NJTV Video: Stay at home order poses special problems for victims of abuse

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Kyrillos discusses Port Authority reform and his relationship with Christie with NJTV

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Jeb Bush Releases 250,000 Emails, Distancing Himself from Chris Christie

GOP presidential hopeful Jeb Bush has posted 250,000 emails to his website. GOP presidential hopeful Chris Christie, meanwhile, is fighting 23 separate court battles to keep a tight lid on a host of state documents, according to Mother Jones magazine. This is the same Chris Christie who promised in his first inaugural address, “Today a new… Read the rest of this entry »
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Chris Christie criticizes Obama on Sony controversy, Cuba, Chesimard

get-attachmentTRENTON — Gov. Chris Christie said tonight Sony was wrong to pull a movie from release because of threats from North Korea, but also placed blame on President Barack Obama over the controversy. The governor, speaking live on NJTV for an hour-long interview that was streamed live on nj.com, agreed with Obama when the president suggested… Read the rest of this entry »
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Live Christie Interview Tonight

Governor Chris Christie will sit for a live one hour interview this evening the public television personality Steve Adubato, JR. The interview will be broadcast on PBS and NJTV. It will be viewable via YouTube here on MMM.

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Former Democratic Senator Torches Obama

Former Senator Robert Torricelli. Screenshot via NJTV

Former Senator Robert Torricelli. Screenshot via NJTV

In an interview with NJTV’s Michael Aron broadcast this weekend, former U.S. Senator Bob “the Torch” Torricelli inferred that Barack Obama was not prepared ready to be President of the United States and that his policies have caused irreparable harm in the Middle East.

Torricelli said that Obama is risking the last two years of his administration by issuing his immigration Executive Order and he blamed Obama for the Democrats loss of the United States Senate.

The remarkably frank 28 minute interview can be viewed here.

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Christie meets the press

Governor Chris Christie’s held is first press conference since January 9 this afternoon to answer questions regarding the Mastro Report into the George Washington Bridge lane closures known as Bridgegate that was released yesterday.

Christie announced the resignation of Port Authority Chairman David Samson in his statement prior to taking reporters questions.

The press conference was available live on MMM via livestream.

A recording of the press conference is made available courtesy of NJTV.

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More Duplicity From Vin Gopal

Monmouth County Democratic Chairman Vin Gopal just can’t help himself from practicing the “politics of yesterday,” as Governor Chris Christie said of him last year.

Friday evening on the Political Roundtable segment of the NJTV News with Mike Schneider, Gopal reacted to the news that the federal government had cleared Christie Administration of any errors or wrong doing with the AshBrit contract for cleaning up much of New Jersey after Superstorm Sandy by sticking to the Democratic/Star Ledger talking points. “The bigger issue is,” Gopal said, “why was so much money wasted in the process?”   “Costs were higher,” he said, without saying higher than what. Certainly they were not higher than what the Army Corp of Engineers charged New York for their clean up.

What Gopal didn’t say is that he was busy helping AshBrit get business in the aftermath of Superstrom Sandy.

Click here to read an email Gopal sent me three weeks after Sandy hit asking for my help in introducing AshBrit’s agent, Laura Matos of M Public Affairs, a veteran of the Corzine administration, to Highlands Mayor Frank Nolan.

GOP political consultant Chris Russell joked on the segment that he was waiting for apologies from all the Democrats who criticized Christie over the AshBrit contract. Gopal should have apologized on the spot, especially since he was an active participant in recruiting municipalities to sign with the clean up company.

I don’t know if Gopal got paid for helping AshBrit get business but it is a safe bet that Matos and her fellow Corzine administration veterans at M Public Affairs did.  Vin should ask Matos why the AshBrit contract cost so much.

I didn’t get paid.  Nolan had Highlands almost entirely cleaned up without AshBrit before Vin reached out to me.


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Watch Christie’s press conference and Assembly Transportation Committee Bridgegate hearing

Courtesy of NJTV, Governor Chris Christie’s Bridgegate press conference will be livestreamed at 11am.

Following the press conference, NJTV’s livestream continues with coverage of the Assembly Transportation Committee’s hearing into the George Washington Bridge lane closures. David Wildstein, the Christie appointee who order the lane closures is scheduled to testify.

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Bridgegate: What difference does it make?

Some members of New Jersey’s press corps, along with Senator Loretta Weinberg, Assemblyman John Wisniewski and the Democratic National Committee seem think they finally have an issue to thwart Governor Chris Christie’s rising star.   They’re hoping traffic jams in Fort Lee will prevent Christie from becoming President of the United States.

The Star Ledger has an article this morning quoting Democrats and academics saying “the scandal” could hurt Chrisite’s national ambitions.

But questions about the incident have fueled a scandal that even Christie’s masterful team of brand managers can’t make go away.

The Record’s Charles Stile writes that “Christie won’t easily shake GWB flap.”

Stile and The Star Ledger’s reporters have it wrong.  Christie deftly accepted “ultimate responsibility” for the mistakes made in Fort Lee last September, while deflecting blame, at his press conference on the matter on Friday. As NJTV’s Michael Aron said on Reporters Roundtablethe issue is ‘fundamentally over.”   If the ‘Bridgegate’ story gets any ink at all in 2014 and beyond, it will be deep in the back pages.

It’s doubtful that the subpoenas that Wisniewski, as Chairman of the Assembly Transportation Committee, issued will result in any smoking gun that proves that Christie or anyone in his inner circle other than Port Authority’s Bill Baroni or David Wildstein knew about the George Washington Bridge lane closures that tied up traffic in Fort Lee for a few days is September.  Even if a smoking gun is discovered, as Hillary Clinton would shout, “What difference does it make?”


Now that Christie is a legitimate presidential contender, the front runner in the early polls, it is perfectly appropriate that the press and his opponents attempt to make mountains out of traffic jams and other mole hills as part of the vetting process for a president.  Barack Obama got a pass from the press and his opponents in 2008 and 2012. Look what that got us.

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