Scott and Anna have jumped the shark

By Fred Lehlbach

Like many of you, I had hoped for victory in our two local Congressional races on November 2nd. I thought that we had captured lightning in a bottle, with the Tea Party carrying Anna to success over Frank Pallone and Scott’s millions carrying him to success over Rush Holt. Like many of you, I was sorely disappointed.

However, that disappointment has now been replaced by bewilderment.

Who are these people?

It all started on Election Night, when Anna announced the creation of not one, not two, but three new Political Action Committees. Really, three PACs? How will she raise money for three new PACs? What purpose will they serve? That same night, her Campaign Manager told a reporter for the Two River Times, owned by Diane Gooch, that Anna was running again “Whether your boss plans on running or not”. This comment has sparked a “cold War” between Anna’s camp and Diane’s camp. Just plain dumb.

But perhaps it really started with Anna prior to Election Night, during the waning days of the campaign, when she alienated many of Anna’s Army by cozying up to the establishment hacks that began courting her only when it looked like she had a chance. Some thought she had abandoned the Tea Party supporters that had put her in the position to have a chance. There was talk of the Tea Party supporters “crashing” the stage when she claimed victory and had only establishment types on stage with her.

Meanwhile, back in Highlands, the Borough that has had “Little Government” for a few years, is in a fiscal nosedive. A massive budget deficit, layoffs, and talk of simply giving up and merging with Middletown or Atlantic Highlands are issues that have been left in the bag being held by the new Mayor. Is it any wonder that her hometown broke for Pallone?

Scott Sipprelle on the other hand, has now found someone besides Jamestown Associates and demographics to blame for his loss. He has been sourced as the writer of a letter sent to Mercer County GOP Chair Roy Wesley advising of a “no confidence” vote by the Mercer County Committee. (Let’s get one thing straight: Roy Wesley may very well be an incompetent Chairman. But that’s not the point)

You may recall that last Spring, Roy Wesley was the only one of five County Chairs that came out prior to any conventions and endorsed Scott Sipprelle over his opponents. Dale Florio in Somerset, Henry Kuhl in Hunterdon, Joe Leo in Middlesex and Joe Oxley in Monmouth all at least pretended to be neutral. It was only Roy Wesley, Chair in Mercer that publicly stuck his neck out for his hometown candidate.

How is he thanked? By Scott Sipprelle authoring a letter and airing Mercer County GOP dirty laundry all over the Trentonian and Politickernj. The letter clearly lays out an undercurrent of fault for Scott Sipprelle’s embarrassment in Mercer County. What the letter doesn’t mention is whether Roy Wesley was responsible for the decision to have Scott spend the last two weeks of the campaign defending himself from Rush Holt’s use of the property tax issue, instead of attacking Holt, or whether Roy Wesley was responsible for the “How do you pronounce my name” media campaign, or whether Roy Wesley was the one who told Scott to spend significant time and resources in Trenton, when he should have been increasing his lead in the suburbs.

Who are these people?

Is Scott Sipprelle a self-made millionaire with loyal Republican convictions? Or is he an ungrateful child who blames others for his short-comings?

Is Anna Little a Tea Party darling with all the right moves? Or is she an at-best average Mayor who believes her own press releases?

I remain bewildered.

“Fred Lehlbach” is a pseudonym for Central Jersey Republican

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Rush Holt’s Arrogance is Astounding

By “Fred Lehlbach”

By now, we have all seen the video of Junior grabbing the microphone away from Rhoda, linked here.

We have all heard Junior lecture us at Town Hall meetings. I say “lecture” because Junior doesn’t hold Town Halls to listen to you, his constituents, he holds them to tell us why he knows better.  Remember, he believes he is smarter than we are, and therefore, doesn’t care what we think.

The following hand written notes from Rush that have been forwarded to me illustrate the basic arrogance of Rush Holt. The first one says:rush_holts_note00011

“I hope you now see that the bill would make healthcare more affordable for your business and employees. I know that at the town meeting (you)(sic) did not want to believe me.”

I should tell you that the hand-written portion was at the end of a three page form letter where Junior simply repeats all of the talking points that were trotted out to support the healthcare bill, and which we now know to be falsehoods. But Rush Holt is so sure he is right, that, like a four year old, he is incapable of reason. You are not smart enough to understand.

Look at the second note:rush_note_200011

“You may think this is a form letter, as you say my climate bill letter to you, but this is my reply to you- although I must say, it is difficult for me to figure out what you are really thinking amid your angry, insulting ravings”

Unfortunately, it was exactly the same letter that the first note was written on. So it was a form letter. See, Rush doesn’t believe his opponents are smart enough to compare notes.

But look at the tone and language of the note, calling his constituent, who was voicing his opinion, angry, insulting and raving. I will tell you what is insulting, Junior, and that’s your tone and language toward your constituents.

But even more fascinating is what some amateur handwriting analysis tells us about the notes. I am paraphrasing a report on his handwriting here:

Because Rush has sharp needle pointed ‘m’ and ‘n’ humps, he has a very sharp mind. He instantly sizes up situations, making instant decisions…he may be seen as highly intelligent. Rush is often irritated by slow talkers or slow thinkers.

