Sheriff Golden to Trenton: Stop ripping off the 9-1-1 fees

With New Jersey lawmakers busy in Trenton working on the next fiscal year’s State Budget, Monmouth County Sheriff Shaun Golden is calling on the legislature and Governor Christie to stop the diversion of $120 million per year that cell phone users pay for the express purpose of maintaining and upgrading 911 emergency infrastructure throughout the state.

Golden first raised the issue last summer, days after the current fiscal year budget took effect.   Yesterday, the Sheriff highlighted the issue in an interview with NJTV’s Brenda Flanagan.

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Highlands Couple Represents Sandy Victims Cheated By Flood Insurance Adjusters

Kerry and Jamie GowanKerry and Jamie Gowan of Highlands appeared in Hoboken today with U.S. Senators Bob Menendez and Cory Booker as the legislators announced the reopening of thousands of flood insurance claims related to Superstorm Sandy.

Kerry spoke to the gathered press about her family’s ordeal swimming from their home on October 29, 2012, and the nightmare that has multiplied since.  She said her flood insurance claim paid about half of what the family was due.

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Chris Christie criticizes Obama on Sony controversy, Cuba, Chesimard

get-attachmentTRENTON — Gov. Chris Christie said tonight Sony was wrong to pull a movie from release because of threats from North Korea, but also placed blame on President Barack Obama over the controversy. The governor, speaking live on NJTV for an hour-long interview that was streamed live on nj.com, agreed with Obama when the president suggested… Read the rest of this entry »
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Live Christie Interview Tonight

Governor Chris Christie will sit for a live one hour interview this evening the public television personality Steve Adubato, JR. The interview will be broadcast on PBS and NJTV. It will be viewable via YouTube here on MMM.

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Black Friday Political Roundtable on NJ TV

With Monmouth County Democratic Chairman Vin Gopal and Republican strategist Steve Some.

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Live Election Coverage From NJTV

Watch NJTV’s live primary election coverage here at 6, 8:56, 9:56 and 11 tonight.

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Can Buono make a race of it?

Last month Monmouth Democratic Chairman Vin Gopal went on NJTV to make the case that Governor Chris Christie is leading the in the polls so strongly because of how he has handled the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy and because the presumed Democratic nominee for governor, State Senator Barbara Buono is largely unknown.Canada

In the month since Gopal’s interview, Buono’s name recognition has ticked up only 4 points.  Only 20% of the electorate know enough about her to form an opinion.  Of that 20%, only half have a favorable opinion of her, according to the Quinnipiac Poll.  Despite extensive free media granted Buono by New Jersey’s three largest newspapers, Christie has high favorable ratings even among registered Democrats.

Watch Monmouth County Democratic Chair: Buono Can Beat Christie on PBS. See more from NJToday.

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Bennett and Doria go On The Record with Michael Aron : Red meat for New Jersey political junkies and history buffs

Two former New Jersey political powerhouses joined NJTV’s Michael Aron on his weekly show, On the Record, this week to discuss the 2013 gubernatorial race, the 2014 U.S. Senate race and to reminisce about the good old days… the governors they served under and how the climate has changed in Trenton since the days when they held power.

Watch Joe Doria and John Bennett on PBS. See more from On the Record.

Democrat Joe Doria served in the State Assembly from 1980-2004.  He was Speaker in the 1990-1992 session.  Doria left the Assembly after losing the Democratic primary in 2003. In 2004,  he was elected by the Hudson Democratic Committee to fill the State Senate term vacated by the death of Senator Glenn Cunningham, who was also the mayor of Jersey City. Doria also served as mayor of Bayonne from July of 1998 through October of 2007.  He resigned from the Senate and as mayor when Governor Jon Corzine nominated him to become the Commissioner of the Department of Community Affairs, one of the most powerful Cabinet positions in the State.  His public career came to a sudden end in July of 2009 when Corzine announced his resignation as DCA commissioner after his home was raided in the Operation Bid Rig sweep the resulted in 44 arrests.  Doria was never arrested and the U.S Attorney’s Office cleared him of all charges in October of 2011.

Doria is collecting a state pension of $58,895 per year.

Republican John Bennett is chairman of the Monmouth County Republican Committee.  He served in the State Legislature for 24 years, 10 in the Assembly and 14 in the Senate. While a Senator, Bennett was co-president of the chamber with Richard Codey during first two years of the McGreevey administration. Bennett was Acting Governor for 3 1/2 days, during the week between the Whitman/DiFrancesco administration and the McGreevey administration when New Jersey had five governors…DiFrancesco, Codey, Bennett, former Attorney General John Farmer and McGreevey.

Bennett’s career as a senator came to an end after he was defeated at the polls by Ellen Karcher, then a member of the Marlboro Township Committee.  The Asbury Park Press ran Bennett out of office with a relentless series of articles, over a period of months, over a billing irregularity while he was Marlboro’s Township Attorney.  Bennett was cleared of any wrong doing by the Feds in March of 2007.

Bennett is collecting a $90,000 annual pension from his years in the legislature and a plethora of part time law appointments tacked together to provide a handsome income.

On the Record interview highlights

Gubernatorial Race

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