Murphy: If you don’t like his rules ‘go down to Georgia and see how that feels’

Gov. Phil Murphy had a new message Friday for critics who think his coronavirus restrictions in New Jersey are too harsh: Head south to Georgia, where the governor is suing Atlanta’s mayor for mandating face masks despite new cases ticking up across the state.

“If you don’t like our leadership here, why don’t you go down to Georgia and see how that feels,” Murphy said during his daily coronavirus briefing.

“We need responsible leadership in this country right now in every place,” he added. “I know there are folks on both sides of the aisle throwing themselves and doing everything they can now. W… Read the rest of this entry »

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Chris Smith – The Real Deal

The Evans Family relates How Congressman Chris Smith Saved their Children

By Rosalie Avin

Chris Smith , Congressman 4th district, A REAL Advocate for His Constituents

Congressman Chris Smith with Joseph Evans and his daughters Ashley and Sophia following their rescue from Georgia

Stories demonstrating his deep concern for the issues of the people in New Jersey are often understated by the media but to the people whose lives he has impacted, Chris Smith is a hero and a person who deserves to be re-elected to the fourth district by a landslide. Teah and Joseph Evans want their story to be shared so that voters will understand the character and the resilience of this incredible man. It is their hope that stupid, vitriolic ads will always be ignored. Congressman Chris Smith has represented the fourth district with compassion, concern and awareness.

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Mercedes USA leaving New Jersey for Atlanta; 1,000 workers affected

Georgia-Welcome-Sign-550x412MONTVALE, N.J. — In the latest in a string of corporate departures from northern New Jersey, Mercedes-Benz USA Tuesday confirmed rumors that after 43 years here, it is moving its headquarters to Atlanta to achieve the “profitable growth and efficiencies we require for the decades ahead.” Mercedes-Benz USA CEO Stephen Cannon said in a statement that… Read the rest of this entry »
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Super Tuesday: No knock outs

After trailing Rick Santorum in the vote tally most of the night, Mitt Romney eked out a 1 % victory over Santorum in the Ohio GOP presidential primary last night.

In addition to Ohio, Romney won primaries in his home state of Massachusetts, Virginia where only Ron Paul was his only opponent, Alaska, Idaho and Vermont.

Santorum won in Tennessee, Oklahoma, and North Dakota.  Newt Gingrich won in Georgia, the state he represented in Congress.

In the race for 1,144 delegates needed to secure the GOP presidential nomination, Romney leads with 415.  Santorum has 176, Gingrich 105 and Paul 47.

The nominating March Madness now heads to Kansas where 40 delegates will be selected in a caucus on March 10, followed by primaries in Alabama (50 delegates) and Mississippi (40 delegates) and the Hawaii caucus (20 delegates) on the 13th.   Missouri selects 52 delegates via caucus on March 17.  The Puerto Rico primary (23 delegates) is on the 18th, Ilinois (69 delegates) in the 20th and Louisiana (46 delegates) on the 24th.

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