Monmouth Poll: In New Jersey, Obama leads Romney 50%-42%, Menendez leads Kyrillos 44%-35%

Likely New Jersey voters favor President Barack Obama over GOP nominee Mitt Romney by 8% and U.S. Senator Bob Menendez over State Senator Joe Kyrillos by 9%, according to a Monmouth University/Asbury Park Press poll released this morning.

Regarding the Senate race, Monmouth University pollster Patrick Murray said, “There is certainly more room for a GOP upset in the Senate race than the presidential one here in New Jersey, but it’s a contest that few voters are taking an interest in.”

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11 Comments on “Monmouth Poll: In New Jersey, Obama leads Romney 50%-42%, Menendez leads Kyrillos 44%-35%”

  1. Edward Durfee said at 9:11 am on July 26th, 2012:

    Menendez is an enemy of the people and must be taken out of the senate. His support of bills, in particular NDAA, Disclose, etc are far reaching and overbearing. They are direct assualts on our Liberty and must be overturned(NDAA). Menendez must be defeated.

  2. brian said at 9:36 am on July 26th, 2012:

    Then i suppose i will see you out there working for Joe K, or else those are just words.

  3. That's A Huge Amount said at 11:09 am on July 26th, 2012:

    Of undecideds. I am beginning to believe that the more Obama flounders, there might be a chance for Joe. & Romney.

  4. Gene B. said at 2:06 pm on July 26th, 2012:

    It’s violin time.

    Unless there is a major wake up before the election, here is how it will play out…

    Romney is unelectable as a Presidential candidate. I do not see him beating Obama in NJ. And I doubt that he will beat Obama nationally. Keeping it quiet will not erase the inevitable.

    In terms of the Senate, it is my uneducated guess that it would require more than $100 million for a Republican to have a fighting chance to beat Melendez this year.

    Congress also looks like a wash out. However, because of my wish to shrink government and enact the Fair Tax, I am putting some hope into a reasonable fight by Little against Pallone. I hope that it is more than just a mere wish because she is in a tougher district than last time.

    I am still burned out from the last three elections. No door knocking for me this year because the voting majority (the group that chooses the winners) in NJ is close minded, apathetic, selfish, and does not care about NJ.

    Part of it is because the Republicans and Democrats have been putting up terrible challengers, but we’ve had a handful of good ones with no difference in results.

    I am especially concerned about the refusal of the voting majority to elect third party candidates when there are no good choices from the monopoly parties. I’ve personally known many of the third party challengers around NJ and there are a lot of good officials available if the people would elect them.

    How bad do things have to get before the voting majority wakes up? Or maybe they will never wake up and NJ will turn into the North Korea of the America’s?

  5. brian said at 2:34 pm on July 26th, 2012:

    The successful businessman who also ran the Olympics and was elected Governor is unelectable but the failed mayor of Highlands with a negative campaign balance is our best hope????? Do you read what you type or does it just spew like the vomit it is??????????????????

  6. Bob English said at 5:07 pm on July 26th, 2012:

    As long as the economy is growing slower than people would like, I think Gov. Romney will have a chance since that is the one issue where he polls better on than the President. The electorial college favors the President a little bit more than Romney however polls have several battleground states at dead heats (within the margin or error.) Will be interesting if the national conventions do anything to shift the electorate either way.

    For Kyrillos to have a chance, I think the Romney/Obama race in NJ would have to close to 4/5 points….unlikely to happen but…..

    Pallone/Little….I would be suprised if Little got within 1o points on lection day and it could be much more than that since from the sounds of it many R’s will not vote for her.

    Gene…I agree with you and I would like to see voters have more choices (3rd party candidates) in some elections. One of the big hurdles (besides $$$) is having the perception in voters minds on elction day that you (3rd party) have a chance to win otherwise people think they are wasting their votes.

  7. Proud Republican said at 7:49 pm on July 26th, 2012:

    These are not terrible numbers. Keep in mind that:

    ^there are many undecided voters
    ^historically, undecided voters break for the challenger
    ^in 1980, Carter was ahead of Reagan by 7 points in August and ended up losing in a landslide.

    Keep plugging Mitt and Joe and let Obama keep making boneheaded statements.

  8. litterhasnochance said at 11:39 pm on July 26th, 2012:

    Little has no chance…. Romney to me seems to be losing despite the silver spoon and the economy to run on…..

    Obama is no Carter and will wipe the floor with Willard in the debates ……

    You shoulda ran Ron Paul… at least he has principals….. your guy mittard has taken more sides then Christie at a Boston market.

    I realized what happened. In the first year and a half after the election no one real thought Obama was beatable…. once the tea and co beat him down enough, it was too late…. it seems you must start running ( of course without saying you are running) 4 or more years before the election…. the Gop is bringing its cousin yo the prom because it was too shy to ask someone good

  9. Proud Republican said at 6:01 pm on July 27th, 2012:

    Hey litter, are you kidding? How do you figure Romney “seems to be losing?” Did you miss our Muslim president’s humongous gaffe? Do you realize the beating he is going to take over that? Did you see the pathetic 1.5% growth? Do you see gas prices going up? Do us all a favor, get over the fact that Ron Paul, great American that he is, will not be the nominee and support the guy who has a shot at saving this country from a socialist hell promised to us by the America-hating liberal Democrats.

  10. oh, Blue Jersey, said at 1:52 pm on July 28th, 2012:

    when will you learn?.. answer: never.. the smart ones are moving out in droves, while they still can,to more tax-friendly states.. this frankly leaves a few working stiffs left, to pay for those on all the programs, the gov’t. employees, and their families who are still stuck here and can’t get jobs, or because there’s a few homes left nearly paid for /or which aren’t yet under water.. very disheartening, for a formerly proud and productive state..unfortunately, I don’t see much changing this year, yet again..

  11. Proud Republican said at 7:07 pm on July 29th, 2012:

    Oh, blue jersey – what is the point of your post?