Jordan Maskowitz is Manalapan’s new mayor

Manalapan Mayor Jordan Maskowitz

Manalapan Mayor Jordan Maskowitz

By a 4-1 vote the Manalapan Township Committee elected Jordan Maskowitz to serve as mayor for the year 2014.

Ryan Green, the sole vote against Maskowitz, nominated Susan Cohen to serve a third year as mayor. Cohen declined Green’s nomination and nominated Maskowitz.

Green said Maskowitz lacks the integrity to be mayor.  Green accused Maskowitz of violating the Open Public Records Act and announced he provide evidence of OPRA violations, 50 emails, to the Monmouth County Prosecutor tomorrow.

Maskowitz said that the emails Green was referring to were contract related and not subject to OPRA.

Cohen broke from her prepared remarks to rebuke Green.  She said that Green was grandstanding and that if he believed the law had been violated he should have immediately gone to the prosecutor. Cohen said she would have gone with Green to the prosecutor if she believed there were OPRA violations on the committee.

Green said he had the unanimous support of the Township Committee members to be mayor in 2014, prior to his writing the State Department of Community Affairs and the State Department of Health with concerns over the committee’s negotiations with the Englishtown-Manalapan First Aid Squad.

During the public portion of the reorganization meeting, Manalapan Republican Chairman Steven McEnery said that he make a mistake in ever recommending Green for public office.  McEnery said that Green had proven not to be a team player, rather he is only out for himself.  McEnery apologized to the the entire Monmouth County Republican Commitee for recommending Green be elected a freeholder in 2012.

Jack McNaboe was elected Deputy Mayor by a 5-0 vote.

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3 Comments on “Jordan Maskowitz is Manalapan’s new mayor”

  1. Barry said at 7:49 am on January 7th, 2014:

    Green was alleging the emails were non noticed meetings of the Township Committee. In any case he waited unitl he had 50 emails and was not selected as Mayor to complain about it.

  2. Thank You Mr. Green! said at 9:14 am on January 7th, 2014:

    Thank you for not going along with your fellow Repubs. It’s OK in my book. The Repubs. around here want you to go along with what they do and say– like lemmings jumping over a cliff. The poor little rodents, they don’t know why they jump to commit suicide; all they know is that their leader told them to do so.

    Ryan, remember one thing: Full disclosure and transparency in government dealings serves as a disinfectant. It’s akin to lighting a light in an otherwise dark room—then watching the cockroaches scatter. LOL.

    Keep your head up Ryan. Nothing to be ashamed of. You have more supporters for your outspokenness than you think.

    You will disappoint me now, if all of a sudden you look like you got spanked by mama, for spanking your monkey in front of an old Farrah Fawcett picture in your bedroom.

    Keep it up.

  3. Sure, he has a right to any differing opinion.. said at 8:06 pm on January 7th, 2014:

    But, here, this is not the issue: it is perfectly clear that another so- called Republican has jumped the shark, the moment he was denied the center of the stage.. being from towns where the person who serves as mayor has to actually file, campaign, and run for that usually 4- year position, I do not understand why this taking of turns- thing is such a big,damn deal: either a majority of your colleagues want to let you have the center chair for a year, maybe two, or they don’t.. The “all about me” attitude is breaking up and will again defeat our people, one by one, going forward..why must disgruntled Rep’s make it so much easier to be beaten? .. PS: BTW, wonder how much $$ did Steve, Susan, the colleagues, and yes, your local organization spend on your sorry butt, sir? Oh, that never matters, just waa-waa like a baby, and throw a public tantrum, when it doesn’t go your way.. Respect is owed to both Cohen and McEnery, IMHO,for uniting that party in very divided and past rough waters, and finally taking Manalapan out of the lib,Dem grasp.. May they soon rid themselves of the apparent traitor, and find another bright, yes, team player, who wants to contribute and properly help guide that big, growing, complicated town..and, frankly, the last thing the county needs is a divided,and defeated,Manalapan GOP! ..Focus and consideration of a big picture,seem to be in order, out there..