Democratic source: Obama winning NJ by 18%, Menendez by 12%

The Obama campaign is so confident of winning New Jersey comfortably that the prime responsibility of its New Jersey staffers is to recruit volunteers to go to Pennsylvania for the rest of the campaign, according to a high level Democrat who spoke to MMM on the condition of anonymity.

“Menendez will win by at least 10 points,” said the source, “the internal numbers have Obama up by 18 and Menendez up by 12.  Elsewhere in the country, the Senate and Congressional candidates are doing better than Obama, but not in Jersey.  Menendez needs Obama’s coattails, but he’ll have them.”

The source said Menendez is working harder than he ever has in his life. “He’s out shaking hands with commuters every day at 5:30am and doesn’t stop campaigning until midnight.”

“We don’t see Kyrillos working that hard,” the source said as a dig to the GOP challenger.

Menendez 2012 Communications Director Paul Brubaker has still not called back.

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4 Comments on “Democratic source: Obama winning NJ by 18%, Menendez by 12%”

  1. Funny Borat Video Here said at 7:08 pm on September 10th, 2012:

    Kryillos doesn’t campaign hard. Kryillos never entered this race intending to win. He is a sacrificial lamb.

  2. So Let's See said at 7:07 am on September 11th, 2012:

    That means that Anna Little will probably lose by 25 points.

  3. Nahhhhh. Voter Fraud Doesn't Exist said at 9:36 am on September 11th, 2012:

    The Democrats


    The hell it doesn’t

  4. Bob English said at 12:20 pm on September 11th, 2012:

    She violated a Maryland law regarding voting out of state however what she did has nothing to do with the alleged reason for the types of new voter id requirements being passed by Republican State Legislatures. Same day voter fraud by impersonation is close to non existent and I don’t know of the outcome of any election anywhere in the USA ever being decided because of voter impersonation. Despite that, Republican legislatures passed new laws requiring govt issued photo id’s that any estimated 20 million legally registered voters do not possess.

    The type of voter fraud that is much more prevelent relates to the fraudulent use of absentee ballots. How many new laws have Republican Legislatures passed to combat that form of voter fraud which actually exists?