men, he can not find a few words of compassion–let alone a few forints–for those poor souls that he wronged. Not even some 66 years after the fact.)

Soros has deployed hundreds of millions of dollars to relentlessly articulate his views on subjects such as those above for many years. What are the odds that Rush Holt would unknowingly align with the only hedge fund manager that is a proud Nazi collaborator? According to Per Trac Financial Solutions, about 1 in 60,000, or 0.0017%.

Rush Holt and the trough feeders that support him endlessly proclaim that Holt has infinite intelligence about every issue in the universe. However, when it comes to inconvenient truths right under his nose, Holt claims to have no knowledge. Highly unlikely!

Addendum: Here is George Soros’ interview with Steve Kroft.

Steve Kroft: And you watched lots of people get shipped off to the death camps.

George Soros: Right. I was 14 years old. And I would say that that’s when my character was made…

Steve Kroft: …My understanding is that you went out with this protector of yours who swore that you were his adopted godson.

George Soros: Yes. Yes.

Steve Kroft: Went out, in fact, and helped in the confiscation of property from the Jews.

George Soros: Yes. That’s right. Yes.

Steve Kroft: I mean, that sounds like an experience that would send lots of people to the psychiatric couch for many, many years. Was it difficult?

George Soros: Not-not at all. Not at all. Maybe as a child you don’t – you don’t see the connection. But it created no-no problem at all.

Steve Kroft: No feeling of guilt?

George Soros: No.

Abram N. Spangel is a pseudonym for a Mercer County business person

The real Abarm Nathaniel Spanel, 1901-1985, was a U.S. industrialist, inventor and philanthropist. Spanel was the founder of one of the biggest corset and brassiere companies in the U.S. and an inventor who held more than 2,000 patents. He was probably best known, however, for the editorials he wrote as paid advertisements in scores of newspapers all over the country for more than 40 years. In them, he offered his opinions on world affairs, with particular emphasis on matters affecting the State of Israel, whose cause he championed.

Spanel owned Drumthwacket from 1941 through 1966 when he sold it to the State of New Jersey with the intent that it be used as the official residence of the Governor.

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I Almost Feel Sorry For Flippy’s Team

They’ve Got NOTHING To Run On, Not Much To Run With

By Art Gallagher

I didn’t feel too bad for Flippy’s team on Friday at the MODC candidates luncheon when they were sitting all by themselves in the back of the room.

Freeholder Amy Mallet, Sheriff Candidate Eric Brophy, Flippy, Freeholder Candidate Janice Whatshername

Freeholder Amy Mallet, Sheriff Candidate Eric Brophy, Flippy, Freeholder Candidate Janice Whatshername

After all, this was a group of business people, why would Flippy’s team know business people?

I did feel for them a bit when I saw their handouts on the tables.  Word on the grapevine is that they’ve been having a hard time raising money for their campaign.  It must be true, because their handouts are embarrassing.mc-dem-lit-11mc-dem-lit-21

The handout was printed on flimsy office paper that you could see through and the disclosure reads “Printed in House, Labor donated.”   Hey, I’m all for volunteer efforts in a campaign, but how are those union printing houses going to feel about the Democrats cutting them out?  Didn’t they get the memo from Pallone and Rush?   Democratic volunteers get paid $10 per hour.

I stopped feeling sorry for them when I read the content of their piece.

Their priorities.

* Cut waste. Eric, John and Janice will slash inflated county government department budgets.

This is why he’s called Flippy. 

Freeholder D’Amico came into office advocating the building of a new court house.  He blocked the closure of the Youth Detention Center in the year the Democrats had the majority and he voted against the closure this year when the Republicans closed it, saving taxpayers $2.5 million per year.   Cut government?!  Please these are Democrats.  In the one year Flippy and the Democrats had power, they tried to increase the size of county government by creating an new level of bureaucracy, an Inspector General, and former State Democratic Chairman Joe Cryan was recruiting Democrats from Union County to come and take six figure jobs in Monmouth.   Now they say they are going to govern like Chris Christie?

Well, not quite.  Check out their next priority:

Spur job creation:  Utilizing federal stimulus funds, our team will promote economic development by addressing critical road, bridge and mass transit needs.

