Beck Is Enthusiastic About Gopal’s Challenge

Senator Jennifer Beck

Senator Jennifer Beck welcomed “Camden County Vin” Gopal to the campaign for New Jersey Senate from the 11th Legislative District (parts of southern and western Monmouth County) today.

Beck said Gopal is “Camden County’s hand-picked candidate” and noted that he has failed in his two previous attempts to be elected to public office.

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Beck Endorses O’Scanlon For Senate

beck-oscanlon-school-funding-fb-1Senator Jennifer Beck announced her endorsement of Assembly Declan O’Scanlon for the 13th district senate seat being vacated by Senator Joe Kyrillos.

“Declan was my running-mate when we first ran for the Assembly together in 2005” said Beck. “I had known him for years prior, but I learned during that hard fought campaign what a tireless worker he is and saw first hand his dedication to the residents of New Jersey”

“Declan showed that he is a leader early in his stint in the Assembly, being named Assembly Republican Budget Officer before the end of his second term. He commits himself to knowing all facets of a given policy before he makes a decision. There is no legislator that has been more focused on our looming budget issues or who has proposed more comprehensive solutions” Beck explained. “Assemblyman O’Scanlon stands tall above all other candidates for the State Senate and I look forward to having Declan join me in the upper house of the legislature”.

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Beck, constituents excluded from “non-political” meeting in Freehold with Sweeney

Senior citizen accosted by Democratic legislators’ staffers

Downey, Sweeny and Houghtaling. photo via facebook from a previous meeting

Downey, Sweeny and Houghtaling. photo via facebook from a previous meeting

Senate President Steve Sweeney held a meeting with public officials and education stakeholders at the Freehold legislative office of Assembly Members Eric Houghtaling and Joann Downey this morning to discuss the school funding bill the three legislators are sponsoring.

Houghtaling told MMM about the meeting this morning during a phone call regarding former Assemblywoman Mary Pat Angelini’s call for him and Downey to join Sweeney in demanding that the U.S. Attorney and NJ Attorney General investigate the NJEA’s alleged extortion of Sweeney. Houghtaling repeatedly said that the Freehold meeting is “non-poltical.”

So why was Senator Jennifer Beck, a Republican excluded? Members of the Freehold Borough Council were invited.  The state senator representing Freehold was not invited?  That sounds like a political meeting with only Democrats invited.   Beck’s spokesman Mike Hughes told MMM that the senator was not invited to the meeting in Freehold.

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Officials praise ‘historic’ ruling on $32M Freehold school expansion

assetContent (42)FREEHOLD BOROUGH — It was a long, arduous fight that was a decade in the making. School and local officials, concerned with overcrowding in the borough’s classrooms, pleaded with the state for help after residents had twice rejected referendums on proposed expansion. Those officials finally got the answer they hoped for Thursday afternoon when Education Commissioner… Read the rest of this entry »

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With transportation funding negotiations deadlocked, County has plan to restart Shark River dredging

IMG_1125 (800x533)Freeholder Director Tom Arnone said he will announce a plan to restart the Shark River dredging project Wednesday morning at the Shark River Marina in Neptune Township.

The project, which had restarted on schedule on July 1 was halted at midnight on July 8 when Governor Christie’s executive order halting projects funded by the Transportation Trust Fund took effect.

The legislature failed to pass TTF funding with a $.23 per gallon gas tax on June 30th. The Senate’s plan was to increase the gas tax while phasing out the estate tax and reducing income taxes on retirees.  Christie and the Assembly agreed on a bill that would have raised the gas tax and reduced the sales tax from 7% to 6%.  Senate President Steve Sweeny and Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto agreed to pass a revised version of the Senate’s original bill last week.  Yesterday, Christie said the Democrats plan is “dead on arrival.”

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Beck Opposes Sweeney/Prieto Gas Tax Plan

beck-150x1501Senator Jennifer Beck (R-Monmouth), the leading opponent of a gas tax increase in the legislature, announced her opposition to the compromise legislation out forth by Senate President Sweeney and Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto.  Beck says the Sweeney/Prieto plan is just as bad for taxpayers as the Senate plan that failed last month.

“The tax plan announced by Democrats today would still raise the gas tax by 23 cents per gallon, just as the last failed plan would have,” said Beck. “The cosmetic changes that the Senate President and Assembly Speaker have agreed to are just window dressing on the core $1.2 billion tax increase on drivers that remains largely unchanged from the previous version of the legislation.”

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Gopal Declares War On Monmouth County Legislators

Snapshot 2 (5-26-2016 10-48 AM)Monmouth County Democratic Chairman Vin Gopal, speaking at his “Chairman’s Ball” fundraiser in Neptune last night, declared that he is targeting every Monmouth County Republican seat in the legislature in the 2017 election, according to a report on PolitickerNJ.

Gopal singled out Senator Joe Kyrillos, Senator Jennifer Beck and Assemblymen Declan O’Scanlon and Dave Rible in his remarks.

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Sweeney plan to bypass Christie on N.J. public worker pensions clears first hurdle

assetContentTRENTON — A key state Senate committee on Thursday approved legislation to ask voters to revise the New Jersey constitution to require the state ratchet up contributions to the public pension system. The constitutional amendment relies on a big economic unknown: That the state’s natural growth will drum up at least $600 million a year in… Read the rest of this entry »

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Gopal vs Beck in 2017?

From PolitickerNJ:

Vin Gopal

Long hailed as one of the most talented up and comers in New Jersey politics, the Monmouth County Democratic Chairman from Long Branch appears poised to run against state Senator Jen Beck (D-11) in 2017. Beck will be a very tough out, but Gopal is a unique politician now emboldened by the loses last night of Beck’s running mates Assemblywoman Mary Pat Angelini and Assemblywoman Caroline Casagrande.

That would be a fun race to cover!

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The Arnone Report: Bi-partisan team work yields success with Shark River project

By Monmouth County Freeholder Tom Arnone

Freeholder Tom Arone

Freeholder Tom Arnone

After a very long period time and with many notable road blocks and obstacles, I, along with a great team of my colleagues, including Senator Jennifer Beck (R-11), and Neptune Committeeman Randy Bishop, am so happy to announce that the New Jersey Department of Transportation’s (NJDOT’s) Office of Maritime Resources has awarded the bid to complete the Shark River dredging project. The project’s contract was awarded to Mobile Pumping & Dredging Co., of Chester, PA.

This huge step forward is a result of years of work coordinating with the many agencies that have authority over this project. After being involved in this project for more than fifteen years as Mayor of Neptune City and now as a member of the Board of Chosen Freeholders, I am personally very happy to see this project finally begin.  I have worked with other officials throughout the years whom were also very passionate about this project, including Tom Catley, former Mayor of Neptune Township, as well as other past mayors of the surrounding towns and those in office today. The County has long continued to work cooperatively with these local officials, as well as state and government agencies to move this dredging project forward.

This is a large project, with approximately 106,000 cubic yards of material to be dredged.  With cooperation from the Monmouth County Reclamation Center, which is able to accept and reuse the dredged material, and the Monmouth County Board of Chosen Freeholders providing funding, we have made this project a reality. Not one part of the Shark River project was easy or simple, but we found a way to accomplish this.

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