Golden Congratulates Thomson, Thanks LD 30 Republicans and NJ GOP

Monmouth County Republican Chairman Shaun Golden issued a statement this morning congratulating newly elected Assemblyman Ned Thomson on his victory at the special election last evening and thanking all involved for a successful and orderly convention.

“Congratulations to Assemblyman Thomson.   I personally thank Ned for his willingness to take on the rigors of being a legislator as well as the demanding community and political commitments the job requires. Ned doesn’t need to do this.  I wholeheartedly welcome him to our leadership team.

“Our State Republican leadership played a vital role in this process and ensuring its success. My gratitude and admiration go out to NJ GOP Chairman Michael Lavery and Counsel Doug Steinhardt for the guidance in preparing for the convention and their orderly leadership of the election.

“Ocean County Republican Chairman George Gilmore and I worked very well together in putting together a rare dual-county convention. I thank the Chairman for his partnership in ensuring our Party served the people of the 30th legislative district and did not devolve into a intra-county rivalry.

“Assemblyman Sean Kean played a vital role in this process.  His wisdom in vetting the candidates was tremendously important. Sean and Ned will make a great team in Trenton and in providing outstanding constituent service to the people of LD 30.

“All the GOP municipal chairs in LD 30 did a great job informing their committee members of the process and the candidates, as well has encouraging their participation. Howell Chairman Juan Malave and Wall interim Chairman Bob McKenna deserve special mention, given the size of their committees.  It took a lot of work on their part to make the convention a success.   I am especially grateful to Bob for coming out of retirement and providing his leadership when needed.

“Every success in Monmouth County has Christine Giordano Hanlon’s finger prints on it.  Our County Clerk and my Co-Chair made sure the election went off flawlessly and that the campaign was conducted with dignity.

“Most importantly, thank you to all of the County Committee members of LD 30 who did the work to evaluate the candidates and who came out to exercise their vital constitutional duty on a Monday night in August. I know it was a sacrifice and inconvenience for many.   Thank you and congratulations on a job well done.”

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