Memorial Day Reflections

By Steve McEnery

Steve McEneryMemorial Day has become the traditional beginning of summer. Originally,
and more importantly (Decoration Day) was established to commemorate the
Union and Confederate soldiers who died in the Civil War. By the 20th
century, Memorial Day had been extended to honor all Americans who died
while in military service. Unfortunately, it’s not taught in school the
way it once was.

Today, the flag is burned, stepped and danced on and spit upon, totally
disrespecting it; and the men and  woman who have died defending this
Country, our Flag and the rights of those that defile and disrespect
this great symbol of freedom.

We have allowed the education system to get away with ignoring the
significance of Memorial Day, Flag Day (coming soon) the 4th of July
(not just picnics and fireworks) and Veterans’ Day (not just a day off).
People have said that 911 is also fading from memory. It’s shameful that
we live in this great Nation and our children and grand-children are not
learning about the history of our Country and why hundreds-of- thousands
of our citizens have died around the world defending the values of
Freedom. People asking to become citizens know more than most college
students about our history. Do you remember when you would hear the
National Anthem in the morning as the TV stations would begin their day?

Now, with all of the different communities setting up boards to regulate
behavior; these boards feel it’s their prerogative to reject a
resident’s request to honor the Flag, buy erecting a flagpole. They
would like to have the ability to raise and lower the Flag and show it
the respect it deserves, but it can be denied.

When I was a kid, we would play soldier. One side would charge the other
and yell, “For God and Country”.  Pretty soon with all of the political
correctness going on, we might not even be able to whisper it.

Steve McEnery is the former Chairman of the Manalapan Republican Organization

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