2012: The Year in Review, January and February


Freeholder Serena DiMaso was elected to replace Rob Clifton. Photo credit: Rhoda Chodosh


Assembly Minority Leader Alex DeCroce died on January 9 shortly after the final voting session of the 214th legislature.

Mitt Romney was declare the winner of the Iowa Caucuses by 8 votes.  Weeks later after all the votes were counted, Rick Santorum was declared the winner.

Newt Gingrich won the South Carolina GOP Presidential Primary.

Holmdel Deputy Mayor Serena DiMaso was elected a Monmouth County Freeholder by the Monmouth County Republican Committee.

State Senator Joe Kyrillos announced his candidacy for U.S. Senate.

U.S. Senator Bob Menendez blocked Federal Magistrate Patty Shwartz’s nomination to the Third Circuit Court of Appeals.  Menendez denied he was blocking the appointment because Shwartz’s boyfriend was the Assistant U.S. Attorney who investigated him in 2006.  Menendez reversed himself after the news of his opposition to Shwartz become pulbic.  Shwartz’s nomination has yet to be confirmed.

Governor Christie nominated Fair Haven Mayor Mike Halfacre to be the Director of the Division of Alcohol Beverage Control.

Governor Christie nominated First Assistant Attorney General Philip Kwon and Chatham Mayor Bruce Harris to be State Supreme Court Associate Justices.  Kwon was the first Asian-American ever nominated.  Harris was the first openingly homosexual nominee.

New Jersey’s newspaper industry fought back efforts to allow “Legal Notices” to be posted online instead of in newspapers.

Mitt Romney won the Florida GOP presidential primary.

Middletown Mayor Tony Fiore asked for Library Board President Randall Gabrielan’s resignation.  Gabrielan had been selling books to the library as a vendor and signing the purchase orders as president of the library.


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Newt’s convention presence

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich will not be accepting the presidential nomination as he hoped.  Nor will he make a prime time appearance.  But the Speaker’s presence will be felt at the Republican National Convention.

Newt U will present four two-hour seminars throughout the Tampa area.  One a day during the four day convention.

Monday – August 27th – “We Can Do Better” – Jobs, Growth and Protecting Medicare Speakers:  Speaker Newt Gingrich, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, Utah Governor Gary Herbert, Congressman Aaron Schock (IL-18), Former New York Lt. Governor Betsy McCaughey, Larry Kudlow, Host, CNBC’s “The Kudlow Report,” John Goodman, President & CEO, National Center for Policy Analysis, James Kemp, Jack Kemp Foundation, Christine Donahue, Michigan Delegate and Small Business Owner, Lahnee Chen, Policy Director, Romney for President

Tuesday – August 28th “We Built it” – Small Businesses and Civil Society Build America Speakers:  Speaker Newt Gingrich, Callista Gingrich, President, Gingrich Productions, Former Secretary Jim Nicholson, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Dr. Greggory DeVore, Physicians for Romney, CA, Fred Lampropolous, Utah Delegate and CEO, Merit Medical

Wednesday – August 29th – “We Can Change It” – The New American Energy Opportunity Speakers:  Speaker Newt Gingrich, Kellyanne Conway, CEO & President, the polling company, Scott Noble, President, Noble Royalties, Inc., Rebecca Rosen, Energy Advisor, Romney for President, Harold Hamm, CEO, Continental Resources

Thursday – August 30th – “We Believe In America” – We Don’t Believe in Obamacare

Speakers:  Speaker Newt Gingrich, U.S. Senator Mike Lee, Utah, Congressman Tom Price (GA 6), Donna Williams, North Carolina Delegate, Dr. Greggory DeVore, Physicians for Romney, CA, Kellyanne Conway, CEO & President, the polling company


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Gingrich’s message to supporters on eve of his campaign’s official suspension

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich released the following video, a message to “insiders,” to his supporters and volunteers this morning in anticipation of the press event at which he will suspend his campaign for the GOP presidential nomination tomorrow.

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Romney Sweeps 5 Primaries, Gingrich to Withdraw

In the wake of Mitt Romney’s sweep of yesterday’s primaries in New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Rhode Island and Connecticut, FoxNews is reporting that former House Speaker New Gingrich will cease being an active candidate for the GOP presidential nomination next Tuesday.