His handwriting tells us that Rush is moderately outgoing, and that his emotions are stirred by sympathy and heart rendering stories. (Like a typical liberal). His handwriting tells us that he will be somewhat moody, with highs and lows. Sometimes he will be happy, the next day he might be sad. Or insulting, like in the notes.

The handwriting is that of someone who will demand respect and will expect others to treat him with honor and dignity. Rush believes in his ideas and will expect other people to also respect them. He has a lot of pride.

Rush can be defiant. He sometimes has the attitude that if someone doesn’t like it the way he is doing it, then they can just “go to hell!” (This is actually a direct quote from the handwriting analysis report, and is borne out by the tone and language of the notes themselves.)

Rush is sarcastic. This is a defense mechanism designed to protect his ego when he feels hurt. He pokes people harder than he gets poked. These sarcastic remarks can be harsh, bitter, and caustic.

Rush has a tendency to put things off, Rush procrastinates. He sometimes pretends to be busy, so he will not have to do whatever he is putting off. He is often late to appointments or deadlines.

Anyone who has been to an event with Junior knows he is often late.

I think this analysis pretty much sums up Rush Holt: harsh, bitter, defiant, prideful, demanding of respect, irritated if he thinks he is smarter than you.

Not exactly the kind of guy you want in Congress, is it?

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Rush Holt Is A Fraud

By Fred Lehlbach

No, I do not mean his “moderate” persona being a fraud in light of his radical record.

No, I do not mean his claim of support for Israel being a fraud in light of his working to strengthen its enemies.

I mean his claim, repeated often, by both his OWN campaign materials and by his sycophants in letters to the editor like that of self-loathing Democrat Vin Gopal published below. 

Rush Holt is NOT a rocket scientist.

Why he insists on calling himself one is beyond me. Perhaps, it is simply the base insecurities that come from having never been successful in the private sector, and having never experienced the rewards of sacrifice and hard work. (This, by the way, disappoints his father no end.)

I am not a psychologist. I am, however, capable of basic research skills.

First, what is “rocket science”? Rocket science, put most simply, is aerospace engineering. It involves the study, design and construction of rocket-propelled craft. It involves aerodynamics, avionics, materials, and the science of propulsion. Junior, as his Dad and I call him when we speak about him, has no experience in any of those endeavors.

Junior’s history is readily available from his wikipedia entry, but if we look deeper, we find that he is, perhaps, a “Space Cadet”, but he is not a “Rocket Scientist”. He is most famous for his role as Assistant Director of the Princeton Plasma Physic Lab, or PPPL. The PPPL is essentially a wholly funded government operation that studies cold fusion as a source of energy. It is, in fact, almost entirely funded by your tax dollars. Surprisingly, despite his nearly ten year term at PPPL, not a single rocket was ever launched from Princeton University. Of course, that is because they don’t do rocket science there, they do plasma physics.

So, unless Junior was working on an early version of the propulsion system for the Galactic Empire’s TIE Fighter (Twin Ion Engine) as described in the Star Wars movies, there is no current rocket science use for plasma physics. (It is not entirely implausible that Junior could be working for an Evil Empire, just not the Evil Empire of Darth Vader)

Prior to becoming the Assistant Director of the PPPL, Junior taught Physics, Public Policy and Religion at Swarthmore College. He also obtained his doctorate in…not rocket science, but physics. His doctoral thesis was universe altering. It was titled “Calcium Absorption Lines and Solar Activity: A Systematic Program of Observations”.  As I am sure every reader knows, prominent calcium absorption lines can be an indicator of strong magnetic activity.

Impressive? Perhaps. Boring? Absolutely. But Rocket Science? Definitively no.

But why does this matter? He does have, after all, a Doctorate in Physics. He did teach religion and Public Policy. And he did serve as the Assistant Director at PPPL.

In his eight-plus years as Assistant Director at PPPL, Junior was passed over for promotion to Director three times. He was hired in 1989, and Ronald Davidson was hired as Director in 1991. In 1997 John A. Schmidt was hired as Interim Director, and later in 1997 Robert Goldston was hired as Director.

So those that knew him best, worked with him every day for eight years, not only did not think he was worthy of being named Director, he was not even worthy of being named Interim Director.

Finally, many know that Junior ran unsuccessfully for the 12th District Democratic nomination in 1996, only to lose out to Dave DelVecchio, Mayor for life of Lambertville, NJ. In 1998, Junior cakewalked to the nomination, and was elected in November, 1998, taking office in 1999. What is interesting is that his tenure at PPPL ended in 1997. There are UNCONFIRMED rumors that he was fired from PPPL, and since he was unemployed, they gave him the nomination as a consolation prize because nobody thought Mike Pappas could be beaten.

Unfortunately, our “Rocket Scientist” who got his Doctorate from staring at the Sun, was ushered into Congress to the tune of “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”.

Now, that’s a fraud.


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