Rush Holt Is A Fraud

By Fred Lehlbach

No, I do not mean his “moderate” persona being a fraud in light of his radical record.

No, I do not mean his claim of support for Israel being a fraud in light of his working to strengthen its enemies.

I mean his claim, repeated often, by both his OWN campaign materials and by his sycophants in letters to the editor like that of self-loathing Democrat Vin Gopal published below. 

Rush Holt is NOT a rocket scientist.

Why he insists on calling himself one is beyond me. Perhaps, it is simply the base insecurities that come from having never been successful in the private sector, and having never experienced the rewards of sacrifice and hard work. (This, by the way, disappoints his father no end.)

I am not a psychologist. I am, however, capable of basic research skills.

First, what is “rocket science”? Rocket science, put most simply, is aerospace engineering. It involves the study, design and construction of rocket-propelled craft. It involves aerodynamics, avionics, materials, and the science of propulsion. Junior, as his Dad and I call him when we speak about him, has no experience in any of those endeavors.

Junior’s history is readily available from his wikipedia entry, but if we look deeper, we find that he is, perhaps, a “Space Cadet”, but he is not a “Rocket Scientist”. He is most famous for his role as Assistant Director of the Princeton Plasma Physic Lab, or PPPL. The PPPL is essentially a wholly funded government operation that studies cold fusion as a source of energy. It is, in fact, almost entirely funded by your tax dollars. Surprisingly, despite his nearly ten year term at PPPL, not a single rocket was ever launched from Princeton University. Of course, that is because they don’t do rocket science there, they do plasma physics.

So, unless Junior was working on an early version of the propulsion system for the Galactic Empire’s TIE Fighter (Twin Ion Engine) as described in the Star Wars movies, there is no current rocket science use for plasma physics. (It is not entirely implausible that Junior could be working for an Evil Empire, just not the Evil Empire of Darth Vader)

Prior to becoming the Assistant Director of the PPPL, Junior taught Physics, Public Policy and Religion at Swarthmore College. He also obtained his doctorate in…not rocket science, but physics. His doctoral thesis was universe altering. It was titled “Calcium Absorption Lines and Solar Activity: A Systematic Program of Observations”.  As I am sure every reader knows, prominent calcium absorption lines can be an indicator of strong magnetic activity.

Impressive? Perhaps. Boring? Absolutely. But Rocket Science? Definitively no.

But why does this matter? He does have, after all, a Doctorate in Physics. He did teach religion and Public Policy. And he did serve as the Assistant Director at PPPL.

In his eight-plus years as Assistant Director at PPPL, Junior was passed over for promotion to Director three times. He was hired in 1989, and Ronald Davidson was hired as Director in 1991. In 1997 John A. Schmidt was hired as Interim Director, and later in 1997 Robert Goldston was hired as Director.

So those that knew him best, worked with him every day for eight years, not only did not think he was worthy of being named Director, he was not even worthy of being named Interim Director.

Finally, many know that Junior ran unsuccessfully for the 12th District Democratic nomination in 1996, only to lose out to Dave DelVecchio, Mayor for life of Lambertville, NJ. In 1998, Junior cakewalked to the nomination, and was elected in November, 1998, taking office in 1999. What is interesting is that his tenure at PPPL ended in 1997. There are UNCONFIRMED rumors that he was fired from PPPL, and since he was unemployed, they gave him the nomination as a consolation prize because nobody thought Mike Pappas could be beaten.

Unfortunately, our “Rocket Scientist” who got his Doctorate from staring at the Sun, was ushered into Congress to the tune of “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”.

Now, that’s a fraud.


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4 Comments on “Rush Holt Is A Fraud”

  1. TR said at 4:41 pm on September 15th, 2010:

    very interesting and enlightening.

    One correction however. I believe the Plasma lab works on creating a fusion reactor not cold fusion.
    A reactor uses lazers to start a fusion reaction. The problem with them to date is that the reaction cannot be sustained and the energy to get it started is more then the output. Theoretically however it may be possible to produce a sustaining fusion reaction. That is what the sun does.

    Cold fusion on the other hand is akin to the alchemist dream of transmuting Iron into Gold

  2. Tim Howes said at 5:41 pm on September 15th, 2010:

    Perhaps we can escort Congressman Holt down off Capitol Hill to the strains of Elton John’s “Rocket Man”.

  3. Jerry Stevens said at 8:38 pm on September 15th, 2010:

    Your an idiot. I’m not supporting Holt because hes not a conservative but reading this actually made me like him a little. Becoming Assistant Director at PPPL is a VERY BIG DEAL. If you ask anyone with a physics or science background they will tell you that. My problem with Holt is that he voted for Obamacare and bailouts, not that he is a scientist which is fine he is. i don’t care what he calls himself.

    Stop writing crap like this. You hurt our Republican cause.

  4. Name said at 8:52 pm on September 15th, 2010:

    Your poor grammar indicates you’re an idiot.

    The 70% of this district that don’t call themselves conservative may care about his misrepresentation.