Memorial Day Reflections

By Steve McEnery

Steve McEneryMemorial Day has become the traditional beginning of summer. Originally,
and more importantly (Decoration Day) was established to commemorate the
Union and Confederate soldiers who died in the Civil War. By the 20th
century, Memorial Day had been extended to honor all Americans who died
while in military service. Unfortunately, it’s not taught in school the
way it once was.

Today, the flag is burned, stepped and danced on and spit upon, totally
disrespecting it; and the men and  woman who have died defending this
Country, our Flag and the rights of those that defile and disrespect
this great symbol of freedom.

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Ginsberg defeats Green in Manalapan

Rebecca Ginsberg

Rebecca Ginsberg

Rebecca Ginsberg has defeated incumbent Committeeman Ryan Green for the GOP nomination for Township Committee in Manalapan.  The unoffical vote totals are 321 for Ginsberg and 188 for Green.

Ginsberg,  the chair of the Township’s Recreation Committee was backed by the Manalapan and Monmouth County Republican Organizations to fill the seat that Green has held for two terms.

Green fell out of favor with his colleagues on the Township Committee after he “declared war” after not being selected to be Mayor in 2014.  Former Manalapan GOP Chairman Steven McEnery dubbed Green a “petulant pipsqueak” in response the Committeeman’s juvenile behavior.

Ginsberg is slated to face Democratic nominee John Alfano in the November general election.

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Manalapan Elected Officials Stand With Bennett

The four of the five members of Manalapan’s Township Committee, all Republicans, endorsed Monmouth County Republican Chairman John O. Bennett III for a second term as Chairman yesterday.

In a statement released by Bennett which can be found here, the Mayor Jordan Maskowitz, Deputy Mayor Jack McNaboe, and Committee Members Mary Ann Musich and Susan Cohen, the MCGOP Vice Chairwoman, said:

It is a great honor to stand with John O. Bennett in his campaign to seek a second term as Chairman and Vice-Chairwoman, respectively. The bottom line is that John Bennett has kept all of his campaign promises from two years ago, and the Monmouth County Republican Party is stronger today than it was then.
John’s first promise when running two years ago was to implement a new set of by-laws and move to a convention system when selecting candidates in order to make the entire process more democratic. John has done this, and now County Committee members select our organization’s candidates, not political bosses in the back room.

Manalapan Township Committee Members Mary Ann Musich, Deputy Mayor Jack McNaboe, Mayor Jordan Maskowitz, Susan Cohen and Ryan Green

Manalapan Township Committee Members Mary Ann Musich, Deputy Mayor Jack McNaboe, Mayor Jordan Maskowitz, Susan Cohen and Ryan Green

John also pledged to put in place a Board of Directors to meet and advise the Chairman, and he has met this promise as well. Now, Republican representatives from all over the county have a direct say in the County Party. He also promised to keep our County Party headquarters open and staffed full time, and has done this. The County Party headquarters has been an invaluable resource for Manalapan Township. Last year at the headquarters, our campaign volunteers made phone calls into Manalapan every Monday night on behalf of Governor Christie, our County candidates, and our local Township Committee candidates.

We encourage County Committee members not just of Manalapan, but all of Monmouth County to vote for JohnO. Bennett, a proven leader and party builder, at the June 10th Chairman’s Convention. Thank you.

The fifth Republican on the Township Committee, Ryan Green, has ostracized himself from his colleagues because he wasn’t selected to be Mayor. Maskowtiz has called for Green’s resignation and Manalapan GOP Chairman Steve McEnery likened Green to Edward Snowden while calling him a petulant pipsqueak. 


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Golden Cites NJ Court Case Affirming Sheriffs’ Right To Hold Party Office In Rebuke Of McEnery and Graziano

Shaun Golden

Shaun Golden

Monmouth County Sheriff Shaun Golden issued a strong rebuke to Manalpan GOP Chairman Steve McEnery and Freehold Township Republican Chairman Anthony Graziano for violating President Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment with a false and malicious smear that he characterized as “a clear act of desperation.”