How are Freeholders and a Sheriff going to allocate federal stimulus funds?!   What if there isn’t federal stimulus funds next year? If there is another federal stimulus package next year it means the economy is still in the tank and Phoney Palloney and Rush and still in congress.  Heaven forbid!  It also means that Chinese will become the second language of choice taught in our schools.

 I think this priority translates as a message to the trade unions: “Please give us money to fund our campaign.  We’ll get you all the prevailing wage jobs that we can, really, we will.”

Environmental protection. Brophy, D’Amico and Venables oppose off-shore drilling and will reduce congestion and pollution through infrastructure investment.

Huh?  What authority does a Sheriff or a Freeholder have over off-shore drilling?  New infrastructure will increase congestion.  Been to Middlesex, Union or Bergen Counties lately?  How is building new roads going to reduce pollution?

Open, honest government. Our team will appoint an all-volunteer ethics board of citizens to ensure integrity in government and to make it transparent.

Does that mean we can’t trust you if we elect you?  If you’re trustworthy, what do we need an ethics board for?

How are volunteers going to make paid staffers be transparent?  I see costs for attorneys creeping into this all volunteer witch hunt.

That’s just one side of the embarrassing piece.  Later in the week I’ll ridicule the other side.

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Rush Holt Champions Infanticide

By Abram N. Spangel

The Ku Klux Klan isn’t the only clan that Rush Holt has been caught frolicking under the sheets with. Holt is also in cahoots with the Rockefeller clan, in particular the Laurance Spencer Rockefeller cell. With their common connection to West Virginia and obsession with UFOs and infanticide, Holt and the Rockefellers formed a tight alliance. Larry Rockefeller and his wife have funded Holt’s current bid for re-election to the maximum extent possible.

With Rush Holt at a safe distance, there is now nothing wrong with West Virginia. Believing in UFOs is perhaps harmless but is nevertheless as wacky as Holt’s fetish with toilets. However, Holt’s and Rockefeller’s obsession with infanticide is truly despicable and should qualify as a crime against humanity. A well documented overview of Holt’s murderous rampage against newborn babies, as evidence by his votes in the House of Representatives, is available here.

Both Holt and Rockefeller are supporting-Princeton Professor Peter Singer-the world’s foremost promoter of gratuitous infanticide and murder of the disabled. Rockefeller sponsored the Laurance S. Rockefeller Visiting Professorship at Princeton University’s Center for Human Values which harbors Singer. Many of Princeton’s benefactors refused to make further donations of their own money to Princeton as long as Peter Singer remains on its faculty.

Singer has been lambasted by Simon Wiesenthal, the President of the National Federation of the Blind, and leading German intellectuals who compared Singer’s “ethics” to Nazism. With these credentials and Holt’s history of hate, it is not surprising that Holt is supporting Singer by diverting millions of taxpayer dollars to Princeton University.

 Here are some of Singer’s statements:

  • “Infants lack rationality, autonomy and self-consciousness. Killing them, therefore, cannot be equated with killing normal human beings, or any other self-conscious beings.”
  • “When the death of a disabled infant will lead to the birth of another infant with better prospects of a happy life, the total amount of happiness will be greater if the disabled infant is killed…. Killing a disabled infant is not morally equivalent to killing a person. Often, it is not wrong at all.”


  • “Some animals are worth more than some humans. A smart border collie is worth more, inherently, than a retarded child.”


  • “We should recognize that the fact that a being is human, and alive, does not in itself tell us whether it is wrong to take that being’s life.”

When it comes to the protection of our babies and young children, Holt’s policies are in effect no more nuanced than the partial birth abortion that Charles Manson performed on Sharon Tate.

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Rush Holt Is A Fraud

By Fred Lehlbach

No, I do not mean his “moderate” persona being a fraud in light of his radical record.

No, I do not mean his claim of support for Israel being a fraud in light of his working to strengthen its enemies.

I mean his claim, repeated often, by both his OWN campaign materials and by his sycophants in letters to the editor like that of self-loathing Democrat Vin Gopal published below. 

Rush Holt is NOT a rocket scientist.

