Small Business Can Count On Holt

By Vin Gopal

This November, we’ll find the usual cast characters on the ballot: wall street millionaires, politically-connected lawyers and career politicians, all of whom will try to convince us that they know what is best for us. As a small business owner, I work 16 hours a day, battling to make payroll for my employees while fighting to keep prices low for my customers and clients. One member of Congress understands what small business owners go through every day. His name is Rush Holt and he is not a career politician, he is a rocket scientist turned college professor turned public servant. During his tenure in Congress, Representative Holt has had a far greater outreach into the small business community than any other member of Congress in the New Jersey delegation.

He feels our frustration and pain when we are working twice as many hours making half of what we used to two years ago. That is why he recently introduced the “Creating Jobs From Innovative Small Businesses Act of 2010” – legislation which would encourage small business investment by establishing a temporary 20 percent tax credit for investments in research-intensive small businesses. Last year, Representative Holt helped pass legislation in the House that would eliminate fees on SBA loans and increase loan guarantees to increase lending to small businesses. Month after month, Representative Holt is fighting for us in Congress.

As Labor Day passes and as the campaign season heats up, the last thing small business owners need is another wall street genius who claims he can fix all of our problems. We need someone who has walked the walk and that is Representative Rush Holt. As a private citizen and a proud small business owner, I urge Central Jersey residents to vote for Rush Holt, someone small business owners can count on and someone Wall Street can count against.

Vin Gopal serves on the Board of Directors for the Northern Monmouth Chamber of Commerce and is President of the Hazlet Business Owners Associations. He is the co-owner of Monitor Publications, which currently markets over 200 small businesses throughout Monmouth and Middlesex Counties. These views in this letter do not represent the position(s) of any of these organizations.

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4 Comments on “Small Business Can Count On Holt”

  1. Chris said at 6:06 pm on September 14th, 2010:

    Rush Holt has “walked the walk” when it comes to small businesses???? Did he ever have a real job in a real business? (I’m not even asking if he ever managed any business organization…)

    And exactly is that small business bill gonna do? It’s just another “cash for clunkers” / real estate tax credit, effectively making businesses to spend money now rather than later, and then causing a big slump once it expires.

    If he really wants to help small businesses, he should at least prevent the biggest tax increases in our history, that are coming in January

  2. Freespeaker76 said at 6:29 pm on September 14th, 2010:

    Let me get this right. The same Rush Holt that doesn’t care about the average Joe’s comments at a Town Hall meeting, ripping the microphone out of one’s hand last year and not even bothering this year? THAT Rush Holt cares about Small Business?

    Art, come on, is this a late “April Fool’s Day” Joke?

  3. Mlaffey said at 8:28 pm on September 14th, 2010:

    Hey great that 20% research tax credit is really going to help restaurant owners and contractors and the guy who owns a bodega or a laundramat.

    Oopps, no it won’t. Sorry about that. It won’t help the entrepreneur whose start up has no income to offset the tax credit against either.

    No what would really help small businesses would be less ridiculous government interference in their business and less taxes. What would help is to lower the deficit freeing up capital for private investment. What would help is to not bring back the estate taxes that force children to sell the business mom and dad built up. What would help is a growth oriented economic policy instead of one based expanding government.

    Sorry Rush Holt is not in favor of any of those things and is no friend of small business.

    I’m voting for the guy who invests in small business and understands economics. I am voting for Scott Sipprelle

  4. Fred said at 11:31 am on September 15th, 2010:

    Rush Holt is not a career politician? He’s served six terms in Congress.

    Rush Holt is good for small business? What’s good for small business is low taxes, limited regulation, and low deficits (which frees up capital for small businesses). Holt has never worked in the private sector and has never started or run a business of any type. His votes over the last 12 years for massive deficit spending and pork barrel projects demonstrates that he either doesn’t understand how ruinous deficit spending is for small business or he doesn’t care. In addition, Obamacare is going to be absolutely ruinous for small business, which is why the National Federation of Independent Business (the nation’s largest small-business advocacy group) has joined the lawsuit filed by 20 states challenging the constitutionality of Obamacare. As we know, Holt has been an advocate for Obamacare.

    Someone must be trying to pull our collective leg with this post.