Kyrillos closing the gap with Mendendez

The Quinnipiac poll released this morning has some encouraging news for State Senator Joe Kyrillos and his supporters as they campaign to unseat U.S. Senator Bob Menendez in November.

Menendez’s lead over Monmouth County’s favorite son is down to single digits, 44%-35%, with 18% undecided or not saying.   A February poll by Quinnipiac had the race at 49%-34% .

Menendez’s favorability and familiarity ratings remain anemic for an incumbent.  35% of voters have a favorable opinion of Menendez, 27% have an unfavorable view and 37% haven’t heard enough about him.  In February, 38% approved of Menendez, 24% didn’t and 36% didn’t know enough.  If this trend holds, Menendez is in trouble.

Kyrillos remains largely unknown, but the trends are in his favor.  In today’s poll 14% view Kyrillos favorably, 6% don’t and 79% don’t know enough about him.  In February 82% didn’t know enough about Kyrillos to form an opinion, 11% approved of him and 6% didn’t. 

Perhaps more encouraging for Kyrillos than the head to head numbers against Menendez are the poll results of the presidential campaign.

Quinnipiac says that Barack Obama leads Mitt Romney by 9 points in New Jersey, 49%-40%.   The presidential race in NJ tightens to 49%-42% if Governor Chris Christie is the VP nominee.

Obama won the popular vote in New Jersey by 15% in 2008.  NJ’s GOP leadership expects that he will take our electoral votes again.  However, they believe that if the race is within single digits, that Kyrillos can unseat Menendez.

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13 Comments on “Kyrillos closing the gap with Mendendez”

  1. Freespeaker1976 said at 2:07 pm on April 12th, 2012:


    Christie doesn’t even help Romney much here in NJ even if he’s on the ticket!

    I swear, this Romney endorsement is a set up to put Christie at the lead of the pack for 2016.

  2. Jim Granelli said at 3:49 pm on April 12th, 2012:


    “Obama won the popular vote in New Jersey by 15% in 2008. NJ’s GOP leadership expects that he will take our electoral votes again.”


    They don’t believe he can win here.

    And yes Frank Luna, Deputy NJ GOP Political Director; YOU DID say to me at the Atlantic County Convention that you didn’t think Romney would beat Obama; that it was only to hold on to 3-4% points of the vote to help Congressional Candidates, as in Joe Kyrillos.

    The Reason I Know You Said It Frank?

    I Was ASTOUNDED That You Said Romney Would Have $100 Million Against Him, And I’ll Wager Anything You Want Over A Lie Detector Test

    Sorry Frank, It Will Be Close To A BILLION. And Already Obama Is Painting Him As Rich And Out Of Touch With The Average Joe.

    Folks, politics has become a farce. We are being led over a cliff.

  3. Chris L said at 4:49 pm on April 12th, 2012:

    @ Jim. No one really cares that you are jealous of Frank Luna, and wish you had his job.

  4. Jim Granelli said at 6:16 pm on April 12th, 2012:

    So Chris, for you this devolves into a personal attack. Is that all you have?

    Perhaps you should deal with the ISSUE at hand rather than make personal attacks to distract from such an issue.

    Franks comments to me jive with Art’s commentary about the NJ GOP not believing Romney can beat Obama. That’s a sentiment echoed across the nation that the RNC doesn’t believe Romney can beat Obama.

    I thought this was about the only guy that can beat Obama. We were snookered into believing that Christie would help Romney here in NJ.

    And jealous of Frank Luna? Jealous of someone who yelled personal insult after personal insult about my choices of candidates when he could have been a hell of a lot more professional.

    Jealous of some one who(also unprofessionally) physically got between volunteers and voters, deriding Newt Gingrich while Newt volunteers were talking with voters.

    By the way, that was witnessed.

    Hell no. One would have to have a lack of scruples.

    Had his job? ROFLAO. I’d be happy to share others comments about Frank Luna and how my volunteers feel about my work.

    I will be happy to share comments about the quality of my work from the current State GOP Counsel. I also know a few others at the State GOP think highly of me.

    So Chris L., if you want to make it personal, PLEASE “Bring It On.”

  5. ArtGallagher said at 6:19 pm on April 12th, 2012:

    if you want to make it personal, PLEASE “Bring It On.”

    That’s enough of personal here.

    Get a room you two.

  6. Jim Granelli said at 6:27 pm on April 12th, 2012:

    Hey Art, I didn’t start it, but I won’t take personal attacks laying down.

    I just relayed facts and for that, got a personal slam. You know me, I won’t stand for BS.

  7. Steve said at 6:46 pm on April 12th, 2012:

    @ Jim. It does appear you are jealous of Frank Luna, lol.

  8. Jim Granelli said at 7:07 pm on April 12th, 2012:


    As I said; I’ll be MORE than happy to stack my references against Luna’s any time. Don’t need or WANT his job. Not jealous of him at all because I wouldn’t want to have to follow a party line when my mind says something else.

    So, let’s get back to the original article and to the ISSUE rather than personal degradation and thoughts of who might be jealous of who.

    Riddle Me This:

    If a popular Governor Christie CAN’T help Romney here, how is Romney going to win elsewhere in moderate states like Pennsylvania and elsewhere.

    Again, it goes back to that supposed “Mitt Can Beat Obama” line of thought.

  9. Jim Granelli said at 7:27 pm on April 12th, 2012:

    Now, in the interest of fairness; since I just received a phone call from Frank Luna; about what he thought was unfair treatment.

    YES FRANK, I gave you some face time at the Ocean County Convention because of your rude, insulting and arrogant behavior.

    My two volunteers will gladly attest to that.

    As I said to Art previously, I don’t accept BS, and I push back. I operate under the golden rule. I give back what I get. You have to draw a line in the sand.

    So no Chris & Steve, I am not jealous of unprofessional behavior especially if that’s what the job entails or eventually leads one to do because of the all out desperate attempt to support what I believe is a very flawed candidate.


    I want to get back to the issues. I had no intention of monopolizing this, until people got a little sassy.

  10. Laura said at 7:53 pm on April 12th, 2012:

    As one of the volunteers there who can attest to what I saw, I view Frank as a bully. No one in their right mind would want to be him. And very professional of you to steal our signs.

  11. John said at 8:00 pm on April 12th, 2012:

    @ Jim. My line is better than yours. That sounds like jealousy to me, lol. Laura if you can’t stand the heat in the kitchen get out of politics, lol.

  12. Laura said at 8:10 pm on April 12th, 2012:

    @John – I’m still standing here. However, my view of politics has changed tremendously. It’s a shame to see what goes on behind the scenes. I will always remain true to my beliefs regardless of how things turn out. But good to know you believe bullying should take place. That shows your character.

  13. Bob English said at 12:41 am on April 13th, 2012:

    Just my two cents….Of the R candidates with any chance at the nomination, I thought Romney by far would/could run the strongest race against the President nationally and in NJ. As far as NJ goes, it would really take something catastrophic for the Presidnet to lose NJ (and with it the election)however if Romeny devotes at least a little time to NJ and the RNC and the PACS put some $$$ in especially if they think the have a shot a Senate seat….than Romney coming within 5-7 points would be a huge improvement over 2008 where McCain was basically non competitve.

    Just from a strategy point of view, the R’s should not conceed NJ to the President since that would permit the D’s to move NJ efforts and resources to other states like they did in 2008.