Why he insists on calling himself one is beyond me. Perhaps, it is simply the base insecurities that come from having never been successful in the private sector, and having never experienced the rewards of sacrifice and hard work. (This, by the way, disappoints his father no end.)

I am not a psychologist. I am, however, capable of basic research skills.

First, what is “rocket science”? Rocket science, put most simply, is aerospace engineering. It involves the study, design and construction of rocket-propelled craft. It involves aerodynamics, avionics, materials, and the science of propulsion. Junior, as his Dad and I call him when we speak about him, has no experience in any of those endeavors.

Junior’s history is readily available from his wikipedia entry, but if we look deeper, we find that he is, perhaps, a “Space Cadet”, but he is not a “Rocket Scientist”. He is most famous for his role as Assistant Director of the Princeton Plasma Physic Lab, or PPPL. The PPPL is essentially a wholly funded government operation that studies cold fusion as a source of energy. It is, in fact, almost entirely funded by your tax dollars. Surprisingly, despite his nearly ten year term at PPPL, not a single rocket was ever launched from Princeton University. Of course, that is because they don’t do rocket science there, they do plasma physics.

So, unless Junior was working on an early version of the propulsion system for the Galactic Empire’s TIE Fighter (Twin Ion Engine) as described in the Star Wars movies, there is no current rocket science use for plasma physics. (It is not entirely implausible that Junior could be working for an Evil Empire, just not the Evil Empire of Darth Vader)

Prior to becoming the Assistant Director of the PPPL, Junior taught Physics, Public Policy and Religion at Swarthmore College. He also obtained his doctorate in…not rocket science, but physics. His doctoral thesis was universe altering. It was titled “Calcium Absorption Lines and Solar Activity: A Systematic Program of Observations”.  As I am sure every reader knows, prominent calcium absorption lines can be an indicator of strong magnetic activity.

Impressive? Perhaps. Boring? Absolutely. But Rocket Science? Definitively no.

But why does this matter? He does have, after all, a Doctorate in Physics. He did teach religion and Public Policy. And he did serve as the Assistant Director at PPPL.

In his eight-plus years as Assistant Director at PPPL, Junior was passed over for promotion to Director three times. He was hired in 1989, and Ronald Davidson was hired as Director in 1991. In 1997 John A. Schmidt was hired as Interim Director, and later in 1997 Robert Goldston was hired as Director.

So those that knew him best, worked with him every day for eight years, not only did not think he was worthy of being named Director, he was not even worthy of being named Interim Director.

Finally, many know that Junior ran unsuccessfully for the 12th District Democratic nomination in 1996, only to lose out to Dave DelVecchio, Mayor for life of Lambertville, NJ. In 1998, Junior cakewalked to the nomination, and was elected in November, 1998, taking office in 1999. What is interesting is that his tenure at PPPL ended in 1997. There are UNCONFIRMED rumors that he was fired from PPPL, and since he was unemployed, they gave him the nomination as a consolation prize because nobody thought Mike Pappas could be beaten.

Unfortunately, our “Rocket Scientist” who got his Doctorate from staring at the Sun, was ushered into Congress to the tune of “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”.

Now, that’s a fraud.


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Small Business Can Count On Holt

By Vin Gopal

This November, we’ll find the usual cast characters on the ballot: wall street millionaires, politically-connected lawyers and career politicians, all of whom will try to convince us that they know what is best for us. As a small business owner, I work 16 hours a day, battling to make payroll for my employees while fighting to keep prices low for my customers and clients. One member of Congress understands what small business owners go through every day. His name is Rush Holt and he is not a career politician, he is a rocket scientist turned college professor turned public servant. During his tenure in Congress, Representative Holt has had a far greater outreach into the small business community than any other member of Congress in the New Jersey delegation.

He feels our frustration and pain when we are working twice as many hours making half of what we used to two years ago. That is why he recently introduced the “Creating Jobs From Innovative Small Businesses Act of 2010” – legislation which would encourage small business investment by establishing a temporary 20 percent tax credit for investments in research-intensive small businesses. Last year, Representative Holt helped pass legislation in the House that would eliminate fees on SBA loans and increase loan guarantees to increase lending to small businesses. Month after month, Representative Holt is fighting for us in Congress.

