Jeb Bush Releases 250,000 Emails, Distancing Himself from Chris Christie

GOP presidential hopeful Jeb Bush has posted 250,000 emails to his website. GOP presidential hopeful Chris Christie, meanwhile, is fighting 23 separate court battles to keep a tight lid on a host of state documents, according to Mother Jones magazine. This is the same Chris Christie who promised in his first inaugural address, “Today a new…

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12 Comments on “Jeb Bush Releases 250,000 Emails, Distancing Himself from Chris Christie”

  1. Jim Granelli said at 9:14 am on February 13th, 2015:

    So what?

    Common Core, immigration and his last name are Bush’s biggest problems, not how many emails he has released.

    “Smoke and mirrors”

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  3. Gene B. said at 11:36 am on February 13th, 2015:

    I cannot see how Bush is going to win the hearts of America, regardless of what he does. But Christie is in even worse shape. Now Christie has a 53% unfavorable rating in NJ. The crazies trying to push these guys will be discovered, eventually – hopefully in time to save the next Presidential election.


  4. Bob English said at 12:53 pm on February 13th, 2015:

    Best thing for Christie to do would be to announce that he is not running for POTUS and instead will serve and concentrate his last three years as Governor trying to solve NJ’s numerous problems…would also give him an opportunity to build a bit of a record of achievements.

  5. Christie is Done! said at 1:49 pm on February 13th, 2015:

    CC is done and so are the “Christie Republicans” that supported and worshipped the ground he walked upon.


  6. The Bayshore Bulldog said at 7:11 pm on February 13th, 2015:

    Neither Bush nor Christie are acceptable to the Conservative Base. We support the Tea Party Press Release last year that says Conservatives will not support any RINO like Bush or Christie even if they are nominated by the GOP. The New Jersey Tea Parties have already signed onto this Press Release, and I expect that Tea Parties across the country will join as well if Conservative candidates are pushed aside in favor of wishy-washy RINOs. We don’t want anymore Romneys, Bushes, McCains, or Christie.

    “No More RINOs In The 2016 Presidential Election!”

  7. Jim Granelli said at 8:40 pm on February 13th, 2015:

    So, Bayshore Bulldog…

    You, like 4 million others who stayed home in 2012 would rather deliver Hillary to America after 8 disastrous years of Obama.

    Shame on you. Really.

  8. Mathematician said at 10:29 am on February 14th, 2015:

    That is faulty logic, Jim. Just because someone refuses to support the undesirable Republican does not automatically mean that they prefer the undesirable Democrat.

    The choices are not limited to participating in the left/right paradigm that produces a dangerous big government.

    One alternative, for example, would be to sit out the election and wait for an acceptable candidate. Or go third party to get some publicity for issues that will have some value to society.

  9. Remember one thing about Christie said at 11:20 am on February 14th, 2015:

    He said when he was first running in 2009: I will be like no other governor: Once of accountability and transparency.”

    What a lie!–and not only did we buy it; we voted for this guy twice. You know the old saying, “Screw me once, shame on you; screw me twice, shame on me.”

  10. Jim Granelli said at 3:35 pm on February 14th, 2015:

    @ Mathematician.

    Sorry, you flunked the math test.

    4 million Republicans and Conservatives did not vote in 2012, who voted in 2008; thus handing the election to Obama in 2012.

    This issue is not one of preferring the undesirable Hillary. Where did I say anything like that???

    It’s a matter of election numbers and getting every Republican to the polls, which you unfortunately don’t understand.

    Sitting on the sidelines, even if the candidate isn’t your ideal candidate HELPS Democrats win.

    You fight the battle for your ideal candidate in the primaries and then do the best that you can to see that your side wins in the fall.


  11. Gene B said at 5:51 pm on February 14th, 2015:

    Jim, supporting a loser like Romney actually helped Obama get elected.

    If the Republican Godfathers had previously learned that they could not get the automatic sanction of every unelectable candidate they chose, they might have re-considered trying to shove a dangerous, big government candidate like Romney down our throats.

    The fact that I sat out the last Presidential election had absolutely nothing to do with Obama winning. Nor would Obama had lost if I had voted for a candidate like Romney, who also espoused a wasteful big government, just like Obama. Who needs a kinder and gentler tyranny?

    If Republicans play the same anti-American primary games that they played in the past, they can expect me to stay home again unless there is a viable independent candidate on the ticket.


  12. Jim Granelli said at 9:56 pm on February 16th, 2015:

    @ Gene B

    Fine, fight your battles in the primary, but don’t expect far, far right candidates to hold the day. Ted Cruz, Rand Paul are not Reagan and they won’t be supported in any great fashion, enough to win a General Election.

    But most of all, don’t stay home in the general. Hold you nose if you have to but staying home delivered it to Obama. Staying home will deliver it to Hillary or Warren.

    There is NO arguing that. Talk about….


    It’s a proven fact that if right or right leaning vote doesn’t turn out, the liberal wins. Let me make this perfectly clear…

    Sometimes you have to be adult enough to accept even something moderately better than the Democrat, lest you end up with what we have gotten with Obama Part 2.

    You know like surrendering to the terrorists.

    My God Gene, are you “stuck on stupid” and so selfish that you can’t see that?