Internal Poll has Kyrillos within 4 points of Menendez

The Kyrillos for U.S. Senate campaign released an internal poll this afternoon that shows the GOP challenger within 4 points of the incumbent, Democrat Robert Menendez, with 65 days left to go before election day. 45% of those survey said they would vote for Menendez, 41% would vote for Kyrillos and 14% are undecided.

Of the Menendez voters, 76% said they were definitely voting for the Hudson County incumbent while 24% said they probably would.  71%  of Kyrillos voters were solid compared to 29% probable.

The poll, which was conducted by Magellan Strategies between August 30 and September 3rd, is a survey of 746 likely general election voters from New Jersey.  The margin of error is +/- 3.5% with 95% confidence.  The survey was weighted based upon past general election turnout demographics.

29% of the respondents were Republicans, 39% Democrats and 35% Independents.  27% of the respondents consider themselves conservative, 16% say they are liberal and 51% say they are moderate.

“Joe’s message of creating jobs for the middle class and working together with members of both sides of the aisle is resonating with the voters of New Jersey,” said Kyrillos Campaign Manager Chapin Fay. “It’s clear New Jerseyans want change and, if this surge continues, in two months they will have it when Joe Kyrillos is elected the next US Senator from New Jersey.”

“This marks another poll in which Menendez is yet again under 50%,” said Adam Geller of National Research, the Kyrillos campaign’s pollster.

Menendez 2012 communication director Paul Brubaker was not immediately available for comment.  This post will be updated if he calls back.

If they follow their usual pattern, Quinnipiac will likely release a Kyrillos-Menendez poll from the survey they took August 27-September 2 within the next few days.

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8 Comments on “Internal Poll has Kyrillos within 4 points of Menendez”

  1. anna too! said at 3:13 pm on September 5th, 2012:

    Hey me too! I told my 6 volunteers at IHOP that i’m 4 points from Pallone. Joe is just copying me, again, like when I wanted to run for senate and then he did!

  2. Gobshite said at 3:16 pm on September 5th, 2012:

    Within 4 points? Put down the pipe, Joe! You aren’t close to being within the margin of error. Menendez will win by at least 10 points, and he’ll phone it too. My prediction: 55% to 45%, Menendez.

  3. Proud Republican said at 4:25 pm on September 5th, 2012:

    This earlier post applies to Joe K. and his opponent.

    You know, with all the liberal press propping up the Muslim in the White House and guys like Menendez, we tend to overlook what’s happening on the ground. You know all those people who are packing theaters for Obama 2016? Or the ones who are reading “Amateur” and making it number one on the NYT best seller list week after week? Or the ones who packed every Chick Fil A in the country on 8/2? Or the troops who sat silently while the Muslim-in-chief tried to score brownie points with more of his teleprompter-driven BS? Those people are the same ones who see through this socialist hack in the White House and his fellow socialists in the Senate. They are also the same ones who the lib media is trying to ignore. The problem for Barry Sotero, or whatever the heck his name is this week is this – they are real, they are numerous and they are all going to vote in November. And not for the socialist occupying the Oval office now or his foot soldiers in the Senate.

  4. Bob English said at 5:22 pm on September 5th, 2012:

    Maybe people like that fact that he is “a different kind of Republican!!”…lol

    Like I have said in the past I don’t like to put all of my faith in any one particular poll but think its better to look at the trends in all available polls. If other polls reflect what this one is reporting (yet to be seen) that would obiviously be good news for Mr. Kyriloss

  5. if so, said at 5:47 pm on September 5th, 2012:

    cool- am surprised, but it’s all about upping the name id-more than message, and, if so, maybe Romney isn’t 14 points behind, above Joe on ballot, that’d be nice.. keep up the tv ads, and watch the Obama/Pallone voter knock- and-drags in key districts on Election Day.. and, hope we have a plan for warding off the voter fraud sure to be in play again?..

  6. I Pray It's Right said at 6:59 pm on September 5th, 2012:

    But I just can’t believe it at this point. I would have to see a few polls in the same direction, PLUS a Presidential poll or two saying Romney is closing.

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