The United States Army Attacks MoreMonmouthMusings

By Art Gallagher

The United States Army has attacked MoreMonmouthMusings

Joining the Army in the attempted  annihilation of MMM is another agent of the federal government, GM franchisee, Freehold Buick Pontiac GMC on Route 9. 

The threats are real, only if you believe the convoluted logic of former Greater Media editor Greg Bean who awakened out of his semi-retirement to write a scathing column about me, this blog,  our anonymous contributor Abram N. Spangel, and GOP 12th district congressional candidate Scott Sipprelle. 

I don’t know what it is with those Greater Media has beens, but Greg Bean and Kathy Baratta sure are obsessed with this blog. 

Even though Greater Media didn’t link MMM in Bean’s column, I’m happy to link Bean’s the column for my readers to save you the trouble of looking for it.  Click here.

Bean says he was offended by Spangel’s piece, Rush Holt Champions Infanticide .  He told me, “I am truly disgusted by it, and by you. Until today, I had some respect for your views, but that’s completely out the window. This is lower than daTruth Squad’s nutty bullshit, and that’s saying something.” 

Bean also said he’s convinced that I am actually Spangel because he used to write anonymously as “Booze Macaldoon” when he was embarrassed by what he was writing, and because his all time favorite columnist, Mike Royko ,wrote as “Slats Grobnik” and other fictitious voices. 

I’m not Spangel. I haven’t written anonymously since I retired William H Seward and the Seward Authority in 2007.  I tried to go back to writing anonymously the last time I was attacked by a weekly shopper, but it didn’t work.

What does this have to do with MMM being attacked by the U.S. Army and Government Motors’s agent, Freehold Buick, Ponitac, GMC?  

Bean says that because he saw a Scott Sipprelle ad above the the Rush Holt Champions Infantcide  post, that Sipprelle has endorsed that view.  He believes this blog is conspiring with Sipprelle to employ “dirty tricks” against Rush Holt.

Given Bean’s logic, the Army and Government Motors franchisee Freehold Buick, Pontiac , GMC, must be attacking MoreMonmouthMusings because their ads appear above and within Bean’s rant.

Reading Bean’s column I’m not sure what offends him more; Spangel’s assertion that Rush Holt champions infanticide or the logic and examples that Abram uses to support his argument.  Bean says:

The logic behind the recent posting strains credulity and requires a greater suspension of disbelief than those popular “Twilight” movies about teenage vampires. But here it is in a nutshell, according to Spangel:

According to this nonsense, Holt — who taught at Princeton for years before entering politics— accepted a $2,400 donation from Laurance Spencer Rockefeller of New York. Rockefeller, another Princeton benefactor, supports the professorship of Peter Singer, the Ira W. DeCamp Professor of Bioethics at Princeton. Singer has some admittedly controversial views — including his support of physician-assisted suicide for terminal patients and the morality of euthanizing some of what he calls “defective” infants. Therefore, because Holt accepted the donation from Rockefeller, who supports a controversial professor at one of the most prestigious learning institutions in the nation, Holt “champions infanticide,” according to the post.

That logic is so tenuous and twisted it makes my brainpan ache, and it would be laughable if these guys weren’t serious.

Notice Bean didn’t condemn Singer.  He said his views are controversial. Notice Bean didn’t say that Rush Holt doesn’t champion infanticide.  He said the logic that Spangel used makes his brainpan ache. (Brainpan is a fancy word for skull)

In an gesture to numb Bean’s brainpan, I’ll concede that Spangel could have made a stronger and more logical argument.  Like the one I will make now.

Rush Holt does champion infanticide.  Not because the Rockefellers donated to Holt’s campaign and not because the Rockefellers endowed Peter Singer’s faculty position at Princeton.   I say Rush Holt champions infanticide because of his voting record as a representative of the people of the 12th congressional district of the State of New Jersey.

Rush Holt voted NO on banning partial birth abortion except to save mother’s life.  Reference: Bill sponsored by Santorum, R-PA; Bill S.3 ; vote number 2003-530on Oct 2, 2003 , Reference: Bill sponsored by Canady, R-FL; Bill HR 3660 ; vote number 2000-104 on Apr 5, 2000

If you think partial birth abortion in not infanticide, click here . Before you do, be warned the link will take you to a graphic and upsetting photo.

Rush Holt voted NO on making it a crime to harm a fetus during another crime. Reference: Unborn Victims of Violence Act; Bill HR 1997 ; vote number 2004-31 on Feb 26, 2004 , Reference: Bill sponsored by Graham, R-SC; Bill HR 503 ; vote number 2001-89 on Apr 26, 2001

Holt might have compassion for the Bean family, but he could care less about the Blair family who lost two unborn children when a driver under the influence of drugs crashed into their car at high speed in August of last year.

I could site more examples of Rush Holt championing infanticide, but I’ve made my point, with logic that won’t make Greg Bean’s head hurt.

But Greg Bean’s head should hurt.  His heart should hurt too.  He’s a champion of Rush Holt.  Rush Holt champions infanticide.  Using Spangel’s logic, therefore Greg Bean champions infanticide.

I don’t know if Bean really champions infanticide.  I suspect he would rather not think about it or confront pictures like this. I suspect, like Peter Singer and Rush Holt, he puts more value on the quality of life of a mother who doesn’t want to have a baby than he does on the baby’s life, but I don’t know.

This I am convinced of, though.  More convinced than Bean is that I am Spangel.  I’m convinced that Greg Bean has been chomping at the bit to attack Scott Sipprelle and to help Rush Holt get reelected any way that he can.  I’m convinced that Bean wants to see patterns of dirty tricks from the Sipprelle campaign.  Greg Bean started out supporting Rush Holt and went looking for reasons to attack Scott Sipprelle. 

That’s why Greg Bean is not fair and biased.  He’s just biased, but tries to create the illusion that he’s not.  He’s unfair and biased, like so many others in the media.

Notice I didn’t say this blog is not colluding with Scott Sipprelle to play dirty tricks on Rush Holt. Until now.  This blog is not colluding with Scott Sipprelle to play dirty tricks on Rush Holt. 

No one has to ask me to do anything to show Rush Holt in a bad light and dirty tricks are not required because there is so much material on the record with which to expose Holt as the radical progressive socialist baby killing family wrecker that he is.

I may be a bacon head, but Greg Bean is a numb brainpan.

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4 Comments on “The United States Army Attacks MoreMonmouthMusings”

  1. TR said at 10:49 am on September 23rd, 2010:

    WHAT no comments

    No one will rush to the defense of Holt and Bean.

    Art they must be conceding to your superior logic.

  2. Synnove said at 2:41 pm on September 24th, 2010:

    Great comeback, Art! 🙂 I wish I could see Gregs face when he read it..

  3. Joe D said at 11:12 pm on September 24th, 2010:

    Art, these people from Greater Media are a disgrace. Nobody reads the paper anway as it is usually glued to the floor of my driveway (and my neighbor’s as well) and I take pleasure running it over several times before I peel it off and throw it in the trash. If he had any talent he’d not be writing for some weekly rag. He and Bird-Brain Baretta are not worth any attention at all. Talent-less fools.

  4. Kathy Baratta said at 12:45 pm on September 26th, 2010:

    Well. Well. Well. It’s the little big man himself, Little Joe DiBella. Seeing as how my stories in Greater Media Newspapers effectively drove a stake through the heart of your political career I can well understand why you feel the need to drive over the paper. Road kill. Takes one to know one. Speaking of road kill, since Art was nice enough to provide a link for Greg, I decided to return the favor. No thanks necessary.

    You’re welcome,