Fox News PAC Gave to Pallone

By Art Gallagher

Remember the hullabaloo last summer over News Corp, parent of FoxNews, giving $1 million dollars to the Republican Governors Association?  The lefty media made a big deal about it.  The Asbury Park Pres, aka Neptune Nudniks, even wrote an editorial condemning the contribution wherein they made a laughable assertion about how “real journalists” work hard to maintain their objectivity.

Turns out Fox gave to Frank Pallone before they gave to the RGA.   They also gave to Andrew Wiener, James Clyburn, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.   The Nudniks probably didn’t know that…..because they probably didn’t check.

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Pallone, Rothman, Menendez and Lautenberg, the Menaflex Four!

 By Susan Christopher, Asbury Park

An article published in the New York Times on Thursday, October 14th shows conclusively that Frank Pallone, Steve Rothman, Bob Menendez and Frank Lautenberg, are political villains! The four pushed to approve a device known as Menaflex after extensive FDA research found the knee implant to be defective. The FDA was adamantly against releasing the device to the public, but political pressure from Pallone, Rothman, Menendez and Lautenberg superseded their decision because the manufacturer of Menaflex, ReGen Biologics were shtuping these democrats with political donations. This is corruption at its best! These politicians have proven that they care nothing for people. More important are the “special interest” groups who give these charlatans money. What happens to all the innocent, unknowing people who trusted their doctors and have had this device implanted in their bodies? This should enrage every American! Why are politicians allowed to have a say in the medical profession? Why is there no protection against this? Perhaps Pallone thinks since he wrote Pallonecare this makes him a doctor. There should be laws protecting us from these egotistical maniacs. Isn’t it enough that Americans face threats of terrorism? Must we also worry about our legislators trying to kill us, by pushing for unsafe medical procedures because campaign contributions hold greater importance than Americans do?


Please America think about this when you go to the polls on November 2nd.

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Day 2 Since News Of Pallone’s Influence Peddling Broke, Still No Gannett Coverage

By Art Gallagher

The Kansas City Star thinks it’s newsworthy that New Jersey Congressmen Frank Pallone and Steve Rothman, along with Senators Frank Lautenberg and Robert Menendez were found to have exerted pressure on the FDA to approve a knee patch that had insufficient scientific backing to be approved for patient care, prompting the FDA to rescind its approval of the project.

The Bergen Record covered the story.  So did phillyburbs.com , who ran the Associate Press coverage.

Nothing from the Asbury Park Press or MyCentralJersey.

Someone(s) from Gannett visited MMM 16 times today.  They read my story about the lack of coverage and the Little campaign’s  press releases about it. At least we know that someone at Gannett knows about it.  Maybe they’ll cover it tomorrow.

They’ve been busy writing about the fact that someone started a website to draft Governor Christie to run for President, even though Christie repeatedly says he’s not running.  What’s newsworthy about that? Anyone can start a website.  I even did it! 

They’ve also been busy writing about a few people (28 out of 40,000) who complained about getting Gerry Scharfenberger’s reverse 9-11 call too late in the evening.

I can understand how the fact that a 22 year incumbent congressman who is up for reelection was found to have inappropriately influenced the federal agency that is charge with guarding our food, and assuring the safety of our medicine and medical devices, in exchange for campaign cash, might slipped by them.  Now that we know that they know, I’m sure they’ll cover it.  Don’t you think?

The Gannett papers wouldn’t let their bias influence what news to report, would they?   Especially after writing a scathing editorial earlier this year about Rupert Murdoch donating $1 million to conservative causes.  The wrote so eloquently about how hard legitimate journalists work to be unbiased.

I’m sure they just haven’t gotten to Pallone’s graft and putting the health of thousands of Americans at risk yet.  Now that they know about it, I’m sure they’ll cover it.  Don’t you think?

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Pallone, Pelosi and Holt. Perfect together!

By Tom Stokes, Middletown

Incumbent Congressman Frank Pallone and Rush Holt today provided the crucial votes to support Speaker Pelosi’s attempt to adjourn Congress before holding a vote to block the largest tax hikes in our history this coming January 1.

Had either of these professional politicians chosen to vote, as every Republican and 39 Democrat congressman did, in a true bi-partisan effort to prevent this massive tax hike, American workers and American businesses would have had certainty relating to the tax rates for next year. Uncertainty in these economic times is a nail in the coffin of economic recovery.

Make no mistake, Frank Pallone and Rush Holt voted today, not to lower your taxes, but to raise taxes on everyone.

The simple and sad truth is that both Pallone and Holt voted to support the ultra liberal “progressive” agenda of Nancy Pelosi, as they have consistently done in the past.

As one Republican Congressional candidate, Anna Little said, “Fifteen million Americans are looking for work, and they were looking to the Congress to block a massive tax hike scheduled to go into effect on New Year’s Day. Our unemployed friends and neighbors are smart enough to know that raising taxes on small businesses and entrepreneurs is the wrong thing to do when it comes to creating the conditions for economic growth.”

Anna Little is opposing Congressman Pallone. Republican Scott Sipprelle is opposing Congressman Holt.

In 34 days we, the people, will have the chance to send these professional politicians, Pallone and Holt, a loud and clear message. In the words of Donald Trump, “You’re Fired”.

On November 2nd, vote like your jobs, your businesses and your children’s future depends on it. Because they do!

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Pallone Out Of The Mainstream

In an interview on PolitickerNJ, Rep. Frank Pallone (NJ-6) claims that attendees of last weekend's rally hosted by Glenn Beck in Washington are outside the mainstream. The event was attended by hundreds of thousands of people including thousands from New Jersey.

For Pallone to continually put down his opposition on the basis of religious belief and political philosophy shows that Pallone is a man intolerant of voices that disagree with his own. At the rally, Beck praised Martin Luther King, who hosted a massive rally in Washington nearly 4 decades ago that was, at the time, said to be attended by people “outside the mainstream.”

Last summer, Pallone was asked at a townhall meeting if he supports House Majority leader and uber-liberal Nancy Pelosi. I was there when Pallone answered the question and will never forget his response: “Not only do I support Nancy Pelosi, I consider her one of my favorite people in Washington.”

Frank Pallone, there is not person in the Sixth Congressional Disctrict more outside the mainstream than yourself. But Frank would not know that because he has moved full-time to Washington D.C., where his kids go to school and his wife has a full-time job. That's right, Pallone no longer lives in New Jersey and rarely visits. This year he refused to hold townhall meetings as well, so he has no idea what his constituents think or feel.

It is time to retire Frank Pallone, an extremist and a major part of the problem.

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