Responding to a letter McEnery and Graziano released to MMM this morning in which the chairmen raised ethical questions about the prospect of Golden serving as Sheriff and Monmouth Republican Chairman simultaniously, Golden cited the 1978 Appellate Division decision in Lanzo v.DeMarino wherein the Court ruled that there is no conflict in the duties of a County Sheriff and a municipal chairman in a letter to both men.  Golden’s letter can be found here.

Golden called upon his opponent in the Chairman’s race, incumbent John O. Bennett III, to implore his supporters, “as I have mine, to keep it positive and publicly disavow this personal negative and incorrect attack.”

Golden wrote:

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Manalapan and Freehold Township GOP Chairs Raise Ethical Questions About Golden Serving As Sheriff and GOP County Chairman Simultaniously

Golden welcomes Ethics Debate with Bennett

Freehold Township GOP Chairman Anthony Graziano

Freehold Township GOP Chairman Anthony Graziano

The municipal Republican Chairmen of Manalapan and Freehold have raise ethical questions about the prospect of Monmouth County Sheriff Shaun Golden serving as both Sheriff an d as the Chairman of the Monmouth County Republican Organization.

In a letter addressed to County Committee Members and sent to MMM, Steve McEnery, Chair of the Manalapan GOP and Anthony Graziano, Chair of the Freehold Township Republicans, raise questions about Golden’s ability to comply with New Jersey’s Local Governments Ethics Law, NJ 40A:9-22.5, unless he has received an advisory opinion from the Local Finance Board in the Department of Community Affairs.  The letter can be viewed here.

The chairmen challenged Golden to release the advisory opinion demonstrating the permissibility of him serving in both offices or explain to County Committee Members why he did not engage in simple due diligence if he did not receive such an opinion.

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Howell elected officials endorse Golden for Monmouth GOP Chairman

Sheriff Shaun Golden

Sheriff Shaun Golden

Sheriff  Shaun Golden now has the public support of the Republican elected official in Monmouth County two largest municipalities in his bid to replace John Bennett as Monmouth County’s Republican Chairman.

Howell Mayor William Grotto, Deputy Mayor Robert Nicastro and Council Members Bob Walsh, Pauline Smith and Edward Guz, the entire governing body, all signed an Open Letter endorsing Golden and urging County Committee members to elect the Sheriff as Chairman at the GOP convention on June 10.

Howell Township’s Mayor William Gotto and Council are writing to you with our utmost  support and endorsement of Shaun Golden for Chairman of the Monmouth County  Republican Organization. We have worked closely with Shaun over the past five years as Sheriff of Monmouth County and he has demonstrated the devotion, resiliency and confidence the Republican Party needs to overcome the challenges we face ahead.

Shaun has proven his ability to work collaboratively with others, exploring new and innovative ways to communicate with citizens and voters. He is an effective, efficient
leader who can inspire, unify and motivate everyone around him.

Shaun is a proven fundraiser, having raised substantial dollars for campaigns as well as charitable organizations throughout the County and State. Shaun has provided
tremendous leadership to our municipalities, not only working with towns to rebuild after super storm Sandy, but also helping municipal candidates with financial and personal support. Shaun leads with the dedication, charisma and conviction that can move the masses.

Shaun’s proven leadership and vision will ensure that we can continue to meet the needs of our organization. We, the Monmouth Republicans, have much to be proud of and thankful for. We owe a great deal of gratitude to so many past Chairman and Chairwoman who have led this organization on a mission we all believe in and each time
leaving it a little better for the next Chairperson. We believe the best days still lie ahead and look forward to a greater future under Shaun’s leadership.
We ask each of you to please join us in voting for Shaun Golden on Tuesday, June 10th for Monmouth County Republican Chairmen an and make the Monmouth County Republican Party even better than it is today.

“I am honored and humbled by the support of my hometown’s elected officials,” Golden said in a phone interview with MMM, “Chairs and county committee members from throughout the county, large towns and small, are responding positively to my vision for our Party and for even better government for Monmouth County and its municipalities. The response makes me very excited for our future.”

