Day 2 Since News Of Pallone’s Influence Peddling Broke, Still No Gannett Coverage

By Art Gallagher

The Kansas City Star thinks it’s newsworthy that New Jersey Congressmen Frank Pallone and Steve Rothman, along with Senators Frank Lautenberg and Robert Menendez were found to have exerted pressure on the FDA to approve a knee patch that had insufficient scientific backing to be approved for patient care, prompting the FDA to rescind its approval of the project.

The Bergen Record covered the story.  So did phillyburbs.com , who ran the Associate Press coverage.

Nothing from the Asbury Park Press or MyCentralJersey.

Someone(s) from Gannett visited MMM 16 times today.  They read my story about the lack of coverage and the Little campaign’s  press releases about it. At least we know that someone at Gannett knows about it.  Maybe they’ll cover it tomorrow.

They’ve been busy writing about the fact that someone started a website to draft Governor Christie to run for President, even though Christie repeatedly says he’s not running.  What’s newsworthy about that? Anyone can start a website.  I even did it! 

They’ve also been busy writing about a few people (28 out of 40,000) who complained about getting Gerry Scharfenberger’s reverse 9-11 call too late in the evening.

I can understand how the fact that a 22 year incumbent congressman who is up for reelection was found to have inappropriately influenced the federal agency that is charge with guarding our food, and assuring the safety of our medicine and medical devices, in exchange for campaign cash, might slipped by them.  Now that we know that they know, I’m sure they’ll cover it.  Don’t you think?

The Gannett papers wouldn’t let their bias influence what news to report, would they?   Especially after writing a scathing editorial earlier this year about Rupert Murdoch donating $1 million to conservative causes.  The wrote so eloquently about how hard legitimate journalists work to be unbiased.

I’m sure they just haven’t gotten to Pallone’s graft and putting the health of thousands of Americans at risk yet.  Now that they know about it, I’m sure they’ll cover it.  Don’t you think?

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Is The Entire NJ Mainstream Media In The Tank For Pallone?

By Art Gallagher

The FDA made an extraordinary and unprecedented move today when it announced that it was rescinding its 2008 approval of a medical device. The FDA said that the approval was made in error, after the product had already been rejected, based upon political pressure made by Congressman Frank Pallone and Steve Rothman as well as Senators Frank Lautenberg and Robert Menendez.  All four knee jerks waged their campaign for the product’s approval by the FDA after receiving significant campaign contributions from the product’s manufacturer.

It’s pretty big news when a federal agency reverses itself and cites the inappropriate, if not illegal, actions of four federal legislators from the same state as the reason for their errant decision.  Don’t you think?   Some might say it is something of a scandal.  No?

The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Associated Press, Fox, The LA Times, TIME and many others thought it was newsworthy today.

Not so the NJ Media outlets.  The Star Ledger’s NJ.com has a difficult to find article on the matter, but their piece doesn’t mention Pallone, Rothman, Lautenberg or Menendez.

The APP and MyCentralJersey have nothing on it. The Associated Press, the news syndicate the APP and MyCentralJersey(the website for the Courier News and the Home News Tribute) get much of their news from,  published a the story, with the knee jerks named, at 4:30 this afternoon.

The Little Campaign issued at press release on the matter, questioning what else Pallone has sold his office for, at 5:05 this afternoon.

Maybe the story broke too late in the day for the Neptune Nudniks and their MyCentralJersey brethren and they will cover it tomorrow.  What’s the Star Ledger’s excuse from editing out Pallone, Rothman, Lautenberg and Menedez from the story? The Star Ledger subscribes to the Associated Press too.

My guess is that they are unfair and biased, i.e biased and pretending not to be.

UPDATE:  It has come to our attention that the APP has a reporter working on a story about Gerry Scharfenberger’s reverse 9-11 call about recycling, with a political rather than budgetary or environmental slant.  That’s a higher priority than Pallone selling his office and putting patients’ health at risk. 

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