Cohen and McNaboe seek reelection to Manalapan Township Committee

Susan Unger Cohen and Jack McNaboe are running for reelection to the Manalapan Township Committee, according to a press release from Manalapan GOP Chairman Glen Mendez.

Cohen, the Township’s mayor, has served on the governing body since 2007, with the exception of 2011 when she took a year off for family reasons. She was also mayor in 2012 and 2013 and is credited with leading the Township through Superstorm Sandy.

McNaboe was appointed to the committee to fill a vacancy in 2013.  He was elected to complete the term he was appointed to and was elected to his own full term in 2014.   The current Deputy Mayor, McNaboe was also served as mayor.  He has been a member of the Planning Board for 10 years.

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Manalapan Attorney: Pig Farm Not Permitted, Spano: Yes It Is

1059009231_3f964fc902_bMANALAPAN- Township Attorney Roger McLaughlin said that the Township’s position regarding the proposed pig farm on the 123 acre property on the corner of Route 33 and Millhurst Road is that a pig farm is not a permitted use.

Speaking during the Township Committee’s public meeting on Wednesday night, McLaughlin said that the Committee had discussed the “press release” about the pig farm that owner Joe Spano plans for his property during executive session and that they had determined that the property, in a VC (Village Commercial) zone is not permitted to be a farm.  “Farming is not a permitted use in the VC zone,” McLaughlin said.  “There has been no application for a farm. If there is an application, it will be denied.  Farming is permitted in most zones, but not the VC zone.”

(MoreMonmouthMusings reported on Spano’s plans last week.  Spano did not issue a press release.)

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Winners: The Battle for Monmouth

The 2014 Monmouth County election is in the books.

After the most intense campaign in memory funded by out of county Democrats, Monmouth Democratic Chairman Vin Gopal has nothing but IOUs to show for his duplicitous efforts.

There are literally hundreds of winners in this campaign county wide.  From candidates making their first bid for elected office, to the seasoned pros defending their records, to the selfless volunteers who knocked on doors and made over 50,000 phone calls to voters. We congratulate the entire Monmouth Republican team.

On every championship team there are stars who get the accolades on behalf of the entire team.  Here are five special mentions from this hard fought victory:

The top Winners of the Battle for Monmouth:


Lillian G. Burry. Burry has been elected county-wide 4 times. Three of those four elections were hard fought.  None had the benefit of up ballot coattails. In 2005 she prevailed despite the anti-Republican sentiment generated by Operation Bid Rig.  In 2008, Burry prevailed as the top vote getter over the Obama wave that saw an unprecedented Democratic turnout.   The low turnout race of 2011 was relatively easy.  In the campaign that just concluded, Burry’s integrity was maliciously maligned by Gopal and his henchmen armed with hundreds of thousands of Democratic money wheeled into the county from Trenton, Essex, Hudson, Union and Middlesex counties.

Burry stood tall and fought hard.  She is a proven winner, in politics and life. A role model for women and men, Burry embraces the toughest challenges and prevails with honor.

Shaun Golden

Shaun Golden.  Already a rising star after his huge reelection victory as Monmouth County Sheriff in 2013, Golden risked his career in taking on Chairman John Bennett last spring in-order to lead beyond the status quo .

Bennett boasted of his fundraising prowess in his campaign to retain the Chairmanship, but left Golden with an overdrawn check book on June 10.

Undaunted, Bennett’s turd was just another challenge for Golden to overcome.

Shaun has demonstrated extraordinary leadership in the face of adversity by doing what he said he would do. He assembled a strong team by appointing an unprecedented four Regional Vice Chairs. He empowered municipal Party leaders and candidates, expanded the Party’s demographic diversity, established a strong social media presence and fed the rank and file when they came out to work. He raised money and got the job done without wasteful spending. When all the money is counted the Democrats will have outspent the Republicans 3 or 4 to 1.

If the hapless NJGOP is ever to gain traction in the State, it will take a leader like Shaun Golden to make it happen.

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Manalapan Elected Officials Stand With Bennett

The four of the five members of Manalapan’s Township Committee, all Republicans, endorsed Monmouth County Republican Chairman John O. Bennett III for a second term as Chairman yesterday.

In a statement released by Bennett which can be found here, the Mayor Jordan Maskowitz, Deputy Mayor Jack McNaboe, and Committee Members Mary Ann Musich and Susan Cohen, the MCGOP Vice Chairwoman, said:

It is a great honor to stand with John O. Bennett in his campaign to seek a second term as Chairman and Vice-Chairwoman, respectively. The bottom line is that John Bennett has kept all of his campaign promises from two years ago, and the Monmouth County Republican Party is stronger today than it was then.
John’s first promise when running two years ago was to implement a new set of by-laws and move to a convention system when selecting candidates in order to make the entire process more democratic. John has done this, and now County Committee members select our organization’s candidates, not political bosses in the back room.

Manalapan Township Committee Members Mary Ann Musich, Deputy Mayor Jack McNaboe, Mayor Jordan Maskowitz, Susan Cohen and Ryan Green

Manalapan Township Committee Members Mary Ann Musich, Deputy Mayor Jack McNaboe, Mayor Jordan Maskowitz, Susan Cohen and Ryan Green

John also pledged to put in place a Board of Directors to meet and advise the Chairman, and he has met this promise as well. Now, Republican representatives from all over the county have a direct say in the County Party. He also promised to keep our County Party headquarters open and staffed full time, and has done this. The County Party headquarters has been an invaluable resource for Manalapan Township. Last year at the headquarters, our campaign volunteers made phone calls into Manalapan every Monday night on behalf of Governor Christie, our County candidates, and our local Township Committee candidates.

We encourage County Committee members not just of Manalapan, but all of Monmouth County to vote for JohnO. Bennett, a proven leader and party builder, at the June 10th Chairman’s Convention. Thank you.

The fifth Republican on the Township Committee, Ryan Green, has ostracized himself from his colleagues because he wasn’t selected to be Mayor. Maskowtiz has called for Green’s resignation and Manalapan GOP Chairman Steve McEnery likened Green to Edward Snowden while calling him a petulant pipsqueak. 


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