O’Scanlon, in final action in the Assembly, makes push for arbitration cap (Video)

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“Snooki’s Law” Advances In NJ State Senate

Snooki-IIIA bill inspired by “Snooki’s” 2011 appearance at Rutgers that paid the Realty TV star $32,000 to advise students to “study hard but party harder” was advanced through the Senate Education Committee today.

Sponsored by Sen. Joe Kyrillos, S-703 decreases costs and increases transparency at higher education institutions by requiring colleges to publish an online breakdown of student fees and allow students to decline certain expenses.

“The growing cost of pursuing higher education is staggering, with many New Jersey students struggling to foot the bill and finish their degrees,” said Senator Kyrillos (R-Monmouth). “College students and their families should know exactly what they’re paying for, before their money is taken. By offering them the chance to opt-out, we are giving students the opportunity to create and pay for the college experience they want, instead of forcing them to pay for frivolous events that do not contribute to the quality education that they deserve.”

S-703 requires all higher education institutions to publish a full breakdown of student fees on the web. The fees must be sorted into categories, including “student managed entertainment” and “capitol improvement.” The bill would allow students to affirmatively opt-out of student-managed entertainment fees.

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Why I am voting against Leigh-Ann Bellew on June 4

Art headshot 2012By Art Gallagher

Yesterday I was interviewed by The Star Ledger and went on the record saying that I would be voting for Joe Kyrillos for State Senate in the 13th Legislative District Republican primary on June 4th.   Consistent with my slogan of being fair and biased, it is appropriate that I tell you, my readers and the reason my opinion matters to The Star Ledger, that MMM is now part of the story and that I have made a decision that can’t help but color my coverage of the rest of the campaign.

MMM is part of the LD 13 story, instead of just covering the story, because we’ve provided the bulk of the media coverage of the primary campaign to date and because Kyrillos’ challenger, Leigh-Ann Bellew, attacked this site in a press release, according to The Star Ledger.

On many important issues, Life and The Right to Bear Arms in particular, I am in more philosophical agreement with Bellew than I am with Kyrillos.   Despite my philosophical differences with Kyrillos, the choice between him and Bellew has become a very easy one.  Kyrillos is a very good State Senator.  Bellew is a deeply flawed candidate.  She never should have exposed herself, her family, and friends who care about her deeply to the rigors and vetting of this campaign.

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New Kyrillos ad

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Democratic source: Obama winning NJ by 18%, Menendez by 12%

The Obama campaign is so confident of winning New Jersey comfortably that the prime responsibility of its New Jersey staffers is to recruit volunteers to go to Pennsylvania for the rest of the campaign, according to a high level Democrat who spoke to MMM on the condition of anonymity.

“Menendez will win by at least 10 points,” said the source, “the internal numbers have Obama up by 18 and Menendez up by 12.  Elsewhere in the country, the Senate and Congressional candidates are doing better than Obama, but not in Jersey.  Menendez needs Obama’s coattails, but he’ll have them.”

The source said Menendez is working harder than he ever has in his life. “He’s out shaking hands with commuters every day at 5:30am and doesn’t stop campaigning until midnight.”

“We don’t see Kyrillos working that hard,” the source said as a dig to the GOP challenger.

Menendez 2012 Communications Director Paul Brubaker has still not called back.

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