Rush Holt’s Disturbing Duality


By C. L. Nelson, Middletown

Rush Holt is a political partisan in its most extreme form. He consistently supports disturbing political interests that diverge from the general interest of New Jersey’s 12th Congressional District. Rush Holt is an opportunistic political creature. He has exhibited a curious display of colors that are well adapted to the environment where he prowls. If you closely follow Rush Holt’s voting record, you will see a trail of misguided adventures led by the most radical Democrat’s in Congress. The voters in district 12 must send Rush Holt home in November. We do not need a representative that serves interests other than ours. It is time to exert our rightful influence as citizens and cast aside the career politician obstructing our general will. Mr. Holt’s voting record does not accurately represent his public pronouncements. Although this exercise represents a small sample of a larger, and more disturbing, voting record, it does reflect upon the nature of our representative, and his troublesome actions.


If Rush Holt is a strong proponent of education, and a worthy advocate for teachers, then why did he vote against those interests on several occasions, especially when he was in the minority? A closer look at Mr. Holt’s dismal voting record clearly reflects that he has acted, and will continue to act, as a partisan Democrat, aligned against our collective welfare. The votes he makes for us have been turned over to the reckless will of a radical element nestled in the hierarchy of the Democrat Party.


Why did Rush Holt vote against H.R. 1141 (106th) 1999-2000, which provided $56 million for educating the disadvantaged?  Why did our congressman vote against H.R. 3090 (107th) 2001-2002, which enabled teachers a tax deduction on income for school supplies paid for out of their own pockets, and also voting against extending this teacher tax deduction in H.R. 1308 (108th) 2003-2004, the very next congressional session? Why did Rush Holt vote against providing $5 million “for national service scholarships for high school students performing community service” in H.R. 2684 (106th) 1999-2000?


Why did our representative vote against H.R. 3010 (109th) 2005-2006, which provided $6.8 billion “for making payments under Head Start Act[,]” $100 million “for competitive grants to local educational agencies, including charter schools…to develop and implement performance-based teacher and principle compensation systems in high-need schools[,]” and $1.5 million “to provide information on diagnosis, intervention, and teaching strategies for children with disabilities?” This is not the voting record of a consistent advocate for education and teachers.  It is the grim reflection of a partisan extremist.

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One Comment on “Rush Holt’s Disturbing Duality”

  1. Shay said at 6:30 am on September 13th, 2010:

    I am more concerned with Chris Christie’s “duality.” Christie claims to be a conservative when it is convenient for him to do just that. But then he will turn around and endorse a liberal like Mike Castle over a Tea Party conservative like Christine O’Donnell in the Delaware Senate race.

    Chris Christie is no conservative.