Fox quotes a source saying that Gingrich will “more than likely” endorse Romney.

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Obama’s numbers improve in NJ, decline nationally

President Obama’s attempt to convert his “war onto religious freedom” into a Republican “war on women” seems to be working in New Jersey, but is falling flat nationally according to two polls released this week.

The FDU Public Mind Poll released this morning shows that the President’s approval rating in New Jersey jumped to 51%.  In January, only 46% approved of Obama’s performance.  Women approve by a 24 point margin, 58%-34%, while men disapprove by 49% to 43%.

In a NYTimes/CBS poll national poll released on Monday, only 41% approved of Obama while 47% disapproved.  In February Obama scored a 50% approval rating in the NYTimes/CBS poll.  Obama’s support among women declined, “even as the debate raged over birth control insurance coverage.”

Both polls indicated that despite his weak numbers and the electorate’s discontent, that Obama would be relected if the election were today.  Voters, including Republicans, are not enthused by the Republican challengers.

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Super Tuesday: No knock outs

After trailing Rick Santorum in the vote tally most of the night, Mitt Romney eked out a 1 % victory over Santorum in the Ohio GOP presidential primary last night.

In addition to Ohio, Romney won primaries in his home state of Massachusetts, Virginia where only Ron Paul was his only opponent, Alaska, Idaho and Vermont.

Santorum won in Tennessee, Oklahoma, and North Dakota.  Newt Gingrich won in Georgia, the state he represented in Congress.

In the race for 1,144 delegates needed to secure the GOP presidential nomination, Romney leads with 415.  Santorum has 176, Gingrich 105 and Paul 47.

The nominating March Madness now heads to Kansas where 40 delegates will be selected in a caucus on March 10, followed by primaries in Alabama (50 delegates) and Mississippi (40 delegates) and the Hawaii caucus (20 delegates) on the 13th.   Missouri selects 52 delegates via caucus on March 17.  The Puerto Rico primary (23 delegates) is on the 18th, Ilinois (69 delegates) in the 20th and Louisiana (46 delegates) on the 24th.

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Rasmussen: Romney Opens A 16% Lead Over Santorum

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney leads Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum for the GOP presidential nomination by 40%-24% margin in the latest Rasmussen national survey of likely Republican primary voters.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is supported by 16% of Republicans.  Texas Congressman Ron Paul has the support of 12%.

In Rasmussen’s Daily Tracking Poll, President Barack Obama leads Romney by 3%, 46-43.  Obama beats Santorum by 4%, 46-42.

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Quinnipiac: New Jersey Voters Approve of Christie and His Tax Cut

82% Don’t Know Enough About Kyrillos To Form An Opinion On His U.S. Senate Candidacy

New Jersey voters continue to approve of the job Governor Chris Christie is doing, according to a Quinnipiac poll released this morning.

Christie’s job approval is 55-38%, with a significant gender gap.  Men approve of the governor 62-32% while woman approve 49-44%.

New Jersey voters approved of Christie’s proposed income tax cut by a 55-31% margin.

If Christie were selected as the vice presidential nominee,  his presence on the ballot as Mitt Romney’s running mate would close the gap between Romney and President Obama, but not by enough to carry the state.  Obama beats Romney 49-39% in New Jersey.  The gap closes to 49-43% if Christie in Romney’s VP choice.

In the U.S. Senate race, incumbent Democrat Bob Menendez bests Republican Joe Kyrillos by 49-34% with Independents favoring the Democrat 44-32%.

82% of the respondents did not know enough about Kyrillos to form and opinion.

“Sen. Robert Menendez’s numbers are only so-so, but nobody has heard of State Sen. Joe Kyrillos.  He gets only the generic Republican vote,”  said Maurice Carroll, director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute.

In the Republican presidential primary, Romney leads former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum 38-24%, with Texas Congressman Ron Paul coming in third with 12%. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich gets 9%.  The Republican primary survey has a margin of error of +/- 4.6%.

