Sweeney plan to bypass Christie on N.J. public worker pensions clears first hurdle

assetContentTRENTON — A key state Senate committee on Thursday approved legislation to ask voters to revise the New Jersey constitution to require the state ratchet up contributions to the public pension system. The constitutional amendment relies on a big economic unknown: That the state’s natural growth will drum up at least $600 million a year in…

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4 Comments on “Sweeney plan to bypass Christie on N.J. public worker pensions clears first hurdle”

  1. Union Workers in NJ said at 10:36 pm on December 10th, 2015:

    make payments to their pension funds every paycheck. Where is the money going?
    Certainly not to fund the pensions.

  2. Same idea said at 11:23 pm on December 10th, 2015:

    as what happens to the transportation trust, park monies, other “dedicated” taxes and funds: just a guess: the ever- increasing numbers of illegals , immigrants, Medicaid/ Obamacare recipients, and all the other giveaways, programs, “grants” and “slush funds”that they never cut/ eliminate, and never check or oversee, as to actual effectiveness or efficiency. Unless and until a real honest , hard look is taken, line by line,and much work done, to finally CUT all programs, and STOP duplication, fraud, waste, and abuse, the answer in this state is always going to be the same: grabbing more from taxpayers in the form of even higher taxes, fines, fees, and penalties. It’s a disgrace.

  3. Mike Harmon said at 10:46 am on December 11th, 2015:

    A few years ago there were 700,000 current and retired workers. Today they are saying there are 800,000 current and retired workers.

    NJ is going in exactly the wrong direction. What NJ needs is a substantial and sustained reduction in headcounts in the public sector. We need more efficiency and consolidation.

    My forensic accounting experience in NJ also reveals a growing underground economy. I was recently working at a defense contractor in Patterson and a lunchtime visit to a local mid-east deli I noted well dressed construction workers with phones on their belt and nice vans outside paying for their lunch with SNAP cards. Down the street there is a daily massive “mostly cash only” open air farmers market with hundreds to thousands of customers everyday. In a bar in Camden there were 18 people working there, two on the books. In a warehouse in Middlesex vans of illegals were brought in everyday to unload the trailers. They were not being paid by the warehouse. Instead they were on the payroll of a a temporary labor company. Cash, cash, cash,

    In January 2010, there were 590,200 employees on public payrolls in New Jersey. I have seen this number has come down a bit thanks to Governor Christie efforts.


  4. As long as said at 11:06 am on December 12th, 2015:

    it pays more to be “on the system,” than work a regular week, and we keep giving additional aid to women to produce more”fatherless” children, you will never get a handle on social program spending: you will also continue to see deficits,due to our ” generosity” to the illegals, who truly hit pay dirt, by getting across the border..we’d really be better off with more public workers,who at least pay on their pensions and benefits, and pay state and federal taxes into the ever- expanding system, than “cash” workers, many of whom you will find also are the “guy under the bed,” with a few kids that we subsidize..I believe under the Gingrich/ Clinton budget compromises in the ’90’s, there was a time limit as to how long one could collect benefits, and, you did not get additional benefits for continuing to procreate: you do not need abortions, in most cases, if people are encouraged to handle their own fertility!.. So, it is a multi- faceted problem: we get that non- government employees and business people don’t like most “government workers- ” until you need one, but, if the leaders would limit people to one career, one pension, instead of the many” pigs,” who have double and triple- dipped for years, that system would also not be so strained!