Powerball jackpot rises to $415M, among 10 largest ever

assetContentSaturday’s Powerball jackpot will be among the top 10 lottery prizes in U.S. history after an 18th consecutive drawing was held Wednesday without anyone winning the top prize. That pushes the jackpot for his weekend to $415 million, with a cash option of $269.7 million. Wednesday’s winning numbers were 30, 47, 57, 66 and 69. The… Read the rest of this entry »

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Powerball ticket sold in N.J. worth $1M

Saturday night’s Powerball drawing once again failed to produce a jackpot winner, but one person who bought a ticket in New Jersey still figure to be very happy. A ticket sold in the Garden State was one of three across the country to match five numbers, but not the Powerball. Tickets sold in New Jersey, Texas… Read the rest of this entry »

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Three $50K Powerball Winning Tickets Sold in Monmouth County

assetContentThree Monmouth County retailers sold Powerball tickets that won $50,000 in the January 13 drawing, according to a press release by the  NJ Lottery.

Penny Pantry Food Store, located at 4345 Route 9 North in Freehold,  Keansburg Drugs, 119 Main St., Keansburg, and Welsh Farms, 130 Route 33 W., in Manalapan each sold tickets that match four of five numbers and the Powerball. The winning numbers were 4,8,19,27,34 and the Powerball was 10.

Two tickets that matched the five winning numbers but not the Powerball were sold in New Jersey.  A ticket sold at the Wawa on Spingside Rd in Westhampton, Burlington County is worth $2 million to the player who bet and extra dollar and match the powerplay. A $1 million ticket matching five numbers without the powerplay was sold at the 7-11 on Buckelew Ave in Jamesburg, Middlesex County.

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$1.6 billion Powerball jackpot to be split among 3 winners In California, Florida and Tennessee

assetContentThe holders of three Powerball tickets for the Jan. 13, 2016 drawing will share the largest lottery jackpot in U.S. history. Jackpot winning tickets for the approximately $1.6 billion drawing were sold in California, Florida and Tennessee, according to officials. The winning numbers drawn Wednesday night were: 8, 27, 34, 4, 19. The Powerball was 10… Read the rest of this entry »

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Powerball jackpot rises to record $675M after no one hits it

assetContentWe’ve reached record territory not only for Powerball but for all U.S. lotteries. No one matched five numbers and the Powerball in Wednesday night’s drawing, pushing the top prize for Saturday to at least $675 million. Expect that figure to jump though, as brisk ticket sales twice bumped the jackpot higher leading to Wednesday’s drawing. As… Read the rest of this entry »

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Clock Ticking on $1 Million Powerball Ticket Sold in Tinton Falls

logo-powerball-homeA Powerball ticket worth $1 million that was sold at the Kwik Farms on Shrewsbury Ave in Tinton Falls remains unclaimed and is set to expire on October 23.

The winning numbers on October 23, 2013 were 03, 23, 31, 34 and 47. The Powerball number was 13.

If you have the ticket, sign the back and have it validated at a New Jersey Lottery Retailer before midnight on October 23 .

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$1 million Powerball ticket sold in Monmouth County

A Powerball ticket from Saturday night’s drawing matched 5 numbers and pays $ 1 million was sold in Monmouth County, according to a report on 94.3 The Point.

The ticket was sold at Soda King in Manalapan.

Township Committeeman Andrew Lucas has not returned a call asking if he was the winner.

“You know if I was the winner, I wouldn’t have called you back,” said Manalapan GOP Chairman Steve McEnery.  That wouldn’t have been conclusive, as McEnery only returns about half of our calls.  “I was in Soda King on Saturday, but already had tickets and didn’t buy any more,” the chairman mused.

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Winners and Losers: Powerball edition

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By Stuart J. Moskovitz

Well, yesterday the powerball numbers were drawn and no one in New Jersey had the winning ticket. In fact, no one I know had the winning ticket. Today the social media is filled with declarations of how the people who spent money on the tickets are “losers.” The people who are saying that, however, are wrong — dead wrong. Those people who bought a ticket had very little chance of winning a big prize. Realistically, the chances were very close to nonexistent. But, assuming that they didn’t bet the mortgage money on their lottery tickets, the people who bought those tickets weren’t losers, they were winners. The people who just said to themselves there was no chance of winning were, in reality, results notwithstanding, the people who lost. They lost because they failed to dream. They lost because they refused to believe in the seemingly impossible. They lost because they looked at overwhelming odds and declared defeat. They lost because they refused to reach for the unreachable star.

A potted plant goes through life without dreaming. It gets watered, or it doesn’t. It gets light, or it doesn’t. And it lives or dies according to whether or not it gets what it needs. That’s not the way humans are built. We are built to dream. We are built to strive. We are built to reach beyond ourselves. We are built to hope. Even if it is something as simple as $2.00 for a powerball ticket, those people who spent those $2.00 were winners. For hours or days before the numbers were drawn, they got to dream. They got to think about what they would do with the money they were realistically never going to see. They got to imagine. They got to hope. They got to reach.

In the end, the quality of life is never measured by what we have. The quality of each life is measured by the height of our dreams, the energy behind our reach, the willingness to suspend probability for the expectation that nothing great follows mathematical probability, that no great accomplishment in the history of mankind ever came by way of following the proven path.

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450,781 Powerball Winners in New Jersey

The $579 million jackpot was won by two lucky bettors.  One from Arizona and one from Missouri.  Odds are they were Romney voters.

There were 450,781 winning tickets sold in New Jersey.  8 of those tickets matched five numbers but not the Powerball.  The prize is 1 million dollars.  If the bettors had bet an extra dollar on the Power Play, the prize would have been $2 million.  I wonder if those people are happy they won the million or kicking themselves for not betting the extra buck and doubling their prize.

31 New Jersey players matched 4 numbers and the powerball.  29 of them won $10,000.  The 2 that bet the power play won $40,000.

I’d bet the 29 who won $10K instead of $40K are kicking themselves harder than the 8 who won $1 million instead of $2 million.

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How much is the Powerball Jackpot worth after tax?

Got your ticket(s) yet?

If you win, take the cash option.  Taxes are probably going up on the rich next year.

The jackpot is now up to $550 million.

Under current tax law, if you take the 30 year annuity your annual $18,333,333 will be taxed $4,583,333 by the IRS and $1,980,000 by the State if you live in New Jersey, for a net annual payment of $11,770,000.

If you take the $360,200,000 cash jackpot, the feds will take $90,050,000 and New Jersey will take $38,901,600, leaving you with a net payment of $231,248,400.

Source: USAMEGA.com


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