Pallone, Rothman, Menendez and Lautenberg, the Menaflex Four!

 By Susan Christopher, Asbury Park

An article published in the New York Times on Thursday, October 14th shows conclusively that Frank Pallone, Steve Rothman, Bob Menendez and Frank Lautenberg, are political villains! The four pushed to approve a device known as Menaflex after extensive FDA research found the knee implant to be defective. The FDA was adamantly against releasing the device to the public, but political pressure from Pallone, Rothman, Menendez and Lautenberg superseded their decision because the manufacturer of Menaflex, ReGen Biologics were shtuping these democrats with political donations. This is corruption at its best! These politicians have proven that they care nothing for people. More important are the “special interest” groups who give these charlatans money. What happens to all the innocent, unknowing people who trusted their doctors and have had this device implanted in their bodies? This should enrage every American! Why are politicians allowed to have a say in the medical profession? Why is there no protection against this? Perhaps Pallone thinks since he wrote Pallonecare this makes him a doctor. There should be laws protecting us from these egotistical maniacs. Isn’t it enough that Americans face threats of terrorism? Must we also worry about our legislators trying to kill us, by pushing for unsafe medical procedures because campaign contributions hold greater importance than Americans do?


Please America think about this when you go to the polls on November 2nd.

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4 Comments on “Pallone, Rothman, Menendez and Lautenberg, the Menaflex Four!”

  1. Dru Reynolds said at 12:30 am on October 17th, 2010:

    I too, was horrified at the idea of this betrayal of the public trust! Another example of why the cost of our health care was so high! Ill gotten profit is going to line the pockets of crooked politicians. Another example of Frank Pallone’s overwhelming ego — from the “town hall” meeting last year where he sneered at us directly to this latest revelation where he sneers at us behind our backs! My vote is for Anna Little on November 2 – straight talking, responsible!

  2. Gene Baldassari said at 9:26 am on October 17th, 2010:

    In an older blog here, we had a lively discussion on Anna Little’s campaign strategy as it relates to an economic issue.

    Well, this FDA issue is a no brainer.

    Call it an October Surprise Gift.

    It is easy to understand and is usually the only type of issue that has been able to overcome some incumbents in past elections.

  3. Edward Frizell MD PhD said at 10:14 am on October 17th, 2010:

    FDA Scientists repeatedly and UNANIMOUSLY over many years decided that the device was UNSAFE because the device often failed, forcing patients to get another operation.

    The F.D.A. reported that due to “EXTREME,” “UNUSUAL” and persistent PRESSURE from four Democrats— Senators Robert Menendez and Frank R. Lautenberg and Representatives FRANK PALLONE JR. and Steven R. Rothman — the FDA MANAGERS OVERRULED THE SCIENTISTS and approved the device for sale in December.

    What Pallone and the other Democrats did is crooked. But this is exactly what OBAMACARE is set up to do: it grants ‘Managers’ the power to override your Doctor. Managers call the shots, and Managers can be manhandled by Professional Politicians.

    OBAMACARE brings the crooks to the Clinic.

    After these news: Does it surprise you to know that Pallone was behind the writing of OBAMACARE?

    Let’s remove the crooks this November: if you are in District 6 vote for Anna Little.

  4. JDB55 said at 10:30 am on October 17th, 2010:

    Truthfully, I’m sad and surprised to hear that Rothman would be involved in this terrible scam/crime against the people. Then again, he’s been hanging out with career-thug-pols Pallone, Lautenberg, and Senator La Raza for too long. Let’s pick off these self-serving creeps one by one. My formerly Democratic vote will go proudly to Anna C. Little on November 2. She represents true leadership FOR and BY the PEOPLE! Win, Anna, win!