Obama beats all Republican contenders in New Jersey.  Santorum by 52-34%, Gingrich by 55-30% .  If Quinnipiac polled Paul against Obama, they did not report the results.

Quinnipiac surveyed 1396 registered voters, 446 (32%) of them Republicans, between February 21-27.  The poll has a margin of error of +/- 2.6%

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Gingrich Hopes Gas Prices Will Fuel His Presidential Bid

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is hoping rising gasoline prices can reignite his stalled presidential campaign.

Poltico’s Ginger Gibson (a former Star Ledger statehouse scribe) reports that Gingrich will deliver a speech on energy policy this afternoon to the California GOP state convention.

“It will be our outline for the country — how really big the gap is between the Obama approach to expensive energy and in essence forcing Americans to change their way of life built around what I think is a series of fantasies,” Gingrich told POLITICO in an interview Friday. “And an approach that says we’re going to be energy independent and we ought to have inexpensive energy.”

Gingrich’s speech will be a direct response to President Obama’s energy speech in Florida earlier this week.

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A Message From The Gingrich Campaign:

We Respectfully Disagree With Lincoln Day Dinner Speakers



There ARE Other Candidates For President

Gingrich Campaign Organizing New Jersey



We read with a slight tone of amusement, this morning’s post and comments here on MMM about last night’s Monmouth County Lincoln Day Dinner. The first thought that came to our mind is this, “Fellow Republicans, is there not a Primary scheduled for June where THE PEOPLE get to decide on who N.J. wants as their Presidential candidate?”


We’ll not comment on some of the comments at Sunday night’s Monmouth County Lincoln Day Dinner because such “heated passion & exuberance” is often expected, although often over the top.


We’re just not going to be distracted by such attempts from the Romney camp to grab the media spot light.


What we are here to say is that YES, there is a Primary in N.J. and that primary WILL include a very strong contest by the Newt Gingrich Campaign


The Newt 2012 campaign has actually been on the ground for more than a couple of weeks and just recently finalized its leadership team. We are collecting ballot petition signatures and going door to door talking with the voters rather than the leadership. After all, it’s the voters that make the decision


And, New Jersey’s voters deserve a Conservative choice on the primary ballot, not someone who claims to be a “Severe Conservative,” yet has a record as liberal as they come.


So, while Newt Gingrich continues to promote his candidacy, vowing to go all the way to the convention; and despite the Conventional Wisdom which says that a Romney NJ win is guaranteed,  in N.J., Newt’s N.J. supporters will fight for each and every delegate to bring the 2012 Presidential Nomination home for Newt Gingrich. Only a Clear Conservative Choice between President Obama and our nominee will bring the win home for Republicans in November. Newt Gingrich is not only best suited to win, but deliver on his platform as he did in the past, creating jobs and balancing the budget. Newt has the experience to get the job done while bringing bold ideas to the table.




Not only are we asking grass roots volunteers and supporters to be with Newt, we are also building a slate of delegates for Newt, so Newt’s supporters are welcome to contact us as soon as possible if they are interested in standing as a delegate for Newt at the convention in Tampa, Florida.


Wouldn’t it be nice for N.J.’s Presidential Primary to actually mean something this year? You can start to see that happens by getting involved in making sure a true Conservative is on the ballot this June, and help us to fight for the Party of Reagan.


We’ll soon get to work on defining Newt’s message of REAL Conservatism while we illustrate the differences between Newt & other candidates real soon, but right now, we’ll be working on putting Newt on the ballot with a full slate of delegates and discounting such “puffery” exhibited at the Lincoln Day Dinner.


Don’t fall in line as sheep. Investigate and decide for yourself. Be Bold, Be Brave & Fight For Conservatism Like Newt Does In The Following Video. It says it ALL about there being a lot more to happen with this primary season.




Newt Supporters, Contact The Organizing Committee Today & Say YES, We Want A Primary In N.J. Without A Pre-ordained Candidate.


Sean M. Connelly – N.J. Leadership Team


Face Book: Newt Jersey 2012


Tweet Us @NewtJersey2012


Email Us: [email protected]


Volunteer For Us: [email protected]


Phone Us: 732-456-2199

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