As Labor Day passes and as the campaign season heats up, the last thing small business owners need is another wall street genius who claims he can fix all of our problems. We need someone who has walked the walk and that is Representative Rush Holt. As a private citizen and a proud small business owner, I urge Central Jersey residents to vote for Rush Holt, someone small business owners can count on and someone Wall Street can count against.

Vin Gopal serves on the Board of Directors for the Northern Monmouth Chamber of Commerce and is President of the Hazlet Business Owners Associations. He is the co-owner of Monitor Publications, which currently markets over 200 small businesses throughout Monmouth and Middlesex Counties. These views in this letter do not represent the position(s) of any of these organizations.

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Barney Frank Is Coming To New Jersey For Rush Holt

Maybe Holt is coming down with a case of truth in advertising and will shoot a commercial wherein Frank accepts responsibility for his role in creating in the housing bubble while he praises Holt for having a even more liberal voting record than he does.  That will be a great deal more accurate than the ad Holt has in the can blaming Scott Sipprelle for the collapse of Wall Street….a full year after Scott left the Street.

Rush and Barney will be at the home of Dr. Dennis and Patricia Price in Princeton on Sunday September 19.  Admission is between $250 and $2400.

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Message Testing and Push Polls

More Proof that Pallone and Holt Are Worried

By Art Gallagher

MMM has received reports from readers in both CD-6 and CD-12 that they were polled by the Pallone and Holt campaigns this weekend.

Not surprisingly, Pallone plans to divert voters attention away from the economy and the health care bill that he was so proud of just a year ago.

Pallone is preparing negative ads depicting Anna Little as a career politician and right wing extremists.  He will attempt to make the election campaign about guns, including bullet proof vest piercing armour, stem cell research, abortion, and oil drilling.  He will depict Little as a tax raising mayor who would raise taxes on the middle class.

Holt is planning to stick with the economy, which he will blame entirely on Scott Sipprelle.   At least they’re not blaming Bush any longer.

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Rush Holt’s Disturbing Duality


By C. L. Nelson, Middletown

Rush Holt is a political partisan in its most extreme form. He consistently supports disturbing political interests that diverge from the general interest of New Jersey’s 12th Congressional District. Rush Holt is an opportunistic political creature. He has exhibited a curious display of colors that are well adapted to the environment where he prowls. If you closely follow Rush Holt’s voting record, you will see a trail of misguided adventures led by the most radical Democrat’s in Congress. The voters in district 12 must send Rush Holt home in November. We do not need a representative that serves interests other than ours. It is time to exert our rightful influence as citizens and cast aside the career politician obstructing our general will. Mr. Holt’s voting record does not accurately represent his public pronouncements. Although this exercise represents a small sample of a larger, and more disturbing, voting record, it does reflect upon the nature of our representative, and his troublesome actions.


If Rush Holt is a strong proponent of education, and a worthy advocate for teachers, then why did he vote against those interests on several occasions, especially when he was in the minority? A closer look at Mr. Holt’s dismal voting record clearly reflects that he has acted, and will continue to act, as a partisan Democrat, aligned against our collective welfare. The votes he makes for us have been turned over to the reckless will of a radical element nestled in the hierarchy of the Democrat Party.


Why did Rush Holt vote against H.R. 1141 (106th) 1999-2000, which provided $56 million for educating the disadvantaged?  Why did our congressman vote against H.R. 3090 (107th) 2001-2002, which enabled teachers a tax deduction on income for school supplies paid for out of their own pockets, and also voting against extending this teacher tax deduction in H.R. 1308 (108th) 2003-2004, the very next congressional session? Why did Rush Holt vote against providing $5 million “for national service scholarships for high school students performing community service” in H.R. 2684 (106th) 1999-2000?


Why did our representative vote against H.R. 3010 (109th) 2005-2006, which provided $6.8 billion “for making payments under Head Start Act[,]” $100 million “for competitive grants to local educational agencies, including charter schools…to develop and implement performance-based teacher and principle compensation systems in high-need schools[,]” and $1.5 million “to provide information on diagnosis, intervention, and teaching strategies for children with disabilities?” This is not the voting record of a consistent advocate for education and teachers.  It is the grim reflection of a partisan extremist.

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