Gopal Declares War On Monmouth County Legislators

Snapshot 2 (5-26-2016 10-48 AM)Monmouth County Democratic Chairman Vin Gopal, speaking at his “Chairman’s Ball” fundraiser in Neptune last night, declared that he is targeting every Monmouth County Republican seat in the legislature in the 2017 election, according to a report on PolitickerNJ.

Gopal singled out Senator Joe Kyrillos, Senator Jennifer Beck and Assemblymen Declan O’Scanlon and Dave Rible in his remarks.

“We’re going to go straight after Senator Kyrillos, we’re going to go after Assemblyman O’Scanlon, we’re going to go after Assemblyman Rible, we’re going to go after every one of those legislators in Monmouth County, we’re going to field and finance strong races for all of them,” Gopal said in his remarks.”

“Joe Kyrillos and Jen Beck, they said, Declan and Dave, they all said ‘give us a Republican governor and if you give us a Republican governor we will deliver for you.’ We’ve seen what that’s been for the last seven years,” he said, referring to Governor Chris Christie.

Speaking to a predominantly Caucasian audience at the Jumping Brook Country Club, Gopal invoked the race card in disparaging the Republican Party and GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump.

“I can tell you, for those of you who know me with my religion, my race, my ethnicity, I would not be welcome in Donald Trump’s Republican party,” he said.

Gopal shouldn’t be welcome in the GOP, not because of his religion, race, ethnicity or sexual preference. He shouldn’t be welcome because he is dishonest, disloyal and wants to turn Monmouth County into Hudson and Essex counties with beaches.

If Gopal mentioned the race he is running this year for Monmouth County Sheriff, Monmouth County Surrogate and two Monmouth County Freeholder seats, PoltickerNJ did not report on those remarks. A prominent Monmouth County Democrat who attended the event told MMM this morning that he did not hear Gopal mention his 2016 county slate. For good reason.  Once agan, Gopal has fielded a slate of deeply flawed candidates.

Belmar Mayor “Lawless Matt” Doherty, the presumed star of this year’s slate, has been found to have violated the civil rights of the citizens of Belmar by a Monmouth County Superior Court Judge.  Another Monmouth County Superior Court Judge ruled that Dirty Doherty illegally withheld information from the public on how FEMA funds were used after Superstorm Sandy.

Doherty has emulated the mayors of Jersey City and Elizabeth in refusing to have a property tax revaluation in Belmar, thereby suppressing the county portion of property taxes the borough pays.  That rips off taxpayers in Wall, Middletown, Howell, Aberdeen, Neptune, Red Bank and every other Monmouth County town who end up picking up Doherty’s slack in their property taxes.  It was only after the New Jersey Attorney General recently ordered Belmar to preform a revaluation that the borough took steps to do so, albeit with budgetary trickery.  Immediately after Belmar’s governing body passed their budget this year they authorized an “emergency appropriation” of $250,000 to pay for a revaluation.  That trickery..declaring an emergency to spend money “out of budget” that they’ve been avoiding spending for years so that they can rip off the rest of the county taxpayers was done so that Dirty Doherty could tell Monmouth County voters that he hadn’t raise taxes in Belmar.  What he won’t tell you is that he is the only Monmouth mayor to cause property taxes to rise in every other community in the county by his illegal inaction.

Christie DohertyAnother reason Gopal might not have mentioned this year’s election last night is that he really can’t slam Governor Christie without slamming Dirty Doherty. Doherty is Christie’s favorite mayor and was the Governor’s go to guy when he needed a Democrat to go on MSNBC to defend him during the height of the Bridgegate scandal.  Doherty was a so-called “independent witness” in the “Mastro Report”…Christie’s $10 million plus taxpayer funded white wash of the scandal.

We won’t get into the deep flaws of Vin’s other county candidates in this article. There is plenty of time for that between now and November 8. Chances are that unless you are very active politically on the county level that you haven’t heard of them anyway.

Hopefully the Monmouth County Republicans who have curried favor (that is not a pun or a comment about Indian food) with Gopal will wake up now.  Particularly Kyrillos, O’Scanlon and Freeholder John Curley who have gone out of their ways to help Gopal promote himself with his questionable charity…the Vin Gopal Civic Association.   Vin Gopal is not your friend.  He’s not nice. It’s an act and a tactic.

According to the New Jersey Charitable Registration Directory, the Vin Gopal Civic Association raised $14,361 last year but had “program expenses” of almost three times the amount spent; $41,800.60.

“Where did the money go?” is a common questions for questionable charities. In Gopal’s case we also have to ask “Where did it come from?”  Vin’s like Dirty Doherty in that regard.  Despite a Monmouth County Superior Court Judge’s Order that Belmar’s pay to play law that requires that all campaign contributions, including those under $300, “is the law of the land,” Doherty continues to defiantly refuse to disclose donations under $300 to his freeholder campaign.

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6 Comments on “Gopal Declares War On Monmouth County Legislators”

  1. Tom said at 9:55 am on July 21st, 2016:

    “The talker” is at it again. What a joke!

  2. The Talker said at 2:14 pm on July 21st, 2016:

    What is the joke, Tom? Is that the best retort you could come up with? You hit like a girl.

  3. Anthony Wente said at 6:20 pm on July 21st, 2016:

    Please. This qualifies as news? A party county chairman wants to win elections? NOOOOO!!!! Breathless gasps and audible sighs.

  4. The "War" Has Taken Casualties! said at 11:50 am on July 22nd, 2016:

    The “war” has already taken casualties. Look no further than Casagrande and Angelini.

    Rible and Clifton–two that voted to raise your gas taxes are now highly vulnerable.

    Jennifer Beck and Joe Kyrillos: Didn’t they vote not to give women equality???

    Going to be a bumpy ride folks!!!

  5. Puppy Jack, Puppy Jack, Puppy Jack said at 2:07 pm on July 22nd, 2016:

    or is it Jim Sage…

    Foul language is no way to go son. Now, you do realize that the gas tax effort is primarily a Democrat, Special Interest (union labor for those from Rio Linda) effort, right?

    Ready to excuse the Democrats only proves you to be a hypocrite.

  6. @puppy jack, puppy jack, puppy jack said at 3:11 pm on July 22nd, 2016:

    The gas tax effort is indeed a Democrat special interest effort. But why in the hell are certain Republicans jumping on the band wagon and supporting it?? i.e. Dave Rible, and other Republican Assembly persons