Walsh told MMM that the letter was sent to us for publication and would be mailed to the Republican Municipal Chairs next week. A copy of the letter can be viewed here.

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McEnery: Ryan Green is a “petulant pipsqueak”

Municipal Chairman likens Township Committeeman to fugitive Edward Snowden

Invoking the recently deceased radio personality, Bob Grant, Manalapan Republican Chairman Steve McEnery referred to Township Committeeman Ryan Green as a “petulant pipsqueak”  and likened Green to Edward Snowden at last night’s reorganization meeting.


Here are McEnery’s remarks are prepared for delivery:


A famous radio personality died recently; he was a former resident of Manalapan and worked in radio for 50 years or so.  His name was Bob Grant many of you may remember him. He was a strong conservative voice, but also provided a little amusement along with his views on all things.


He had a few memorable lines that he used regularly.  “Get off my radio” was one that comes to mind. Another was when he addressed someone as a “petulant pipsqueak”.

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Jordan Maskowitz is Manalapan’s new mayor

Manalapan Mayor Jordan Maskowitz

Manalapan Mayor Jordan Maskowitz

By a 4-1 vote the Manalapan Township Committee elected Jordan Maskowitz to serve as mayor for the year 2014.

Ryan Green, the sole vote against Maskowitz, nominated Susan Cohen to serve a third year as mayor. Cohen declined Green’s nomination and nominated Maskowitz.

Green said Maskowitz lacks the integrity to be mayor.  Green accused Maskowitz of violating the Open Public Records Act and announced he provide evidence of OPRA violations, 50 emails, to the Monmouth County Prosecutor tomorrow.

Maskowitz said that the emails Green was referring to were contract related and not subject to OPRA.

Cohen broke from her prepared remarks to rebuke Green.  She said that Green was grandstanding and that if he believed the law had been violated he should have immediately gone to the prosecutor. Cohen said she would have gone with Green to the prosecutor if she believed there were OPRA violations on the committee.

Green said he had the unanimous support of the Township Committee members to be mayor in 2014, prior to his writing the State Department of Community Affairs and the State Department of Health with concerns over the committee’s negotiations with the Englishtown-Manalapan First Aid Squad.

During the public portion of the reorganization meeting, Manalapan Republican Chairman Steven McEnery said that he make a mistake in ever recommending Green for public office.  McEnery said that Green had proven not to be a team player, rather he is only out for himself.  McEnery apologized to the the entire Monmouth County Republican Commitee for recommending Green be elected a freeholder in 2012.

Jack McNaboe was elected Deputy Mayor by a 5-0 vote.

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Ryan Green makes Englishtown-Manalapan First Aid Squad A Political Football

Ryan Green. Photo via RyanDGreen.com

Ryan Green. Photo via RyanDGreen.com

The Manalapan Township Committee unanimously approved an agreement with the Englistown-Manalapan First Aid Squad on December 11, 2013 that will permit the previously all volunteer squad that provides first aid and ambulance service for free to Manalapan residents to form an non-profit entity to would hire paid EMTs to supplement the declining ranks of volunteers and bill residents who use the services the amount that their health insurance companies would otherwise pay to private first aid and ambulance companies.

Township Committeeman Ryan Green joined his fellow Republican committee members in voting for the agreement with EMFSA, but then went public with a letter to the editor to the NewsTranscript  in which he criticized Mayor Susan Cohen and Deputy Mayor Jordan Maskowitz for failing to seek input from the public on what Green calls “a major change.”

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$1 million Powerball ticket sold in Monmouth County

A Powerball ticket from Saturday night’s drawing matched 5 numbers and pays $ 1 million was sold in Monmouth County, according to a report on 94.3 The Point.

The ticket was sold at Soda King in Manalapan.

Township Committeeman Andrew Lucas has not returned a call asking if he was the winner.

“You know if I was the winner, I wouldn’t have called you back,” said Manalapan GOP Chairman Steve McEnery.  That wouldn’t have been conclusive, as McEnery only returns about half of our calls.  “I was in Soda King on Saturday, but already had tickets and didn’t buy any more,” the chairman mused.

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